Contest: Redesign the Modern Guitar Case

Even though Fender Guitars has long been an innovator in their designs, the cases have remained largely the same. Now they’re launching a contest with Edison Nation to re-imagine those cases for the modern era. From their press release: Fender is hoping to find new, consumer-focused innovations in guitar and bass cases and packaging that […]

Maker Faire Detroit: Day Two

Maker Faire Detroit was hopping on the second and final day of the Faire. There was so much to see and do that today’s installment of images is just shy of double the number from Day One. No matter how many images you look at there is no substitute for checking out a Faire in […]

Fight, Robots! Fight! Sonoma Ant Wars

Chimera Arts, a new makerspace in Sebastopol, Calif., hosted one of its first public events this Saturday, the 2013 Sonoma Ant Wars. Sonoma Ant Wars is a combat robot competition. Crowds gathered to watch fleaweights, antweights, and beetlebots bash, crash, grind, and chop each other in well-organized mayhem. Have a look at the fun in […]

Get on the Road to Maker Faire Challenge Before it’s Too Late

Makers are always coming up with fascinating projects that redefine what is possible in the everyday world. From randomly ticking clocks that also display the correct time, to a social network for the Internet of Things, from a Rubens’ tube fire organ to upcycled crafts and even sports and fitness accessories, makers make amazing projects. […]

Xu Bing Turns Construction Remnants into 12-Ton Phoenixes

Chinese artist Xu Bing spent two years creating his newest work, Phoenix, a pair of 12-ton phoenix sculptures made entirely from scrap Bing culled from construction sites in China, “including demolition debris, steel beams, tools, and remnants of the daily lives of migrant laborers.” The male phoenix, named Feng, is 90 feet long, while the […]

The Thread Wrapping Machine

Designer Anton Alvarez has conjured up a fascinating contraption for joining materials together with thread and glue called The Thread Wrapping Machine. The Craft of Thread Wrapping was born with this tool that I designed and manufactured. It is a new way of making that has originated from years of my own personal research, beginning […]

Maker Faire Detroit: Day One

The Henry Ford is once again the host for the 4th annual Maker Faire Detroit.  Detroit’s rich history as a city and the makers from all over the Midwestern United States and Southern Canada generate excitement and vibrance unlike other Faires. Here’s a collection of photos from Saturday: Welcome to Detroit The “Detroit” lettering was […]

What’s an FPGA?

In a recent episode of the very popular EEVblog by Dave Jones, the electrical engineer walks through the fundamentals of the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). He explains how FPGAs work, how they’re different from microcontrollers, and their advantages and disadvantages. Myself, I’m still learning this stuff, so rather than trying to stumble through my […]

Cereal Box Robot

Think outside the cereal box to create an upcycled robot! Anyone who’s a fan of MAKE must, at a minimum, appreciate a good robot when they see it. So when there’s an easy way to create a robot from materials you have in your kitchen, it’s a great, budget-friendly way to have fun with your kids […]

Better 3D Imaging Aids Surgery for Deep Brain Stimulation

Last weekend, I attended the Internet Cowboys Un-Conference (ICUC) in Jackson Hole, WY, organized by Yossi Vardi at the ranch of Yuval and Idith Almog. I was really glad to meet a lot of interesting folks in such a spectacular setting. One highlight was a presentation on 3D imaging of the brain by Guillermo Sapiro […]

DANGER! MAKE Volume 35 now on Sale: Are you Safe?

Do you smell something burning? Well, that could just be the project you build once you’ve read MAKE Volume 35: The Danger Issue! It’s all about rockets, flames, and fun, you’ll be lighting the fuse of your own imagination when you dig into this issue. In MAKE Volume 35, we confront danger within the world […]

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