$10 Robot Challenge: Can you do It?

The Lollybot, last year’s challenge winner. Via Thomas Tilley.  The Ultra Affordable Educational Robot race is on! Well, the contest – otherwise known as the $10 Robot Design Challenge – is running, anyway. A run through last year’s entrants will give you a good idea of just how much is possible. I know a lot […]

Internet Kill Switch

The advent of the always-on internet connection has transformed modern computing. While you’re away from the keyboard, your software can automatically update itself, fixing bugs and patching security flaws. Or automatically back up data from your hard drive to a remote server so that, in the event of disaster, you still have a record of […]

Kitchen-Table Cider Making

Yes, our new neighbor got as drunk as a skunk. Blootered, bladdered, and blitzed as we Scots say or, in Cockney slang, Brahms and Liszt! He and his partner came along to a cider-themed evening at our house where he was initiated into the Scillonian Road hard cider making cooperative. We started the evening with […]

Manchester Mini Maker Faire a go for This Weekend

Manchester (England’s)Mini Maker Faire  is set for this weekend, Aug. 10-11. More than 50 makers are expected to show their stuff. Here’s a look at some of the creativity from last year’s fair: A life-size Connect Four game. Mark Gilbert with his 3D printed clock “Fable.” Loading a giant Ker Plunk game for play. Painting the […]

Making Transistors out of Iron Pyrite

Ryan Jordan‘s Derelict Electronics workshop helps participants create amplifiers out of rocks: In this workshop we will use a mesh of point contacts connecting to chalcopyrite and iron pyrite to make crude amplifiers out of rocks. When an electric current is sent through the rocks sporadic noise bursts from the speakers. With some fine tuning […]

Make: Inventions – Building Morse’s First Telegraph

Sometimes even famous inventors come up with ideas that don’t turn out like they expected. Samuel Morse’s first telegraph patented in 1840 was much more complex than the simple key that became common. The original device didn’t require the sender to know a special code, they simply built messages from pre-made letters and fed them through the machine. In […]

How to Make Your Own Plastic Vacuum Former

Plastic vacuum formers are an important part of the prototyping process. If you need a nice plastic robot body or custom case for a project you are doing, get your tools, ’cause this project is easy to build and fun to play with. Vacuum formers are based on a simple concept. They use the power […]

Maker Hangar Episode 10: Maker Trainer Assembly

In Episode 10 of Maker Hangar, the second episode of the build series for the Maker Trainer, Lucas Weakley shows us how to build the plane and get it ready for electronics to be installed. We learn how to fold and glue together the fuselage, how to build the tail, how to assemble the wing, […]

Build a Hackable Bytebeat Player at the RI Mini Maker Faire

The Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire is this Saturday, featuring dozens of makers alongside the usual music and shenanigans of AS220′s annual Foo Fest. Each year we run a soldering workshop as part of the Faire; this year we’ll be making a hackable bytebeat player from Modern Device, the Byteseeker Junior. The Byteseeker is an […]

A Chair That Builds Itself

Frank Howarth is a maker who possesses the dual talents of woodworking and filmmaking. In this video, he uses stop-motion to show the construction of a spiffy lawn chair, from rough hewing the wood, to final assembly and staining. He took 12,000 frames to assemble this, and did all the sound design in post-production. There’s […]

Knitted Wrist Movement Sensor

The folks over at HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT have devised an amazing knitted sensor using resistive yarn that can detect the movement and angles of the wrist. [via adafruit]  

Supa Robot Attack Promises Hilarious Humanoid Robo Combat

Just in time for Geek Week on YouTube, UK television host Jason Bradbury (who visited Maker Faire UK this year) has launched a channel where they’ll be featuring robot combat videos. What makes this different than the old DIY scoopers and smashers we used to enjoy on American TV is that these are all small, […]

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