How to Balloon Map Your Neighborhood, Google Maps Style

Ever felt like Google Maps doesn’t provide enough detail of the aerial view of your neighborhood? Ever wanted to make your own maps or participate in a little homegrown science? Balloon mapping is a cheap way to take aerial pictures for all sorts of purposes—even events like weddings, graduations, or parties—and it’s dead simple to […]

Moment Tracks How You Use You Phone

iPhone: Ever wonder just how much time you spend using your iPhone? Moments tracks when and where you use your phone the most. Moment works by running the background and tracking where you are when you’re futzing about with your phone. Each day you’ll get a breakdown of how much time you spent using your […]

PSA: Factory Resets Don’t Make Your Android Phone Safe to Sell

If you plan on selling or donating your smartphone and want to make sure all of your data is off of it, make sure you do more than just factory reset through the phone’s OS. Security researchers picked up several phones “wiped” this way, and found tons of data. On their blog, Security software developer […]

Reserve America Lets You Find and Reserve Campsites

Reserve America lets you reserve spots at campgrounds and public spaces around the country the same way you would book a room in a hotel. It’s been connecting campers with campgrounds for years. You can search for campgrounds in specific areas across the US, and designate whether you’re interested in camping and lodging or day […]

This DIY Mini Closet Saves Space, Is Made from IKEA Parts

If you’re out of space in the kid’s bedroom or need to outfit a closetless guestroom, this free standing solution is cheap and has enough space for a small wardrobe. The build, posted by user “Confessions of a Refashionista” over on IKEA Hackers, only requires a few parts. The unit consists of a GORM shelving […]

The Microbus Desktop

We’ve highlighted a few of joergermeister‘s desktops before, but this one has “get in the party bus and hit the road” written all over it’s flat, minimal look. Here’s how he set it up, and what you’ll need to set it up yourself. We love the look of the whole thing—borderless, flat shapes, and customized […]

Use Empty Water Flavoring Bottles for TSA-Friendly Travel Toiletries

Water “flavor enhancers” like MiO can be found in stores all over the place. They’re pricey, so save those plastic squirt bottles they come in. They’re the perfect size for toiletries and small enough to get through security. Lani Teshima at Travelite suggests cleaning out your leftover water enhancer bottles and putting things like toothpaste, […]

Build a Solar Powered Heater with Recycled Cans

If you’re looking for a green way to heat up a small indoor space, Seattle resident Peter Rowan shows you how to make a solar powered heater using a bunch of leftover soda cans. The panel is filled with cans painted black to soak up heat from the sun and get hot. Then cool air […]

Give Yourself Room to Work with These Minimal Wallpapers

A good wallpaper doesn’t have to be busy to be good-looking, and sometimes it’s good to have a nice, elegant, simple wallpaper so you don’t get distracted from your work. We’ve done minimal a few times before, but here’s a fresh set to download. Simplify Your Smartphone or Tablet with These Minimalist WallpapersSimplify Your Smartphone […]

Beer Menus Knows What’s on Tap at Local Bars, and for How Much

Beer Menus helps you find your favorite beers at bars nationwide, or just shows you what’s on tap at a bar or restaurant before you go. We’ve mentioned them before, but they’ve since expanded their search nationwide and now let you search on the go with their mobile site. Finds Beers by Finds […]

The Circular Workspace for Two

Today’s featured workspace sports a custom-made, circular desk that turns a small room into a sort of cockpit for two. There’s a PC on one side and an iMac on the other, and they get along just fine in their no-hard-corners room. Flickr user Mike McRobert’s all-off-white color scheme for the desk and walls makes […]

Apply the 80/20 Rule to Clutter to Get Rid of Old Junk

Nobody likes clutter, but it’s pretty hard to get rid of things sometimes. Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, author Jennifer Baumgartner suggests you apply the 80/20 rule to your stuff to help you get rid of it. Using the example of clothing, Baumgartner breaks it down like so: Remember the 80/20 rule: Most people […]

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