Call Support If You Want a Job at a Tech Startup (or Any Company)

Even if a company has no posted job openings, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a job there. Sometimes you can get your foot in the door by impressing someone in customer service. If you have a great idea to help a company serve its customers better, customer service is right there with you. The […]

Downdetector Tells You if a Web Service or ISP Is Having Problems

iOS/Web: When you can’t get to a web site, you can check if it’s down for everyone. If it’s a web service like Facebook or an ISP, Downdetector gives you a status report. This information saves you time waiting on hold, thinking it’s something with your computer or Internet connection. If it’s a reported outage […]

The Best Headphones Come With a $50 Amazon Credit Today

Pick up the X version of your favorite headphones, with detachable cable, marked down to $155, and with a $50 Amazon gift card thrown in. Keep reading if you still need to know why they’re the best. [Amazon] From our Headphone Co-Op: The M50s have become synonymous with great sound, great value, and also I’m […]

Get Through to Airline Customer Service with a Foreign Number

Trying to get through to airline customer service during bad weather or after a cancelled flight is a pain. You’ll wait on hold because everyone else is trying to get through. Overseas agents might not be as busy, so give them a call instead. Smart Travel explains that agents in primarily English-speaking countries might be […]

Remove "Authorized User" Negative Ratings from Your Credit Report

If you share a credit card with someone, they’ll have to add you as an authorized user. However, if the primary cardholder doesn’t pay the bills, your credit report could take a hit. Credit reporting agencies might be willing to delete that negative history if you ask them. Over at Credit Sesame, they give some […]

Xtra-PC Helps Non-Technical People Install LInux on an Old PC

If you still have an old PC, you’re in luck. A new Linux distribution based on Lubuntu will give any old PC a new lease on life, designed for non-technical users and optimized for popular web sites. We covered some ways of installing Linux on an old Windows XP computer before, but Xtra-PC makes the […]

Turn Your Microwave Into a Makeshift Bread Dough Proofer

Proofing dough in a warm, humid environment can make your bread rise perfectly and keep your bread from baking too dry. You can do this easily at home with a few common kitchen items and your microwave. Professional bakers normally use dough proofers or proof boxes to encourage fermentation of the dough in yeast breads […]

Build a Homemade Electrical Arc Furnace with Lantern Batteries

If you’re looking for a new project that will let you melt almost any metal you can think of, this homemade electrical arc furnace build is cheap and easy to build. When it comes to homemade metal melting, Grant Thompson—The King of Random—has some pretty awesome builds. This time around, Thompson has a new video […]

Having a Couple Drinks Could Make You Look More Attractive to Others

Everybody knows about the “beer goggles” effect, where other people start to look more attractive to the drinker. A recent study suggests, however, that the drinker can look more attractive to others as well after having a couple of drinks (but no more than that). The study, conducted in collaboration with researchers from the University […]

How to Be a Perfect Guest in the 21st Century

Your mother’s missive to “Be polite!” might suffice to help you get by as a tolerable guest. But if you really want to shine as an exceptional and always-welcome guest, you may want to add a trick or two to your traveling bag. Blast from the past is a weekly feature at Lifehacker in which […]

Build to Learn: Why You Should Make Things Just for the Experience

If you’ve ever built something like an app you’ll know the buzz that comes from having real users. There’s nothing quite like knowing you helped or entertained another person. So when you make something just for yourself it might feel like a step backwards, except for one very good reason: to help you learn. This […]

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