The Fully Loaded Briefcase

Just because you use a briefcase for work doesn’t mean you have to keep boring old papers in it. Everyday Carry reader Derrick is a customer service rep for FEMA and the organization’s pedigree shows through in his choices for the contents of his bag. The bag is a Ted Baker briefcase. Here’s what’s inside: […]

Salted Teaches You How to Cook with Videos from Top Chefs

Salted is a new membership program with online cooking bootcamps, courses, and tutorials from acclaimed chefs. Through it, you can learn essential kitchen skills and recipes, as well as more advanced techniques. Master specific cooking topics through courses like “Introduction to Mexican Cooking” or “Grilled Cheese Master Class” or just watch individual lessons on things […]

Keep White Clothes Whiter with Bluing Liquid

Liquid Bluing is something you don’t find in many laundry rooms anymore, and it’s kind of a shame. When used properly, nothing else is quite so good at bringing back that crisp, white look to your clothes. Manufacturers use a bit of bluing agent when finishing white clothes because a very slight blue tint actually […]

Clean Speakers With a Lint Roller

The mesh grille on speakers can be a dust magnet. Instead of cleaning them with a rag, try using a lint roller. When you use a rag, you’re more likely to push the dust into the speaker, making it harder to clean. Special “swiffer” cloths should work, but a lint roller takes the dust off […]

Five Best Language Translation Tools

When you need to translate one language to another, either just to communicate or because you’re trying to read something, you have tons of options—they’re just not all that great at capturing what the original language really meant without sounding silly. This week we’re looking at five of the best, based on your nominations. Earlier […]

The Best Cities for Working Parents

For those of us with kids, the needs of our careers and our families aren’t always in sync. This chart lists the top cities for working parents. The cost of raising children can vary by city, but Business Insider and NerdWallet took it a step further, considering the quality of schools and percentage of households […]

Make Beans in a Slow Cooker Instead of Boiling Them

Beans are an inexpensive ingredient, but often need soaking and boiling. Throw them in the slow cooker in the morning and by the time you get home they’ll be ready to eat. We’ve covered how to quick soak beans to shorten cooking time but you can put them in the slow cooker in the morning […]

Encourage Job Offers By Putting an Email Address In Your LinkedIn Summary

Some of us are currently employed, but seeking new employment. In those situations, you need to be careful and avoid letting your employer know you’re looking. Putting an email address in your LinkedIn summary encourages more networking opportunities. If you already know the person, they can send you a message through LinkedIn. They can also […]

Appreciate Your Spouse More With Specific Praise

When we’re dating, we’re often very detailed in our observations of our partner. We’re specific in our appreciation of the person’s appearance or deeds. As we get used to the relationship, we’ll forget that specific praise. You might take them for granted, so you might consider going back to those old ways. Relationship expert Harriet […]

Automatically Delete Incoming Emails for the Ultimate Out-of-Office Reply

The next time you’re on vacation, you’ll probably set up an out of office reply. When you get back to work, you’ll face a mountain of emails to deal with. One company is allowing employees to delete messages when they go on vacation—which isn’t a bad idea. The New York Times reports on car manufacturer […]

What To Do with Stale Bread

I’ve recently taken up baking again and I’ve been making a lot of bread. Though I give most of it away, part of my experimentation is about seeing how long my different breads last and what I can do with it when it goes stale. Whether you bake your own or buy your bread, you […]

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