Send a Gratitude Email This Monday Morning

Most of us hate Mondays. Consider making Monday better for yourself and someone else by sending a gratitude message first thing in the morning. We’ve covered the importance of gratitude sessions and Monday morning rituals before. Sending what calls a “gratitude message “combines both of these concepts: A quick, heartfelt expression of gratitude says […]

Jell-O and Marshmallows Make a Quick and Tasty Fondant

Fondant icing is the ingredient cake artists use to create their masterpieces. Grocery stores don’t always carry it, though, and it’s expensive if they do. Use some marshmallows and flavored gelatin instead and make your own. Marshmallow fondant is a common replacement for the pre-made version. Most bakers add extracts for flavor and food coloring […]

Memorize Your Speech Opening to Reduce Anxiety

Public speaking can be nerve-racking. Even if you have notes, memorizing your opening can reduce your anxiety and let your presentation flow better. Over at Business Insider, they interviewed communications coach Danielle Price. Price suggests a fully rehearsed opening to control your jitters: Memorize your opening. The beginning of the presentation often carries a rush […]

Find Your Computer’s BIOS Version From the Command Line

The next time you update your PC or try to troubleshoot compatibility problems, you’ll may need to know your current BIOS. You could reboot the computer, but it’s much easier to use the Windows command line utility. In the command prompt window type: wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion You’ll get back the computer’s BIOS version. It’s […]

Use Coffee Filters to Protect Dishes

Coffee filters can do so much beyond making coffee. If you are looking a clean way to protect dishes from getting chipped or scratched, slip a coffee filter in between each dish. Use a Coffee Filter to Clean Your LCD ScreensUse a Coffee Filter to Clean Your LCD ScreensUse a Coffee Filter to Clean Your […]

Stick to Cash to Avoid Overindulging at the Bar

When we go to the bar to have just a few beers, sometimes the alcohol clouds our judgement and we drink more than we intended. Set a spending limit before by bringing only cash to the bar. If you start with a set amount of money, once you run out of cash, you stop drinking. […]

Bring Back the Shutdown Dialog When You Press the Mac Power Button

Pressing the Mac power button in OS X Mavericks puts your Mac to sleep. A simple Terminal command can change it to display the shutdown dialog instead. The Mac power button currently has three behaviors: sleep, shutdown dialog, and force shutdown. Pressing the power button for about a second puts your Mac to sleep. Pressing […]

FastRawViewer Displays RAW Photo Files and EXIF Data Quickly

Windows/Mac: RAW photo files are much larger than JPEG files and can be slow to load. FastRawViewer opens RAW files quickly so you can view the image and EXIF data right away. Once you load a RAW file with FastRawViewer, you’ll see the EXIF and histogram data on the right side of the screen. The […]

10 Important Things to Know About Unemployment Benefits

Are you thinking about quitting? Do you believe you might be getting the axe at work? If so, you are probably wondering about unemployment benefits. Unemployment insurance is a program originating out of the New Deal era in the United States to give workers a life line of cash to ride out the spans of […]

Find the Real Number of Email Messages in Your Gmail Account

Gmail doesn’t display a true message count by default, because Gmail uses the conversation view. Turn the conversation view off to see the real number of individual messages in your Gmail account. It’s sometimes useful to know how many messages you have from a certain sender or on a particular date. Since Gmail uses the […]

How to Make Your Entire Internet Life More Secure in One Day

We talk a lot about both privacy and security here at Lifehacker, and while it’s relatively easy to be more secure than you are right now, it often feels like it’ll take a lot of work. So, we decided to run through a few of the most popular security and privacy measures, from chat encryption […]

Shadow Coworkers to Become More Efficient at Your Job

You might feel like you do your job well, but there is always room for improvement. One way you can improve is to see how your job interacts with other jobs by shadowing coworkers. Everyone has a specific job within a company, but every job works in tandem with each other in order to be […]

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