Learn a Foreign Accent by Watching Films With Subtitles

We’ve all probably tried to learn a new language at some point. Foreign films can help you learn those words and accents, but a recent study suggests that subtitles can help a lot. Your first instinct is probably to turn on subtitles in your native language (English subtitles on a Spanish movie for example). But […]

Use a Broken Metal Fork as a Quick Door Lock

The next time you’re traveling and need an easy and portable door lock, try using a broken metal fork. Of course, most places you’ll stay already have a lock. But if you’re staying at a friends or at a bed and breakfast, you may find your door doesn’t have one (the last Airbnb I stayed […]

Next Time You Offer Advice, Turn It into a Blog or Podcast

Those of us more experienced in life sometimes get asked by colleagues to be a mentor and give them some advice. Instead of giving the same answer over again, consider turning it into a podcast or blog post and sharing it with others. How Do I Ask Someone to Be My Mentor?How Do I Ask […]

Why Slurping is the Best Way to Eat Ramen Noodles

Ramen is extremely popular, both at home and in restaurants, but you might be eating it wrong. The best way to eat ramen is by slurping, much to the chagrin of traditional table manners. Over at WonderHowTo, they explain why slurping is key: It cools off your mouthful of noodles just enough to let you […]

Create a “Cubicle Exit Plan” for a Quick Job Change

Few of us have guaranteed employment for life. When you’re let go, your employer doesn’t always given you a chance to retrieve your stuff. Consider having a clear exit plan. Over at The Muse, they remind us we don’t always have time to collect our physical and digital belongings when we get the pink slip: […]

Securely Format a Drive in Windows 8 from the Command Line

As you probably know, formatting a hard drive doesn’t completely erase the data on it. You must overwrite the data to securely destroy it, preferably multiple times. Windows 8 let’s you do this with the format command and the /p parameter. We’ve covered how to do a secure erase before, but all you need now […]

Dress for Your Interview by Checking the Company’s LinkedIn Profiles

When you go to a job interview, you might not be sure how to dress. Different companies, especially startups, have different dress codes. Check the online profiles of the employees to get an idea about the company’s culture. The Muse suggests checking LinkedIn and other social media profile: If you know the names of your […]

Use Text-to-Speech Functions for Better Proofreading

Most of us know you should read something out loud when proofreading, but we may miss critical errors. We insert words we think are there, but aren’t, because we wrote it. Using the text-to-speech function on your device will help prevent your internal autocorrect from missing errors. Over at TUAW, they suggest using the Mac’s […]

Cut Tomatoes Easier With a Serrated Knife

Unless you have a very sharp knife, cutting tomatoes is a messy affair. A serrated knife does better than most other knives. Over at The Kitchn they explain why a serrated knife is easier: While you can cut tomatoes with a chef’s knife (in fact, knife sharpeners sometimes use tomatoes as a test), your blade […]

Invite a Friend Out to Lunch to Collect on a Loan

We’ve all had that one friend who never seems to pay us back. Instead of bugging your friend, go out to lunch and bring up the loan when the bill comes Over at Money Under 30, they’ve got a sneaky tip to get your money back: My favorite trick is to invite the friend to […]

The Financial Moves You Should Make in September

As the summer sunshine slowly fades, it’s easy to feel bummed about the days of sweaters and huddling indoors that lie ahead. But instead of lamenting the end of beach season, we’re embracing the fresh start that early fall brings—especially for your finances. To help get your money in tip-top shape for the rest of […]

Keep Your Home Bug Free with These DIY Pest Control Methods

If you’re like me, bugs creeping and crawling all over your home is a big no thank you. With some preventative procedures and DIY methods you can keep them out of your house without using any harsh chemicals. As with most problems, prevention is key. This informative graphic from supplier Part Select covers the best […]

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