Eventbrite Finds Events in Your Area, Orders and Tracks Tickets

Finding cool stuff to do in your town can be challenging. Eventbrite aims to make it easier by not only finding events near you, but allowing you to order and manage your tickets directly from the site. Eventbrite finds concerts, parties, cons, and other events in your area based on your location (or somewhere else […]

A Basic Guide to Retirement Plans When Your Employer Doesn’t Offer One

Maybe you’re self-employed, or maybe your employer doesn’t offer a retirement plan. Either way, it’s easy to neglect saving for retirement when you’re on your own. You might be overwhelmed with the idea of managing your own plan. Start by knowing your options and picking the best one. It’ll make the whole process a lot […]

Method Draw is a Free, Browser-Based Vector Creator

Web: Vector images are great for things like logos that need to scale to any size, but software to make them is often expensive. Method Draw provides a wealth of vector tools entirely for free and runs inside your browser. Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard when it comes to vector creation, but it can […]

Spliddit Finds the Fairest Way to Split Rent, Divvy Up Goods, and More

Splitting the rent or divvying up Mom’s estate can be tricky when multiple factors are involved (who got the biggest room, who Mom loved best, etc.). Spliddit uses math and economic principles to come up with the fairest solutions. Specifically, it’s based on “Sperner’s Lemma” and created by the team who brought us this rent […]

GIF Blocker Prevents GIFs From Loading Until Requested

Chrome: GIFs are a flexible format for conveying short, silent videos. However, they’re not very efficient and can be slow to load. A page full of them can become unbearable on slower systems. GIF blocker solves that by turning GIFs into on-demand content. The extension will replace any GIFs in a page with the above […]

What’s The Best Men’s Or Women’s Wallet?

Choosing a wallet isn’t difficult, but choosing a really good one can be tricky. This week we want to hear about your favorites, whether they’re traditional billfolds for the back pocket, or larger wallets for a handbag or purse, and we want to hear from the gents and the ladies. A wallet isn’t necessarily a […]

Know the Highest CD Rate in Your State to Shop for the Best Return

Certificates of deposit (CDs) don’t offer as much interest as they once did. But if you’re going to use one to save money, you might as well pick one with the best rate. In doing this, it might help to know the highest CD rate in your state. GoBankingRates used its database to create a […]

Ask “What Problem Am I Solving?” to Refine Your Projects

Anyone who’s ever lived through a Facebook update knows that sometimes projects move forward even if people don’t want them. While you’re working on yours, stop periodically to ask if what you’re working on solves a problem people have. The things people around you complain about can be the biggest key to identifying where your […]

Beyond Event Hopping: How to Step Up Your Professional Networking

Sometimes, professional networking can feel like a never-ending cycle of event hopping and meeting random people. If you’re feeling frustrated, we’ve got some battle-tested information that can help you improve your networking efforts. Meet One Person a Week Instead of Going to Random Networking Events Most people that go to these events lead with their […]

Focus on Cash Flows, Rather than Expenses, to Spend Without a Budget

Budget are a great way to keep track of how much you spend. They’re not the only way, though. Finance blog Money Ning suggests automating your necessary cash flows, then spending the rest. As the site explains, we all have static expenses that have to be spent every month. Rent, insurance, debt, and savings. Once […]

Take Naps on Saturday Afternoon to Avoid Monday Grogginess

Sleeping in on Saturday may be a common indulgence, but it’s bad for your sleep schedule. If you want to get in some extra snooze time on Saturday but don’t want to ruin your Monday morning, nap in the afternoon instead. Sleeping in on the Weekend Will Not Help You Catch Up Sleeping in on […]

Time Is Money Shows You Prices In Terms of Hours Worked

Chrome: To make better spending decisions, some of us like to price items in terms of hours worked. The “Time Is Money” Chrome extension does this for you automatically. We’ve talked about this concept before. It helps to price items in terms of how many hours of work it would take for you to buy […]

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