Get Free Coupons by Emailing The Companies on This List

Coupons can help you save a whole lot of money on groceries, and the more you can get, the better. This master list of companies will send you coupons for your groceries, and all you need to do is ask. Kristen Daan at weblog Couponers United compiled a list of companies she’s emailed and received […]

The Green Thumb Workspace

Did you know that plants make you happier and as much as 15% more productive at work? If that’s the case, the owner of today’s featured workspace must be very productive. This plant-filled room belongs to illustrator Katie Scott. Outside of the frame are even more green, thriving plants. I don’t know how she does […]

Eight Common Sleep Myths That Can Affect Your Slumber

You probably know that you don’t really eat eight spiders every year in your sleep, but did you know that there are several other sleep fallacies floating around that could be affecting your slumber? There are several sleep myths you’ve likely encountered that seem logical on the surface, but aren’t entirely true when examined more […]

See Which iPhone 6 Size is Best for You with These Printable Cutouts

Today Apple announced the iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch screen and the iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5 inch screen. Preorders start soon on September 12th—with an official release on the 19th—so if you’re not sure how the screen and size of each model will feel in your hands, these printable cutouts can help […]

Build Your Creative Resilience with the Rejection You Receive

Trying to be creative and think outside of the box won’t always go in your favor. Rejection will knock you down constantly, but in actuality, that rejection is your training for developing strong creative endurance. Sometimes your ideas will get rejected because the solution needs to be in the box for whatever reason, but most […]

Avoid a Nasty Mildew Smell Around Your Sink by Using Two Sponges

If you have a potent stench coming from your sink, it could be your poor, abused sponge. You can keep two of them around and rotate use so your sponges won’t develop a mildew smell ever again. The Reactions channel on YouTube took a look at the chemistry behind a smelly sponge. Reactions explains that […]

How to Upgrade to iOS 8 Right Now

The official release of iOS 8 isn’t until September 17th, but you can install the final version right now even if you’re not a developer. Here’s how. Everything Apple Announced Today That Actually MattersEverything Apple Announced Today That Actually MattersEverything Apple Announced Today That Actually Mat Apple had their big event today and a lot […]

This Map Shows What Power Adapters You Need for a Ton of Countries

If you plan on travelling internationally, be sure you have everything you need to charge up your devices. This map shows what sockets are common in each part of the world and the plugs you’ll need there. The map, from, covers every country or region, and even shows which countries may have multiple types. […]

Why Learning to Play an Instrument is Good for Your Brain

If you’re looking for an exercise that’s fun, interesting, and will work out your entire brain, grab an instrument and start playing. Anita Collins at the TED-Ed YouTube channel explains whats going on in your brain when you jam out. When you play music, the entire brain lights up because you’re using almost every region […]

Create a Self Reflection Feedback System by Rating Your Day Out of 10

When you want to get better at something, you need to be able to reflect and review what you did and how you handled things. Whether it’s a task, a workday, or even a week, you can rate it out of 10 to kick off your personal review process. To get better, you have to […]

The System Administrator’s Organized Backpack

System administrator’s have one of those jobs where they need to be prepared for a wide variety of problems every day. Reader Chris Collins shares his nicely organized bag that helps him do just that. The bag is a Samsonite Xenon 2. Here’s what’s inside: Toshiba Chromebook 13.3 Samsung Laptop Sleeve Grid-it Cocoon (3.0 USB […]

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