The US Army Officer’s Bag

When you work for the Army Engineers, you need to be prepared for just about everything. Over on Cool Tools, Pat Ripton shares his bag, that’s packed with all kinds of useful stuff. The bag itself is a Killspencer Special Ops. Here’s what’s inside: Camera Capture Clip attached to bag iPad Air Lepow speaker HP […]

The Soup Ingredients You Should Save for the Last Minute

Soup is one of those easy and forgiving recipes. You add a bunch of stuff, pour some liquid, and then you have a tasty treat. Some items, though, are best left to the very end for the right flavor and presentation. Most soups you can make in advance and even freeze for quick meals. The […] Shares Your Browser and Computer Info by Email

Basic information about your web browser is an important part of troubleshooting computer problems. automatically gathers all the essential information about your browser in an easy-to-ready format. The web site is simple: it gathers key information from your browser, organizes it in a big report, and will email it to anyone you specify. That […]

Clean the Inside of Your Slow Cooker With Ammonia or Vinegar

If you use your slow cooker regularly, the inside will eventually get dirty. Things spill or get on the outside of the liner. No need to scrub it—let some household chemicals do the work! Over at One Good Thing, they suggest putting a small bowl of ammonia in the cooker, then putting the lid on […]

Make a Quick Jam With Chia Seed Gel

Chia seeds are a great way of thickening smoothies or replacing eggs in recipes. That same power works for creating quick fruit jams. Thicken Up Your Smoothies with Chia Seeds Thicken Up Your Smoothies with Chia Seeds Thicken Up Your Smoothies with Chia Seeds Bananas are usually the go-to ingredient to for thickening up a […]

If Your Interview Has a Negative Attitude, Don’t Copy it

In business and in life, copying someone’s behavior can build a rapport. In an interview setting, that might work against you if the interviewer is annoyed. Mimic Your Boss’s Body Language to Build Rapport and Get Ahead Mimic Your Boss’s Body Language to Build Rapport and Get Ahead Mimic Your Boss’s Body Language to Build […]

GifGrabber Captures Your Mac’s Screen and Makes Animated GIFs

OS X: Animated GIFs get your point across visually without using a video. You can make animated gifs from an existing video, but if you just want to capture your screen, GifGrabber will do the trick. GifGrabber is like previously featured Giffing Tool, but for Mac. After you start the program, draw a box on […]

Shop at an Smaller Grocery Store to Avoid Overspending

Shopping at a grocery store should save you money since you won’t be eating out as much. But if you tend to overspend at the grocery store, try shopping at a store with less choice. You can try to spend less time shopping, but grocery stores have so many interesting things to buy. (That bakery […]

Stuffcard Inventories Your Possessions with Warranty Reminders

iOS: Nobody likes waiting to fix something and then finding out the warranty expired. Stuffcard tracks your purchases along with your warranties, and reminds you when they end. When you get a new computer or other gadget, that’s the best time to record your serial number and warranty. If you don’t have a good system […]

Skip Giving Your Social Security Number to the Doctor (If You Can)

Doctor’s offices aren’t the first place you’d think of for a data breach, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune. If a medical professional’s office asks for your social security number, consider skipping it. When someone gets your social security number, it’s a pain to get your life back in order. Doctors’ offices usually ask for […]

Playmoss Creates Playlists from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud

Web/iOS/Android: Lots of web sites let you create playlists…but only using media from that site. Playmoss creates a master playlist that allows content from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud. While you can’t import your other playlists, Playmoss lets you create new ones, supporting YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud simultaneously, so you can get all the songs you […]

Launcher Adds App Shortcuts to Notification Center, Returns to iTunes

iOS: We really liked Launcher when it first came out but it was pulled from the App Store with a few hours of its release. Now, it’s back in the App Store to add all kinds of useful shortcuts to your Notification Center. Launcher Puts Your Favorite Apps and Contacts In Notification Center Launcher Puts […]

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