Prepare Now to Avoid the Effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Winter is just beginning, and with it comes the winter blues, or worse, Seasonal Affective Disorder. The time to start prepping for those dark and gloomy cold-weather days is now. For most of us, the fall and winter months may mean a little gloominess and a cold-weather funk that we’ll just have to work a […]

Build Mental Toughness In Under Two Minutes with this Mental Workout

In order to strengthen your mind and build mental toughness, you need to work it the same way you would work your muscles in the gym. This mental workout helps you refocus and visualize success in tough times, and only takes 100 seconds of your day to complete. How (and Why) to Develop Your Mental […]

Schedule Sleep in Your Calendar to Protect Your Sleep Cycle

One of the perks of becoming a grownup is you no longer have an imposed bed time. It still might not hurt to schedule one for yourself if you want to keep your sleep cycle steady, though. As business blog Inc. suggests, sleep is an appointment just like any other. You need to make time […]

Walmart’s Pre-Black Friday Sale Includes a 40" TV for $115, and More

Not content to wait around for Thanksgiving, Walmart has kicked off several of their best Black Friday deals early today. Our picks are below, but I suspect a lot of the best stuff will sell out early, so head over to their site to see the up-to-date list. Gifts – Gifts – Gifts […]

Nine Ways to Give Your Finances an End-of-Year Tune-Up

As the year wraps up, it’s time to start thinking about deadlines—and there are a handful of financial deadlines to meet by the end of the year. Here are a few money moves you should make before the new year. These moves will help organize your taxes, optimize your deductions and, generally, make sure your […]

Avoid "Dummy-Proofing" to Encourage Better Ideas and Engaged Workers

Whether you’re an employer or just trying to wrangle people on a project, it’s tempting to make things as simple as possible. As Netflix CEO Reed Hastings suggests, though, “if you dummy-proof the process, you only get dummies to work there.” Many folks prefer it when they have clear instructions to follow. That doesn’t mean […]

Glasswire Monitors Your Bandwidth and Identifies Resource Hogs

Windows: Your internet connection handles a variety of traffic every day. When there’s a problem, its not always easy to find out which app or site is the problem. Glasswire simplifies this process in an easy, user-friendly package. The app keeps logs of all the activity on your network. It charts usage over time so […]

What’s The Best Android Phone? 

Now is a great time to go shopping for an Android phone, but there are tons of options. Sure, you can judge them by check-box features like processor speed, screen size, or battery life, but that’s only part of the picture. We want a complete view, and to hear which ones you think are the […]

How to Handle Common Issues With Your Landlord

Here are some little-known ways that landlords violate landlord-tenant law and end up costing you money — along with some tips on how to keep what you deserve without burning any bridges. This post originally appeared on GOBankingRates. Renting — rather than owning — a home or apartment has both upsides and downsides. Your landlord […]

Build a PC and Upgrade Your Gaming Gear With Today’s Gold Box Deals

If you’ve been itching to build yourself a new rig, Amazon’s come to the rescue today with fantastic prices on a huge variety of PC components and accessories. Below, you’ll find necessary components like processors, GPUs, cases, and power supplies, but also a number of accessories like headsets, routers, keyboards, and mice. The highlights though […]

NextGlass Knows If You’ll Love a Beer or Wine By Scanning the Label

iOS/Android: Using the description of a bottle of beer or wine to see if you’ll like it can be hit or miss. NextGlass is a new app that uses a huge database of drinks, your tastes, and your smartphone’s camera to tell you—just by scanning the label—if you’ll love or hate a drink before you […]

The Success Theater: Don’t Confuse Enviability for Happiness

Social media has changed the way we behave. Making us more connected has also made it much easier to compare ourselves to each other. That’s why it’s ever more important to differentiate between being enviable and being happy. See Through the Success Theater While they’re great tools, social networks like Facebook and Instagram have naturally […]

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