The Traveling Photographer’s Fully Loaded Bags

What people carry around with them every day is great, but sometimes it’s nice to see what people need for more extended stays. Case in point, photographer Romain shares his loadout for a two week photography trip with Everyday Carry. Romain has three bags, a Fjallraven 15L Daypack, a North Face 40L Duffel Bag, and […]

Learn Which Towns Are a Match for Your Political Beliefs

Picking where to move in a state can be a difficult decision. One thing you may consider is the political opinions of others in the area. Clarity Campaign Labs helps you decide. You’ll answer seven questions based on typical political opinions. The website then finds towns in your chosen state that match your answers. Obviously, […]

​Use Your Audience to Prove Your Point Instead of a Slide

Often, when giving a presentation, we have to show statistics to illustrate our point. Instead of using a slide, consider getting the audience involved to help them understand the numbers. The Muse gives some suggestions for audience involvement: For instance, rather than show everyone that 20% of your demographic thinks one way through a boring […]

Know the Warning Signs of a Job Scam

If you’ve been looking for a job, you’ve seen ads that offer great pay for entry level positions. Lots of scams exist out there, and one way to detect a scammer is by paying attention to who does the talking at a job interview. Over at Undercover Recruiter, they’ve got some signs of a potential […]

All the Places You Can Get a Military Discount

We’re always grateful to our women and men in the armed forces for keeping us safe. Our country shows its gratitude by giving some discounts to former and current members of the armed forces. Rather Be Shopping has compiled a list of all the discounts military families can get. As they note, discounts like these […]

​Try “Tabless Thursdays” for Better Single Tasking

Tabs are a great way to keep many browser windows open at once. The Atlantic recommends going tabless one day a week to stay focused. Tabs in a browser allow us to think we are multi-tasking. We’re often just distracting ourselves. We’ve talked about avoiding browser tabs to stay focused before, but for many of […]

​Sell Someone on Your Idea by Taking Them Out to Lunch

You might think that paying for lunch is a cheap bribe, but lunch can be a smart way to control the situation and present your ideas in the best possible way. We’ve written about avoiding a business lunch if the person is busy, and that’s still solid advice for respecting someone’s time. However, if you […]

​Take an Appreciation Break to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Throughout the day, life bombards us with everything we do wrong, and it takes its toll on our self-esteem. Try to fit in an appreciation break during the day to help regain some balance. Over at Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life, they suggest taking two minutes to focus on what you did right: Sit […]

Search These Key Phrases to Get the Best Deals on Craigslist

We’ve all been in a situation when we need to get some quick cash and decide to sell something. Learning some of the phrases to search for might help you score a great deal. A thread on Reddit lists some key phrases people use in Craigslist ads that often mean a great deal: “My Wife […]

​Maximize Your iCloud Storage Space by Changing Backup Settings

When your iPhone or iPad warns you iCloud is running low on storage space, you can avoid buying more space by changing what iCloud backs up. Over at the How-To Geek, they suggest looking at the app data iOS backs up. Some of the apps are already cloud based and don’t need backups from your […]

​Know Your Career Path with the G+P+V Formula

Whether you’ve been in the job market for a while or you’re a recent grad, you’re probably facing the question of where to go with your career. Learning what you are good at, what you care about, and what’s important to you is one way of answering that question. Over at The Muse, LiIly Zhang […]

Audiomack Is a Streaming Music Hub for Artists and Fans

We’ve discussed a number of Soundcloud alternatives for both music lovers and artists in the wake of their deals with major labels, and Audiomack is a relatively new service offering music lovers a place to listen and artists a place to they can host songs and mixes without fear their music will vanish suddenly. Audiomack’s […]

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