Why We Have To Watch Out For LGBTQ Censorship Online

[Update: We’ve corrected this story following its initial publication and updated it throughout to reflect information Instagram provided us on Saturday morning. The company says that while it does filter comments for certain banned terms, “lez” is not one of them. Instead, Instagram says its logs show that Hatmaker (inadvertently) @-mentioned herself in the comment, a […]

Last-Minute Smart Gifts Dad Will Love

For years, he told you to shut off the lights and turn the heat down. Now, for Father’s Day, you could make sure he’s covered with these easy-to-use smart home products and other connected devices. The best part: These items can be picked up from retailers like Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, Target, Apple Stores and […]

Wearables At Work Will Reshape The Office

  ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series where ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self. Salesforce, the maker of online tools for tracking customers and helping employees collaborate, is the latest company to try and capture the buzz around wearable devices, following in the Nike-clad footsteps of Samsung and Apple. Earlier this week, it introduced Salesforce […]

The Future Is Off The Map

In San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 2, there’s a display of old maps of the city. I’m a fiend for antiquarian maps, and I love my city, so I can’t help but linger over David Rumsey’s amazing collection as I pass through. Before I make myself a tiny dot on a transcontinental flight tracker, I long […]

Sony’s PlayStation TV vs. Amazon’s Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Ouya And More

Having appeased its core crowd of PlayStation gamers (so far, anyway), Sony is looking to cram everyone else into the proverbial living room—all while doling out more goodies to its devotees. At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the company revealed plans to release a new version of its PlayStation “micro-console” in North America later this […]

Meet Ringly, An Attractive Wearable Gadget Women Might Actually Want

There’s something stupid about smart jewelry. But at least one manufacturer is trying to up the game. Despite evidence indicating that women are the predominant adopters of major technologies, or that we outnumber men as prospective buyers of wearable gadgets, this device category—which inherently targets us—tends to be rather lame. When you look at a smartwatch, […]

How A Little Competition Made Thermostats Sexy

Guest author Alex Salkever is head of product marketing and business development at An earlier version of this piece first appeared on his Tumblr. Until the Nest, the thermostat had no sex appeal. Then Tony Fadell and his team built something beautiful and functional that also happened to save money and make a house more […]

Sony Is About To Launch A Cloud-Gaming War With Its PlayStation TV

We were envious when Sony launched its vision of a mini-PlayStation (called the PlayStation Vita TV) in Japan last year. That curious, promising device has since evolved into the PlayStation TV, a $99 deck of cards-sized gaming console set to launch in North America later this year. The teensy PS TV is packed with big ideas, […]

50% Of App Developers Focus On Mobile, But They’re Not Writing The Next Flappy Bird

App developers are a pragmatic bunch, spending their time wherever they believe the biggest paycheck will hit. While that used to be the desktop, nearly half the global developer population is now focused on building mobile applications. True to form, these developers aren’t necessarily chasing consumer applications, but instead are skewing their efforts to more […]

All Roads Lead To Prime: Amazon Introduces Music Streaming Service

Amazon is officially in the music streaming business. Amazon today introduced Prime Music, a music streaming service available to Amazon Prime members. The new service will start with about 1 million songs and 90,000 albums, comprised of mostly older titles and hits from yesteryear.  As part of Prime Music, Amazon is also consolidating its other […]

The Cloud-Computing Market Could Be Much, Much Bigger Than We Thought

A billion dollars isn’t what it used to be. Indeed, anyone that hanging around the cloud computing industry for the past couple of years has been barraged by $1 billion strategic commitments from big vendors like IBM and HP. While $1 billion sounds like a big number, it’s not always clear how much of those […]

Facebook Is Going To Start Tracking You Even More Closely

The next time you log in to Facebook, you might see a notification letting you know the company is “improving” advertising and giving users more control. To translate from Facebookese: The company will now be tracking your browsing and activity on third-party sites and applications to serve you up even more personalized ads.  Facebook currently […]

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