23andMe Shelves Genetic Health Analysis, But Not Genetic Testing

Following pressure from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 23andMe—which retails DNA tests for mainstream consumers—has announced that it will continue its genetic testing service, but will no longer offer health-related interpretations of the results for consumers. The company emphasized both on its site and in its press release that the service might resume in the future if […]

The Rise Of Everyday Mobile

When will mobile become ordinary? I’d argue that it’s already happening, based on new numbers from Flurry, the mobile analytics provider, that reveal how people used smartphones and tablets over last week’s Thanksgiving holiday. Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf and I will be discussing this trend and others on Wednesday, December 11, at ReadWriteMix, our evening […]

Node.js Is Big, And Still Getting Bigger

Chances are if you think or LinkedIn is running smoothly, it’s thanks to Node.js, a server-side JavaScript development framework that is currently powering everything from the biggest websites to tiny microcontrollers. Only a few years old, Node.js is quickly winning the hearts and minds of developers and the companies they work for. Shortly after application […]

Don’t Expect To Pay With Your Smartphone At The Mall This Holiday Season

ReadWrite Shop is an occasional series about the intersection of technology and commerce. It’s Black Friday, and the Cambridgeside Galleria is, as expected, a madhouse. I don’t know why I decided coming here was a good idea. The crowd around tablets at Best Buy is three rows deep. People seem to be looking at a Kindle […]

Microsoft’s Defense Against NSA’s Dark Arts: As Much Fantasy As Fact

Microsoft put on a brave face and asked the NSA to keep its hands off its customer data without due cause. But the company’s actual changes lack real technical and political punch, and don’t really live up to its ostensibly bold rhetoric. NSA snooping into corporate databases, Internet traffic, and cellphone locations have put the technology industry […]

Get Ready For The Streaming-Music Die-Off

Streaming music gets one thing right. Services like Pandora, Rdio and Spotify are amazing for the consumer, and in that singular way, the music industry hasn’t been better in … probably ever. At long last, we have the celestial jukebox we dreamed of a decade and a half ago. Nearly any song is at our […]

Enterprises Take Off Their Hadoop Training Wheels

The dirty little secret of Hadoop has been just how dull many of its tasks have been. By far the biggest use for Hadoop to date has been as a “poor person’s ETL“—that is, a form of data integration, at the risk of oversimplifying—rather than all the big, sexy data science we see constantly hyped. […]

How Zulily Escaped The Flash-Sales Curse

ReadWrite Shop is an occasional series about the intersection of technology and commerce. Consumers have always been on the look out for a good deal, from waiting in a downpour for a Black Friday sale to clipping pages of coupons at the expense of paper cuts.  The rise of flash sale sites and daily deals […]

Why Your Mobile Analytics Kit Wants To Be Open Source

Open source is different things to different people: software licensing scheme, business model, development model or community model. However we choose to think about it, though, across the board clever people are using open source to disrupt or change how markets behave. Therefore, I found it fascinating to sit down recently with a German entrepreneur using […]

Google And Oracle Set For Round 2 In Java Copyright Case

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Google once again is set to battle Oracle in court over how it used the Java programming language in building its Android mobile operating system. Oracle, which lost a patent and copyright battle to Google in the spring of 2012, has filed an appeal in the case and oral arguments started […]

Twitter Appoints First Woman To Board Of Directors

Today Twitter announced it is adding former Pearson CEO Marjorie Scardino to its board of directors. It’s about time. The company has caught some flack for its lack of female board members. That being said, Twitter is not alone in this matter. Almost half of publicly traded information technology companies have no women on their board, […]

Behavior-Based Anticipatory Computing Coming To Social Networks

We’ve been sharing our locations with friends and family for years, whether it’s checking in on Foursquare or enabling location information on Instagram. Even with Twitter’s latest update, users are encouraged to share their locations and metadata. But what, exactly, social networks are doing with that data has been somewhat unknown, until now.  By aggregating […]

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