How Arduino And Raspberry Pi Can Enhance Your Connected Home

ReadWriteHome is an ongoing series exploring the implications of living in connected homes. The connected home, the ultimate ideal in technology-driven luxury, promises easy living by passing along our drudgery to computers. But it’s not perfect. Even if you’re willing to shell out for expensive devices for your house, are you willing to trust them? There’s always the […]

Mozilla Names Former Exec Chris Beard As Interim CEO

Mozilla has a new leader, at least in the short term. The custodian of the Firefox browser named former vice president of products and chief marketing officer Chris Beard as its interim chief executive officer. Beard, who most recently was an executive-in-residence at Greylock Partners venture capital firm, takes over the top spot at Mozilla […]

Why Pinterest Is The Google Competitor You Weren’t Expecting

There are now nearly one billion “Place Pins” on Pinterest, the company said in an email Monday. And with that announcement, Pinterest moves one step closer to becoming a true search engine alternative to Google. Now, Pinterest’s Place Pins aren’t going to replace Google Maps anytime soon—or ever. But for users that would rather graze […]

Developers, Check Your Amazon Bills For Bitcoin Miners

Amazon Web Services gives developers access to massive computing capability. Now hackers have found ways to hijack some accounts and use that power to make money on someone else’s dime. Joe Moreno’s bill for Amazon Web Services is usually about $5 a month. But last Thursday, he learned his AWS credentials had been compromised. An […]

Heartbleed Reminds Us There’s No Better Time To Embrace Forward Secrecy

Internet users have spent the last week changing their passwords and checking their online accounts for potential hacks resulting from Heartbleed, a two-year-old bug in the open-source security software OpenSSL that left nearly two-thirds of the Web vulnerable to malicious attacks.  Heartbleed has caused security nightmares for dozens of websites, especially since companies initially thought […]

Protect Yourself Against Heartbleed, The Web’s Security Disaster

The recently discovered Heartbleed bug exposed a gaping hole in the security software that’s supposed to keep your information private while shopping, managing your finances or sending and reading email. While there still aren’t any signs that the bug has actually led to eavesdropping or theft—financial, identity or otherwise—it’s probably only a matter of time. The good […]

7 Heartbleed Myths Debunked

People are on edge thanks to Heartbleed, a coding mistake that inadvertently laid waste to the security of many big online services. The revelation this week shocked the world. And new reports coming out about Heartbleed only seems to inspire more worries, not less. The unfortunate result is a lot of misinformation going around.  Care […]

Windows Phone 8.1: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly [Review]

Windows Phone is finally all grown up. Well, almost. To date, Microsoft’s mobile operating system has been an attractive, if somewhat frustrating, member of the Windows family. Windows Phone did all the things a smartphone operating system should—like make calls and texts, download the most popular apps and listen to music and take pictures. But the […]

Who Should Buy Google Glass?

For one day only, Google will put its futurewear optics on sale to the general public. On Tuesday, April 15 at 9am ET, Google will be “opening up some spots in the Glass Explorer Program,” allowing any U.S. resident to buy the before-its-time wearable computer known as Google Glass. At $1500, the device’s early adopter […]

This Vending Machine Uses Arduino To Tweet-Shame Your Sweets

Editor’s note: This post was originally published by our partners at PopSugar Tech. Meet the vending machine that tweet shames candy bar buyers. Would you think twice about your sweet treat if you knew that an automated dispensary would tell the world about it? A UK-based group of creative crafters called Nottingham Hackspace has revamped its […]

Google Beefs Up Android Security In Wake Of Fake App Scam

Google’s Android security bouncer is packing on some extra pounds for the spring. Earlier this week, Android users were rocked when they discovered a hot new app that had rocketed to the top of the Google Play charts was a total fake. The app—Virus Shield—promised security protection for apps that users had downloaded on their […]

Building A Raspberry Pi VPN Part One: How And Why To Build A Server

Free, unencrypted wireless is everywhere, but you shouldn’t be checking your bank account on it unless you don’t mind somebody else snooping. The solution? A virtual private network, or VPN. A VPN extends your own private network into public places, so even if you’re using Starbucks’ Wi-Fi connection, your Internet browsing stays encrypted and secure. […]

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