What To Expect At Google I/O 2014: Android Wear, Android Everywhere

Google is about ready to set its yearly agenda. Its I/O conference, which starts Wednesday, is Google’s main opportunity to showcase what it’s been working on across its sprawling techno-empire. We don’t know if Google will continue to throw everything but the kitchen sink into its keynote address like it did in last year’s three-and-a-half […]

San Francisco Tells Parking Apps To Stop Auctioning Spaces

Turns out selling access to public parking spaces is, in fact, illegal.  Today the City of San Francisco issued a cease-and-desist order to Monkey Parking, a mobile application that allows drivers to bid on public parking spaces that are about to be vacated by another driver. Two other parking startups that attempt to monetize public parking […]

Disruption Is A Stupid Word Anyway

The Platform is a regular column by mobile editor Dan Rowinski. Ubiquitous computing, ambient intelligence and pervasive networks are changing the way humans interact with everything. Let’s disrupt “disruption.” My boss, ReadWrite editor-in-chief Owen Thomas, and I disagree, feistily and frequently, about a variety of topics. We had profound differences of opinion on how to […]

When The Smartwatch Meets The “Smart” Car

ReadWriteDrive is an ongoing series covering the future of transportation. When I first heard that Mercedes is integrating wearable technology—such as Pebble smartwatches and Google Glass—with its smart-vehicle systems, I thought the luxury automaker had a taken just a sip or two of Silicon Valley Kool-Aid. So I tried it out. Turns out, a week of […]

Dropcam Lands In Google’s Nest

Google’s Nest subsidiary has acquired Dropcam, a maker of connected home cameras, for $555 million, Recode reports. The deal helps Nest expand beyond its first two products, a thermostat and a smoke alarm, both distinguished by their wireless capabilities and their friendlier interfaces. While Dropcam is a top-selling model in its category, it has plenty […]

A New Parking App Wants You To Share Something You Don’t Own

If you’ve driven through San Francisco’s Misson neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon seeking a place to park for a brunch you’ll spend an hour waiting in line for, you know how difficult it is to find a spot for your vehicle. When Apps And Real Life Collide To one team of entrepreneurs, the parking problem […]

A Database David Takes On The Amazon Goliath—Minus The Slingshot

Amazon Web Services (AWS) sets the pace for innovation in cloud and sets pricing. For all of the “Everything is awesome!” singing surrounding the open-source cloud-computing platform OpenStack, it still lags AWS in almost every feature that cloud customers value. Most attempts to improve OpenStack come from longtime open-source contributors like Red Hat. But one […]

Amazon Fire Phone’s 3D Effect: Interesting, But Also Baffling

It’s fair to call Amazon’s new Kindle Fire phone “3D”—but that sells the effect short compared to the 3D smartphone craze of yore and Apple’s dizzying iOS 7 antics. Amazon calls its 3D experience “dynamic perspective”—an apt if dull name for a pretty cool technical feat. After spending some time exploring the Fire phone, the […]

The Emergence Of The Third Generation Enterprise Mobile Platform

Guest author Jesus Rodriguez is the CEO and co-founder of KidoZen. Mobility is one of the most transformational trends in the modern enterprise. Smartphone and tablets have changed how employees fundamentally use their computers, which means the entire notion of enterprise productivity and software development must be rethought. Many companies are on the forefront of […]

Five Steps To Build Your Own Random Non-Sequitur Twitter Bot

If you follow my standard Twitter account, @LaurenInSpace, you’re missing out on the good stuff. @LaurenInEbooks is a computer-generated stream of garbled tweets that are often far more on point than what I actually have to say.  China is a wearable. Ramona the Love Terrier reports: — Otaku Journalist ebx (@LaurenInEbooks) May 23, 2014 A […]

Give Your iPhone Camera DSLR-Like Superpowers

Guest author Chris McConnell is an opinionated, entrepreneurial-minded designer and writer who founded DailyTekk and Climbur. I’ve got a problem. I love the camera on my iPhone. It’s become an appendage—like an arm, or hand. If it was amputated from my life I’d feel like I’d truly lost a part of me. I use it all the time. […]

We Need An Uber For Healthcare

ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series where ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self. Yes, it’s tiresome how every new startup describes itself as an “X, but for Y.” When an early employee of Uber started working on a doctors-on-demand service, everyone inevitably called it an “Uber for healthcare,” ridiculing it as a luxury for the […]

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