How Chromecast Makes Shared Viewing Easier: Bat Squeaks

Using the Chromecast with friends is about to get better, thanks to this handy update: Google announced at its Google I/O developer conference that users will no longer have to join the same network, just to cast videos and music to Chromecast-connected TVs.  What Google didn’t announce, at least on stage, was how that was […]

Google Rolls Out Android TV

Today in San Francisco, Google took the wraps off its new Android TV. It essentially revamps the company’s smart TV ambitions into a platform that can work with Android smartphones and mobile devices, ties into Google search, YouTube and Google Play video titles, as well as game apps. The software will work with set-top boxes, […]

Google Launches Android Auto, Its Road-Ready Smart Car Platform

At its Google I/O 2014 event, Google announced a version of Android optimized for hitting the road. Known as Android Auto, the operating system is designed specifically for use while driving, with a heavy emphasis on voice commands and spoken notifications. Android Auto comes out of Google’s Open Automotive Alliance—a partnership with more than 40 […]

Google’s TV-Streaming Stick Chromecast Just Got Even Sexier

Google’s Chromecast TV-streaming device now has some new features that will make life even easier for its users. Chromecast now features a broad swathe of apps—a huge difference from the measly selection it had when it launched last summer. Another 10,000 are on the way. So Google is offering a new way to sift through […]

Google Strikes The Next Blow In The Cloud-Storage Wars: Unlimited Space

Just days after Microsoft announced a price cut for its online-storage offering OneDrive, Google has struck back. Its new cloud service, Drive for Work, will do battle with Microsoft, Dropbox and others for the bargain-basement price tag of $10 per user per month. What you get for that price: Unlimited storage. No word yet on what […]

10 Things Google Didn’t Talk About At I/O 2014

Google packed its I/O keynote presentation full of Android. The Android Wear software developer kit is ready to go, and Google laid out its plans for taking over your car and your living room. Android apps will soon run on Chromebooks and Samsung is making a Android Wear smartwatch.  But Google didn’t hit on everything […]

Programmable Digital Outlet Timer

Except for one cool feature, this is a typical wall-outlet timer for turning things on and off once or twice a day. It works well once it is programmed correctly, but you know where this is going: you have to press each button the right number of times in exactly the right sequence to achieve […]

Vacuum Stainless-Steel Coffee Press

For French press coffee geeks who also happen to be klutzes like me, no more broken carafes with this bad boy. I’ve had mine for years and it is still like brand new. Also for whatever reason, the plunger mesh is MUCH tougher than on the Bodum products and does not shred nearly as easily. […]

A Thief Snatched My iPhone—And I Learned A Lot About Smartphone Crime

A few weeks ago, I became a statistic. I was at a bus terminal in San Francisco when a stranger jumped out and grabbed my iPhone out of my hands. My adrenaline-addled brain did everything wrong—things like chasing the thief, which could have gotten me injured, or worse. (Just thinking of it now makes me […]

Nest Makes Its Move In The Smart Home

Developers, you have a new smart-home platform to play with. Google’s Nest unit has formally unveiled an API (see our API explainer) that will let independent programmers create new applications for the company’s smart thermostats and smoke alarms. Nest’s press release is embedded below. The main idea behind the program is to let a variety of […]

Forget Bitcoin: There’s A Better Model For Mobile Money

Bitcoin has all the buzz right now. But there’s another financial innovation that could have a far more meaningful impact on the lives of billion of people without bank accounts across the world. In 2007, two years before the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the original proposal for Bitcoin, Safaricom, a Kenyan telecommunications company effectively controlled […]

Distributed Development: You’re Still Doing It Wrong

Distributed computing is the future of technology, but you’d never know it from how many tech organizations continue to operate. While our systems run across multiple servers and even data centers, our development teams too often sit within the same office. While there are real benefits to a co-located development team, the costs of competing […]

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