Have Devices, Will Travel—But Which Ones?

Virtually every week of my life I board a plane, and prior to doing so I face the same decision each time: which devices should I take? This quandary is easy to resolve if you’re not all that particular about your reading, exercise or other needs. For such people, a smartphone or tablet will take […]

Future-Proofing The Smart Home: Staples Thinks It Has The Answer

ReadWriteHome is an ongoing series exploring the implications of living in connected homes. There’s a hard truth about consumer electronics: Today’s top-of-the-line devices speed toward obsolescence pretty fast these days. The smartphone, tablet, TV, watch or appliance you bought today is going to look absolutely archaic tomorrow. That’s even true for nascent technologies like the smart […]

15 x 18 Craft Sheet

From online discussions and reviews, it seems that nearly everyone who buys one of these non-stick, heat-resistant worksheets has the same initial reaction: “I paid $14 for THIS?” Quickly, that skepticism turns to appreciation, if not outright tool evangelism. I am one such skeptic. For too long, I’ve taken the “self-healing” billing of my cutting […]

8 Ways YouTube Will Be Changing How You Create Videos

YouTube may face some challenges as it moves toward the mainstream, but it isn’t standing still on the technological side. Here are eight new tools for video creators YouTube execs Matthew Glotzbach and Oliver Heckmann—the site’s director of product management and VP of engineering, respectively—previewed at the unofficial YouTube convention VidCon last week. A few are available […]

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Takes The Best Selfies In The Universe

Editor’s note: This post was originally published by our partners at PopSugar Tech. It’s been almost two years since the Curiosity rover landed on Mars in August 2012. But last week marked its first full Martian year (687 Earth days) roaming the planet. Lucky for us, NASA has been releasing photos of the Red Planet taken […]

The Rise And Fall Of Orkut: Google’s Decade-Long Social Media Experiment

On Monday, Google announced the end of its first foray into social networking, Orkut. September 30, 2014 will be the 10-year-old network’s final day.  ReadWrite has been covering underdog Orkut since its invention. We followed its rise to dominance in India and Brazil and its ever-constant (if somewhat understated) battle with Facebook for the eyeballs […]

How To Opt Out Of Facebook’s Mind-Altering Experiments

Researchers recently published a paper that detailed how they manipulated the emotions of 689,003 Facebook users in 2012, in an effort to determine whether positive and negative posts had an effect on their moods.  It turns out that yes, people feel differently and thus post differently, when they see positive or negative posts in their feeds. […]

Farm Show Magazine

Farm Show has been the DIY magazine of rural North America since 1977.  While MAKE magazine may have fantastic coverage of 3D printing and home-built drones, it’s a whippersnapper wet behind the ears compared to the depth of ingenuity contained by this tabloid magazine published 6 times a year.  They’ve been hacking in a parallel universe, and […]

Google’s Gender-Diversity Push Is Paying Off

Google is putting an increased focus on diversity initiatives both in its own company and the tech community at large. Based on attendance at this year’s annual Google developer conference in San Francisco, its efforts are paying off.  More than 1,000 attendees—roughly 20% of the total—at Google I/O this week will be women, up from […]

Aereo Loses At The Supreme Court In Landmark Tech Copyright Case

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court issued a 6-3 ruling against Aereo, a video startup founded in 2012 that streams both live and delayed television broadcasts to paying subscribers.  In 2013, ABC and a coalition of other broadcast companies filed against Aereo with the Supreme Court (American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. v. Aereo), claiming that […]

Google Previews The Next Big Release Of Android: “L”

Google announced the preview of its latest version of Android today at its I/O developer conference. Google isn’t yet ready to give the newest version of Android a name, instead calling it the “L” preview (Google names version of Android in alphabetical order after tasty desserts). The biggest change for the “L” version of Android […]

You Can Order An Android Smartwatch Today

Google announced that its Android Wear smartwatches are finally hitting the market. The Android LG smartwatch will be available to order today. Samsung is also getting into the Android Wear market with the Samsung Gear Live which will also be available for order today. The much-coveted Moto 360 smartwatch, however, won’t be available to order […]

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