Building A Raspberry Pi VPN Part One: How And Why To Build A Server

Free, unencrypted wireless is everywhere, but you shouldn’t be checking your bank account on it unless you don’t mind somebody else snooping. The solution? A virtual private network, or VPN. A VPN extends your own private network into public places, so even if you’re using Starbucks’ Wi-Fi connection, your Internet browsing stays encrypted and secure. […]

Facebook Begins Its News Feed Spring Cleaning

Facebook’s long-promised News Feed clean-up is about to begin. On Thursday, Facebook announced its three-pronged plan to prevent spammy content from filling up your News Feed. Specifically, Facebook is going after so-called “like-baiting,” in which users blatantly ask readers to like, comment, or share a story. According to the company, people consider these stories to be […]

Pebble’s Eric Migicovsky On How To Make Smartwatches People Want

There’s a problem with gadgets today, and Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky thinks he knows exactly what it is: “Technology shouldn’t change your own personal habits. It should mesh into the lifestyle you already live.”  It sounds like common sense, but in a world where inventors too often expect people to adapt and conform to new […]

How Codenomicon Found The Heartbleed Bug Now Plaguing The Internet

You know that song lyric about the first cut being the deepest? It’s complete rubbish. Heartbleed taught us all that. Because the more we learn about this online data-security wound, the deeper that threat seems to go.  Discovered independently by Google engineer Neel Mehta and the Finnish security firm Codenomicon, Heartbleed has been called “one […]

Armour39: A Fitness Tracker That’s Smarter Than Most

ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series where ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self.  I’ve long been fascinated by Armour39, an activity-tracking device made by Under Armour. I got a chance to test it in March at the South By Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas. Since then, I’ve continued to work out with the device […]

Facebook, If You’re Serious About Privacy Controls, Let Me Control Them

Facebook wants people to stop getting frustrated with the company’s privacy settings. Well, good luck with that. Almost any change Facebook makes to privacy controls triggers outcries and accusations that the social network is continuing to erode any remaining confidence people might have have sharing their data with the social network—and justifiably so. Yet Facebook […]

Heartbleed—What’s Next? Check Your Clients, Routers, Virtual Machines And VPNs

What we thought was secure—Web servers, routers, virtual machines, virtual private networks, and even client software—isn’t so safe, after all. Just about everything that relies on the open source cryptographic software OpenSSL is compromised by the Heartbleed bug, which can leak the contents of the memories of these networks and devices to compromise your security. […]

Appellate Court Reverses Conviction Of Hacker “Weev”

Today a federal appeals court reversed and vacated the conviction of Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer.  Weev received a 41-month prison sentence in March 2013 after being convicted of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and committing identity fraud for his actions in 2010 when he exposed a security hole at ATT by hacking into the […]

NSA Accused Of Exploiting Heartbleed For At Least Two Years, But Agency Denies

The National Security Agency exploited the massive security vulnerability called Heartbleed for the past two years, and used the flaw in OpenSSL to intercept private data, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Heartbleed is a newly-discovered flaw in OpenSSL that makes your private information—usernames, passwords, bank statements, etc.—vulnerable to potential hackers, and apparently, government snoops. […]

Building A Raspberry Pi VPN Part Two: Creating An Encrypted Client Side

Welcome to Part Two of ReadWrite’s Raspberry Pi VPN server tutorial! By now, it’s pretty apparent that turning your Raspberry Pi into a Virtual Private Network is an all-evening activity. But as security flaws further compromise our Internet lives, it feels increasingly worth it to have a secure server on your side. That way, you’re free to […]

What ComiXology Can Do For Amazon

Amazon on Thursday announced it will acquire digital comics agency ComiXology for an undisclosed sum. But why does the world’s biggest online retailer care so much about comic books? Well, that’s because the deal—and ComiXology, as a whole—isn’t just about comics. ComiXology is pioneering the art of digital storytelling, and attempting to bring these tools […]

The New “One Microsoft” Is—Finally—Poised For The Future

Microsoft has completely overhauled its corporate kernel. The stodgy old enterprise company whose former CEO once called open source Linux a “cancer” is gone. So is its notorious tendency to keep developers and consumers within its walled gardens. The “One Microsoft” goal that looked like more gaseous corporate rhetoric upon its debut last summer now […]

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