Laser-Cutting a Glueless, Acrylic Project Box

<!– Laser Cutting –> By Michael Colombo , 2013/01/18 @ 12:00 pm Laser cutters have been a boon for all types of maker projects, but there’s no denying that they have brought with them their own distinctiveness in terms of design (for better or for worse). A prime example is the ubiquitous finger-jointed box like […]

Cristian Martinez’s Circuit-Bent Musical Instruments

<!– Music, Electronics –> By John Baichtal , 2013/01/17 @ 11:30 am Cristian Martínez’s Kraft Test Drummie and Robert Plant electronic musical instruments are super cool, and were even winners of the Made of Imagination contest in the category of Homemade Instrument. From the contest site: Cristian Martínez’s submission is a modified toy affixed with […]

Flatsun Simulates Burning Solar Activity

<!– Astronomy, Art –> By Michael Colombo , 2013/01/17 @ 12:00 pm It’s about a bilion times smaller than our actual closest star (140 cm, the artist made sure to make this exact), but Rafael Lozano-Hemmer has managed to recreate its glowing visuals in his art piece, Flatsun. To do so, he designed and built […]

U.S. Manufacturing: Cheaper and Greener?

<!– Maker Pro, Electronics, Energy, Green –> By Stett Holbrook , 2013/01/17 @ 12:06 pm Elroy’s Rob Honeycutt. Lean, or “just-in-time” manufacturing can save companies money. But can it help cool a warming planet? Elroy’s Rob Honeycutt says yes. In 1989, Rob founded a bike messenger bag company built around two novel concepts: mass customization […]

New to BeagleBone?

<!– BeagleBone –> By Goli Mohammadi , 2013/01/17 @ 12:25 pm Have you been wanting to get into embedded Linux platform BeagleBone but not sure where to start? Our own Matt Richardson has a great Skill Builder piece in MAKE Volume 32 to help you get going. You can access it on Make: Projects. From […]

Arduino-Controlled RGB Lamp

<!– Design, Electronics –> By John Baichtal , 2013/01/17 @ 1:30 pm Miguel’s lamp consists of an Arduino-controlled RGB light strip. Shows the operation of an RGB lamp using a digital LED strip. After activating the bluetooth, open the application to control the lamp. The program shows a hue palette divided into 30 rods: one […]

Digital Fab Tools for Schools

<!– Desktop Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Education –> By Eric Weinhoffer , 2013/01/17 @ 2:01 pm A ShopBot CNC router does its thing. It shouldn’t be surprising to learn that we have a pretty strong opinion on the future of education here at MAKE. “Making,” especially through the use of digital design and fabrication tools, is extremely important […]

Dale Dougherty wins KAPi “Pioneer” Award at CES

<!– Education –> By Stett Holbrook , 2013/01/17 @ 4:49 pm MAKE founder and publisher Dale Dougherty was awarded KAPi’s “pioneer” award the CES conference in Las Vegas this past week. The award was one of several the organization granted for innovation in children’s technology. Dale accepted the award on behalf of “makers everywhere who […]

Bespoke Custom 3D Printed Prosthetic Coverings

<!– 3D Printing –> By Goli Mohammadi , 2013/01/15 @ 6:53 pm In our Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing, we have a section on the innovative uses of 3D printers in the field of medicine, including San Francisco-based Bespoke Innovations: Bucking the typical one-style-suites-all model of conventional prosthetics, San Francisco-based Bespoke Innovations makes custom coverings, […]

Book Review – Welding Know-How: The Tips and Techniques of Master Welders

<!– MAKE Magazine, Metalworking –> By Laura Cochrane , 2013/01/16 @ 10:00 am Book Review – Welding Know-How: The Tips and Techniques of Master Welders by Frank Marlow Review by Ervin Tibbs As a custom luthier I’m frequently called upon to fabricate metal parts for non-standard guitars and other stringed instruments. I’m primarily a woodworker, but […]

Raspberry Pi-Powered Pinball Machine

<!– Raspberry Pi –> By Michael Colombo , 2013/01/16 @ 12:00 pm Mark Baldridge is just out of high school, and wanted to tackle a project in a medium he knows and loves: pinball! He hand-built a pinball machine based on the online comedy duo RhettLink and controls all the electronics with a Raspberry Pi. […]

Insanely Intricate Laser-Cut Paper Sculptures

<!– Paper Crafts, Art –> By Goli Mohammadi , 2013/01/16 @ 12:30 pm Virginia-based fine artist Eric Standley is busy blowing minds with his laser-cut paper sculptures reminiscent of stained glass windows. Standley spends months drawing and planning each piece, determining the depth and obsessively playing with dimension and the details therein, before beginning the […]

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