Making the Shugo Tokumaru “Katachi” Video

<!– Art Design, 3D Printing, Photography Video –> By Sabrina Merlo , 2013/01/29 @ 2:36 pm You might have seen this beautiful, stop-motion Japanese music video of the song “Katachi“ by Shugo Tokumaru  running around the interwebs. It features 2,000 silhouettes cut with the help of a CNC router. Yesterday I connected with the Polish director/animator team, Kijek / […]

Book Review: Bend, Not Break by Ping Fu

<!– 3D Printing, Maker Pro –> By Stett Holbrook , 2013/01/29 @ 2:51 pm Ping Fu is the founder of 3D software pioneer Geomagic and a true believer in the transformative power of 3D technology. 3D Systems announced plans to acquire Geomagic earlier this month, and now Fu serves as the conglomerate’s chief strategy officer […]

Personalized Pez Dispenser Heads

<!– Fun Games, 3D Printing –> By Laura Cochrane , 2013/01/29 @ 5:40 pm Toronto’s 3D-printed jewelry company Hot Pop Factory received a client request to come up with a fun 3D-printed holiday gift for each of their employees, and I think their idea knocked it out of the ballpark: 3D scanned and printed Pez […]

Houston Hosts its First Maker Faire

<!– Education, Electronics, Makers –> By Sabrina Merlo , 2013/01/29 @ 8:51 pm Courtney Kilgard of Techno Chaos explains e-textile construction and the Lilypad Arduino controller at the Houston Mini Maker Faire Over 2,200 people from the greater Houston area met at the Stafford Centre on Saturday, Jan. 19 for the first annual Houston Mini […]

Makey Makey Apple Piano

<!– Music, Electronics –> By John Baichtal , 2013/01/29 @ 10:30 am Pete Prodoehl of Milwaukee Makerspace built this fruit-based noisemaker: A few months ago a bunch of us from Milwaukee Makerspace took part in Bay View Gallery Night, and jason set up the “Fruit Synthesizer” which was a Makey Makey with a variety of […]

MAKE Asks: Speakers for Maker Faire

<!– Makers, General –> By Michael Colombo , 2013/01/29 @ 12:00 pm MAKE Asks: is a weekly column where we ask you, our readers, for responses to maker-related questions. We hope the column sparks interesting conversation and is a way for us to get to know more about each other. This week’s question: Maker Faire […]

GoFundMe Announces $10K “Make-a-Thon” Contest

<!– Crowdfunding –> By Stett Holbrook , 2013/01/28 @ 12:30 pm I wrote about GoFundMe back in December. The low-barrier-to-entry crowdfunding site caters to those looking to raise funds for “life needs” like medical expenses and weddings, but now the company is expanding its services to makers by offering a new “all or nothing” funding […]

Filabot Reclaimer Recycles Plastics Into Filament

<!– Crowdfunding, 3D Printing –> By John Baichtal , 2013/01/28 @ 8:00 am Tyler McNaney’s Filabot Reclaimer grinds, melts, and extrudes waste plastic into 3D printing filament. Filabot is a desktop extruding system, capable of grinding various types of plastics, to make spools of plastic filament for 3D printers. Not only is it user friendly, […]

Give Cable Companies a Run for Their Money With This DTT Transmitter

<!– Electronics –> By Matt Richardson , 2013/01/28 @ 11:37 am If you have dreams of competing with Kabletown, this project from Open Electronics might just give you your start. Their DTT transmitter circuit will let you transmit up to four channels of video and audio to television sets with digital tuners. To achieve this, […]

What is “Making”?

<!– Maker Pro, Makers –> By TravisGood , 2013/01/28 @ 11:56 am We get asked this question all the time. Implicit is usually a hint of “I don’t get it. What’s the big deal?” The superficial answer seems absurd. “Making is the act of creating something.” It’s been around forever. It’s not new. And yet […]

Math Monday: Linkages – Give ‘em the Second Degree

<!– Science, General –> By Gareth Branwyn , 2013/01/28 @ 12:00 pm For the Museum of Mathematics We’re back after a short hiatus — hope your 2013 is starting out mathematically auspiciously. (And lest the last two digits of the year worry you, note that typically, from a mathematical point of view, the multiplicative factors […]

High-Power Motor Controller

<!– Arduino –> By John Baichtal , 2013/01/27 @ 1:30 pm This looks intriguing, the Paragon, an Arduino motor controller designed to be robust enough even to control an electric car, evidently designed to run a Power Racing Series car. The maker, Alex McLees, is a founding member of Madison, WI hackerspace Sector 67. [via […]

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