How to Get Started with Microsoft Office on iPad

Now that Microsoft Office is available on the iPad, it’s a runaway hit: The three apps in the mobile productivity suite are sitting solidly at the very top ranks of Apple’s App Store. Here’s how to get started. First, Make Room For Office All of the apps are sizable, running between 215 and 259 megabytes just […]

Twitter Teams Up With Billboard To Track And Share Trending Music

Twitter is rethinking its music strategy after killing its failed Twitter #Music service. Today the company announced it is partnering with Billboard, the music news magazine, to launch the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart. The chart will track the data surrounding U.S. music conversation, and create what the company calls a “social soundtrack” of popular trends. The […]

How Oculus Rift Intends To Solve “Simulator Sickness”

It’s not just the implications of virtual reality that can make you dizzy. In fact, it’s a well-known side effect.  Even Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe experienced “simulation sickness” with his own product, the Oculus Rift, while using last year’s “DevKit 1” prototype.  “I’ve gotten sick every time I’ve tried it. Every time until recently,” he […]

Those Oculus Kickstarter Investors Sure Are Ticked Off—So What?

To go from a $2.4 million Kickstarter funded project to a $2 billion Facebook acquisition in just two years should be cause for celebration. Instead, a crowd of 9,522 Kickstarter investors in Oculus feel cheated that “their” project “sold out,” as the Wall Street Journal reports. While not surprising, such reactions are also unrealistic. A […]

6 New Salestech Tools You Should Try Right Now

For awhile, conventional wisdom said the world of CRM was particularly harsh for newcomers. With behemoths like Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft, there just wasn’t much room for startups. But much has changed over the last few years, and the CRM space is now alive and well—and more competitive than ever. Disruptive technologies in mobile and […]

For Box, Online Storage is Just the Beginning

For consumers, Box still pitches itself as “online storage,” the kind of digital warehouse for files that’s rapidly becoming a commodity. But the fast-growing startup, as it races to take itself public, long left that market behind for its real customers—businesses both large and small. For its big, paying customers, Box bills itself as a way […]

Twitter Now Lets You Tag Photos And Create Tweet Albums

Twitter is rolling out two new features that focus squarely on photos. Users can now tag up to 10 people in one photo and share up to four photos in a single tweet. Tagging photos on Twitter works almost exactly as it does on Facebook. When you select a photo, you’re prompted to tap on “Who’s in […]

Box Moves To Change The Way It Charges Customers

The way enterprise software companies make money is changing, and Box, a much-watched upstart that filed to go public earlier this week, the change couldn’t come at a better time. At Box Dev 2014, its developer conference in San Francisco, executives from the online-storage company revealed a plan to charge customers for using its infrastructure. […]

How To Prevent People From Tagging You In Twitter Photos

You can now tag people in photos on Twitter and add up to four photos in one tweet. But thankfully for the privacy-conscious, you can determine who, if anyone, can tag you. The new feature lets anyone tag you by default, but Twitter provides three photo-tagging privacy options: Anyone; Only people you follow; or No one. To change […]

With Microsoft’s Project Spark, Anyone Can Build A Video Game

Microsoft wants gamers build their own worlds—playable game worlds, in fact. Microsoft’s Project Spark, in open beta now for Windows 8 and the Xbox One, splices together a Minecraft-like sandbox with actual developer tools, enabling budding game makers to actually build a playable game from scratch with no technical know-how whatsoever. In other words, everyone likes […]

What We’re Missing In Digital Fitness (And The People Who Will Find It)

ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series where ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self.  I spent Sunday afternoon judging Hackfit SF, a weekend-long competition to come up with the best new fitness app or gadget. I wasn’t sure what to expect. For the most part, the hardware and software I use in my workouts have been […]

Intel Loves Wearables So Much That It Bought A Mediocre Gadget Maker

Intel has acquired Basis Science, the maker of a line of health and wellness bands, the technology giant announced Tuesday.  The chipmaker’s interest in wearable tech is well known; in fact, the category featured heavily in a presentation Intel CEO Brian Krzanich made at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. See Also: Why Intel Shouldn’t Get Into The […]

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