PayPal President David Marcus Is Taking His Talents To Facebook

David Marcus is getting out of the payments business. PayPal’s president is leaving his post at the Web’s largest payments processor to join Facebook as its vice president of messaging products. Marcus has been at PayPal since 2011. He was the founder and CEO of Zong, a mobile payments provider for gaming and social networking […]

Facebook Is Taking Aim At Snapchat—Again

Facebook is trying to lure young chatters with Slingshot, its latest attempt to dethrone Snapchat, a hugely popular “disappearing” messaging application.  Slingshot appeared in the Apple App Store on Monday, but isn’t available in the U.S. yet.  The application lets you take and share photos that vanish after the recipient sees them. Sound familiar? Facebook’s […]

As Payments Go Mobile, PayPal’s Next Boss Is Obvious

PayPal, the eBay-owned global payments company, is reeling from the seemingly abrupt departure of its president, David Marcus, for a new job at Facebook. When I interviewed Marcus in March, he seemed fully dedicated to his job, outlining a vision for how mobile payments would be money’s third phase, succeeding both cash and plastic. After […]

Apple Services iOS Developers With New App Store Analytics

Apple will soon give developers more tools to help them make money.  At its Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, Apple announced an update to iTunes Connect, its dashboard that helps developers manage apps, advertising campaigns, bug testing, banking, in-app purchases and more. Apple will update iTunes Connect with a fresh look later this year as […]

Apple Wants Devs To Love Swift, Its Shiny New Language—But There’s A Catch

Apple has high hopes for Swift, a brand-new coding language it unveiled for its developers on Monday at its Worldwide Developers Conference. To Apple, Swift is a simpler, safer, faster-to-run alternative to the somewhat clunky and error prone language Objective-C now used to write apps for iPhones, iPads and Macs. Essentially, Apple is wagering that […]

Now Even LinkedIn Is Embracing The Visual Web

LinkedIn, the most staid of the major social networks, is about to get a little more lively. But only in that buttoned-down kind of LinkedIn way, in which the height of excitement is the fact that you’ll soon be able to add a header image to your profile.  The company announced a handful of new […]

The Unbearable Sameness Of Social Networks

When Facebook rolled out cover photos in 2011, it was a big deal. It was part of the Timeline redesign, the biggest shift in how people used Facebook in years. The large image at the top of your profile was an opportunity to show off something more than your headshot, giving friends (and also strangers) […]

How Many Women Has Apple Put On The WWDC Keynote Stage Since 2007?

In the seven years since Apple released the iPhone and changed what it meant to own a mobile device, it has trotted out one male executive after another at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference to showcase new software, apps, and operating systems.  Conspicuously missing on stage during the excitement and announcements: Women and minorities. Bay […]

Apple’s Swift Move: How Its New Coding Language Could Shake Up iOS Development

Guest author Alex Salkever is head of product marketing and business development at This piece first appeared on his Tumblr. At the 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple released an entirely new programming language called Swift. It is a higher level coding language that aims to provide the power of Objective-C with the flexibility of higher level […]

Google To World: Encrypted Email Is The New Black

Google has a message for the world: Insecure, unencrypted email just isn’t cool any more. On Tuesday, the tech giant released code for an early alpha version of an “end-to-end” Chrome encryption plugin—basically, software that will let users send encoded messages to one another using any Web-based email provider. It also added some interesting new […]

5 Ways Apple Might Finally Get Mobile Photography Just Right

Since the heyday of the iPhone 4S, Apple devices have led the pack in mobile photography thanks to high-quality lenses, other hardware and elegant internal image processing. Unfortunately, Apples’ rather pedestrian tools for managing and retouching photos failed to keep pace—and that’s putting it politely. Happily, thanks to some core new features shared between OS […]

The Verizon-Netflix Catfight Heats Up

Looks like Netflix and Verizon’s broadband streaming slapfight just went up a notch. Verizon issued Netflix a cease and desist order Thursday over an error notice the latter has been posting since mid-May to some subscribers, explaining the slow delivery of online videos. Oh snap, netflix. — Yuri Victor ♥ (@yurivictor) June 4, 2014 […]

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