How Facebook Will Fuel The Next Wave Of Open Source Businesses

It’s no longer in doubt: Facebook is the world’s largest open source company. Facebook could already have been considered to be in the open source lead through the release of its datacenter designs, databases and more. This week’s open-sourcing of a network switch (Wedge) and its operating system (FBOSS) have cemented Facebook’s place atop the podium […]

Firefly Hands-On: 7 Ways Amazon’s Fire Phone Captures The Real World

Firefly is one of the core features of the Amazon Fire phone, if you could call it that. On the Fire phone, it launches like an app, but in practice Firefly works more like Siri’s voice recognition tools or Google Now’s anticipatory data system—two other “apps” woven deeply into their respective mobile operating systems. All […]

Google Launches Starter Kit For A More Consistent Web

Today Google launched Web Starter Kit, a download that consists of all the templates and tooling developers need to create sites that function on any device and any display.   Today’s Internet users don’t have just one device. They prefer as physical keyboard for their PCs but they want as touch screens on mobile. These […]

The Supreme Court Kills Abstract Software Patents: Who Wins And Who Loses

According to the U.S. Supreme Court, you cannot legally patent laws of nature, natural phenomena or abstract ideas. Especially if those abstract ideas are a generic implementation of doing something “on a computer.” In a unanimous decision today, the Supreme Court invalidated a class of software patents that cover what it considers “abstract concepts.” The […]

Splunk Founder Now Launches Entrepreneurs, Not Startups

Most people never get to launch a successful startup, much less six. Michael Baum (@michaelbaum), whom I first met at LinuxWorld at in 2004, has a charismatic personality and an extraordinary track record, largely unheralded. Despite earning Oprah money and minting more than 150 millionaires with six successful exits, including Splunk, currently valued at more […]

Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley On The Future Of Location: Full Video

At our ReadWriteMix event in San Francisco in early June, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley and I talked about the new app economy. We covered a range of topics, from why he’s splitting his signature check-in app in two to how his location data is powering a range of highly valuable new app players like Uber […]

Amazon Launches The Fire Phone, Glutted With Clever Bells And Whistles

Today near its Seattle headquarters, Amazon released its long-rumored Amazon Fire smartphone. Like Amazon’s Fire tablets, the Fire phone runs a modified version of Android and ties deeply into Amazon’s services—but that’s where the similarities end. The Fire Phone—notably not called the Fire “smartphone” in spite of its braininess—will go on pre-sale today. The 4.7-inch […]

Twitter Has Been Too Slow To Catch Up With The Visual Web

Eight years after the invention of Twitter, animated GIFs have finally come to the network. That’s way too slow, and it tells us a lot about the speed with which Twitter is adapting to the way people use the Web these days. Animated GIFs, image formats which display a looping video clip, have been around […]

Amazon Fire Phone’s First Big Mistake: Cooperating With AT&T

A whole lot of “whoa” went into Amazon’s new Fire Phone. Its Firefly feature lets you look at anything, anywhere, and instantly buy it. Dynamic Perspective takes movement related gesture control and to a degree not yet seen in smartphones. Mayday brings next generation customer service. The Fire Phone is packed full of features and […]

How Many Languages Do Developers Need To Know?

At its Worldwide Developer Conference last week, Apple announced its new programming language Swift. It’s the latest in a rash of new languages developed by big tech companies, in some cases for specific use with their own platforms. Apple has Swift for iOS developers; Facebook has Hack, a language for back-end development. Google, meanwhile, has its own […]

What Are The Most Popular Companies To Work At?

As technology becomes more pervasive and television shows like HBO’s Silicon Valley highlight the perks (and frustrations) of working in technology, more and more people are finding themselves drawn to a job at the companies whose products and services they use every day. Professional social networking site LinkedIn analyzed billions of interactions between companies on […]

5 Secrets To Avoiding Hefty International Data Fees

Congratulations! Your boss just approved your trip to Europe to attend that critically important conference (see: boondoggle). However, your boss is less likely to approve that expense report if it comes with an extra $1,000 cellular bill. Think I’m exaggerating about that bill? I’m not. If you don’t plan well, it’s all too easy to start […]

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