Google Hangouts May Be Ready To Eat Videoconferencing

Video conferencing is about to get commoditized. While the video conferencing and telepresence was a $3.2 billion market in 2013, according to Infonetics, the market seems set to shrink as individuals and companies turn to free options like Skype and Google Hangouts. Skype stole an early march on this low-end video market, but my money is […]

Facebook Pushes Privacy—Well, Private Messaging, At Least

Facebook’s mobile ambitions clearly aren’t suffering. Over one billion people use Facebook on their mobile devices each month, the social network announced Wednesday, and mobile ads account for almost 60 percent of Facebook’s advertising revenue. But some of the company’s biggest growth isn’t on Facebook proper, but in private messaging. More than 200 million people […]

Build Your Own Mars Rover With LittleBits And NASA

The Mars Rover. The discovery of inhabitable planets. Space experiments.  Amazing breakthroughs are happening at NASA all the time, but most of us on Earth are resigned to watching from the sidelines. After all, you need to already be an astronaut to understand the first thing about space, or so we thought.  DIY electronics company […]

Facebook Wants To Be A Source For Real-Time News

Facebook and Twitter are on a well-documented mission to one-up each other. But Facebook threw the latest punch on Thursday, announcing a new feature that caters to Twitter’s most avid users: Journalists. Facebook is partnering with Storyful, a social media tool that helps find and verify interesting content, to launch FB Newswire, a curated page featuring newsworthy public posts from […]

How GitHub Could Restore A Woman-Friendly Environment

GitHub may have thought it cleaned up its recent internal kerfuffle this week when it published the results of its third-party investigation into allegations of gender discrimination—and found no evidence of gender-based discrimination.  However, the situation is not as neatly resolved as Github would hope. While the company says there was no gender-based discrimination to […]

Cancel The Funeral For The Mobile Web—It’s Not Dead Yet

Guest author Alex Salkever is head of product marketing and business development at This piece first appeared on his Tumblr. The venture capitalist and former entrepreneur Chris Dixon recently lamented the growing dominance of mobile apps as evidence that the open Web is on its deathbed. His logic went something like this: App use is crowding […]

The Facebook Effect: WhatsApp Is Well On Its Way To A Billion Users

In just two months since Facebook dropped $19 billion to buy WhatsApp, the five-year-old mobile messaging app on Tuesday announced its active user base has grown to more than half a billion people. On February 17, the day it was acquired by Facebook, the company said it had 450 million monthly active users worldwide and […]

My Fish Just Sent Me A Text Message

The Internet of Things makes it easy for us to monitor our homes. Today I’m taking that concept one step further—getting our homes to report back to us.  In early March, I wrote about using Raspberry Pi to quantify my fish tank—in short, I taught the $35 single-board computer to monitor the temperature of my […]

HBO Is Coming To Amazon—And You Don’t Need To Be A HBO Subscriber

Amazon on Wednesday announced a licensing agreement with HBO, which will bring a number of premium shows to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video Service and bring the HBO Go mobile app to the company’s new Fire TV set-top streaming box, which was announced and released earlier this month. “As owners of our original programming, we have […]

Blur Wars: Google’s Camera App vs. The iPhone 5S And A Real Camera

You know when a photo has that fuzzy background thing going on and the subject is sharp while the rest looks all dreamy? That technique, usually achieved by setting a camera’s controls to a wide aperture—the smaller the f-stop number, the bigger the aperture—remains one of the easiest shortcuts to a photo that makes people […]

What Tom Preston-Werner’s Departure Means For GitHub

GitHub cofounder Tom Preston-Werner has resigned from the popular storehouse of open-source code after an internal investigation found he had made “errors of judgment” in an ongoing dispute that resulted in the departure of an influential woman developer. The investigation, announced by GitHub cofounder and CEO Chris Wanstrath in a blog post, appeared to clear […]

AT&T Takes On Google, Eyeing 21 Cities For Ultrafast Internet

ATT plans to expand its high-speed fiber-optic Internet service to as many as 21 new US metro areas. It’s claiming speeds of up to one gigabit per second with its U-Verse with GigaPower system, which is only available in Austin, Texas, today. After years of slowing its rollout of faster Internet connections, what’s the rush? […]

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