How to successfully run a crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding campaigns have become the go-to funding strategy for new startups and entrepreneurs. Everyone is turning to crowdfunding to get their businesses off the ground. It is oversaturated with ideas and not a given that any particular campaign will succeed. In the past, getting funding for your idea took a lot of leg work and […]

With 450M Users, Facebook Events Is Primed For A Standalone App

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook Events has hit global scale with 450 million active users, while noting that Groups now has 850 million. Facebook hasn’t shared a user count for Events in a long time, if ever. That “global scale” he mentioned on today’s earnings call could foreshadow the launch of an enhanced Events feature or […]

Amazon Now Lets Prime Users Pay Money To Easily Pay More Money Easier

Amazon Prime has become Amazon’s way of getting cool stuff into people’s hands quicker, to the tune of an annual $99 subscription. You can get packages faster, access video content and more. It’s definitely worth it. The latest Prime promotion allows members to get their hands on the Amazon Dash dongles, which let you order […]

Lyft Line Gets Into Perpetual Ride Territory With Triple Match Service

Lyft is adding even more riders to its multiple ride-sharing service Lyft Line. Called Triple Match, the feature works like the regular Line service but allows drivers to pick up three or more riders going on similar routes along the way. Triple Match is only available in San Francisco for now but accounts for 20 percent […]

Google Loon To Cover Entire Country Of Sri Lanka With Internet

Google is working on many things, and that includes balloons that fly high in the sky to bring internet infrastructure to locations that can’t be wired for it easily. Today, Sri Lanka announced that it’s the first country to ever get universal internet access from Google’s Project Loon. Thanks to a partnership with Google, the […]

Facebook’s Playbook For Monetizing Messenger And WhatsApp

With 700 million users, investors are eager to see Facebook earn money on Messenger. But Zuckerberg put the brakes on those expectations today during the Q2 earnings call, explaining that Messenger and WhatsApp will run the same monetization playbook as Facebook and the News Feed: Get people organically interacting with businesses before you let companies […]

Uber faces legal action by drivers

The union said drivers should not be denied the right to minimum wage and paid leave App-based taxi booking service Uber is facing legal action over claims it is failing to provide basic rights to its drivers. The GMB union will challenge the company’s claim that its workers are partners rather than employees. The union […]

Facebook loses Germany privacy case

Facebook has been prevented from stopping users in Germany creating accounts under false names. The Hamburg data protection authority said the social network could not change people’s chosen usernames or ask them to provide any official ID. The ruling came after Facebook blocked an account set up by a woman using a pseudonym and changed […]

Nokia to sell virtual reality camera

Ozo is designed to be used as a handheld device that can record video and sound in 360-degrees Nokia is developing a virtual-reality capture device that can record 360-degree views and “3D audio”. The Ozo features eight camera lenses and eight microphones on a spherical-shaped body, from which a handle protrudes. The Finnish firm said […]

Will Windows 10 prove a winner?

The world’s most used operating system has made it into double figures. Windows 10 is destined to change the way millions of us interact with our computers and gives Microsoft’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, the opportunity to steer the company in a new direction. He describes the OS as “Windows as a Service”, which means […]

Windows 10 launch is ‘new era’

Windows 10 marks a “new era” for personal computing, Microsoft’s chief executive has said. The software, launched globally on Wednesday, is the company’s attempt to reverse its fortunes in the mobile industry. Windows 10 will be offered as a free upgrade to most consumers. However, companies will have to pay for their version, as will […]

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