The Flat N’ Fuzzy Desktop

Reader Royale with Cheese loves flat desktops, and so do we. This time around his desktop pays homage to the legendary fuzz pedal, the Big Muff. It’s a simple, flat look that says a lot if you know what to look for. Here’s how it’s all set up. Musicians and music lovers probably didn’t even […]

R/C trains haul ore in extreme heat so humans don’t have to

It gets hot in the Australian outback; like, really hot. We’re talking “130 degrees fahrenheit in the shade” sort of hot — definitely not the sort of place that many people would want to even visit, much less work in on a daily basis. But this inhospitable environment is also extremely well-endowed with iron ore […]

China’s cracking down on naughty content being shared on WeChat

Life for China’s porn aficionados is about to get a little tougher — a recent Reuters report points out that the country is cracking down on all the naughty content that’s being shared on WeChat. It’s not just photos and videos that’ll be targeted either. The country’s Cyberspace Administration has said text, like tales of […]

Google makes it easier for Android users to view custom maps

A custom map you’ve created for a trip is only useful if you can access it when you need it. Thankfully, Google’s bringing back My Maps integration with Android, so it’s now easier to view your personalized files on mobile. As you might know, you can use My Maps to plan for hiking, canoeing or […]

Sony Pictures is planning a ‘Robotech’ live-action film franchise

We’ve got good news for you… though it may actually be bad news, depending on how you feel about Hollywood anime adaptations. That live-action Robotech movie might actually happen now that Sony Pictures has officially fished it out of limbo and snapped up its rights from Warner Bros. In fact, the studio’s looking at it […]

Microsoft’s next Surface could signal the death of RT

Microsoft hasn’t given up on the idea of a mini-me version of its successful Surface Pro 3 convertible, according to a rumor from WinBeta. But a Surface 3 model won’t follow in the Surface 2’s wobbly footsteps by packing the RT version of Windows. Instead, it will reportedly take a page from the latest Macbook […]

Here’s a video of a CD shattering at 170,600 FPS because why not

Back in January, the Slow Mo guys showed us what a DSLR’s mirror and shutter mechanism looked like at 10,000 fps. It was pretty awesome. Today’s video is much less educational, but just as cool, if not more so. The duo took a CD, spun it around at 23,000 rotations per minute, and then filmed […]

Facebook finally has a phone and it’s already in your pocket

Remember all those attempts Facebook made at taking over your phone? There was the HTC First, Facebook Home and even Messenger Chat Heads. The company has always wanted to own a good chunk of your phone, but today, it’s finally making a play to take over phones by going after the one already in your pocket. […]

YPlan revamps its ‘going out’ app with new search, mapping and event views

YPlan, an app that offers up things to do at short notice for residents of (or visitors to) London, New York and San Francisco, has been updated with new and tweaked features that aim to provide a slicker user experience. Among the changes is a redesigned view of events; it now shows recommendations grouped by the type of […]

Burner brings its disposable US phone numbers to Australia

Burner, the app that lets you create temporary US phone numbers, is today expanding support to Australia. Users in these countries can now create those disposable phone numbers that are “burned” when no longer needed. The phone numbers provided are still US numbers, but this means that customers in Australia can use them to do things […]

The Top 10 Startups Of Y Combinator Winter ’15 Demo Day 2

Y Combinator unveiled one of its most impressive startup batches to date yesterday, featuring big ideas in medicine, finance, and marketplaces. After carefully watching the demos, speaking with founders in the class, and querying prestigious investors about their favorites, TechCrunch has compiled this list of the top 10 startups of the 47 that launched at […]

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