What’s in My Bag, Stephanie Moore

I work part-time at the local community college tutoring math and science. I have also been known to suit-up and play paintball (usually the lone female and oldest player on the field), so my bag contains a rather odd variety of things. I recently had to upgrade from my dearly loved Maxpedition FR-1 pouch simply […]

Torin Aluminum Work Platform

I have used this tool for years, most recently in a whole-house renovation. It allows you to reach high places around the house without a ladder and with more flexibility than a simple stool or step ladder. This tool is specifically great for painting high trim like crown molding and ceiling lines. The platform is […]

Twitter Becomes Its Own Second Screen With Dockable Videos That Play While You Browse

You could call it Picture-In-Twitter. Last week Twitter launched its dockable audio Card, and similar functionality is appearing for video so you can keep watching clips as you browse Twitter on iOS and Android. As demonstrated by a Call Of Duty tweet I spotted, the Twitter Player card lets you view a video full-screen, or tap to […]

Credorax Raises $40 Million To Become A Payment Acquirer For The Internet Age

Managing the arcane arts of processing transactions for online purchases is a complicated job. Once a shopper enters the numbers on their card, the expiration date on their credit card, and their zip code, a complicated machinery of transaction processors springs into action representing both buyer, seller, and processing network in a matter of seconds. […]

Buffer Wants To Raise $3.5M At A $60M Valuation — Here’s The Term Sheet

Buffer, a social media management company, is raising a $3.5 million Series A round of capital. Most of the money will go to its founders and some early employees. $1 million of the total will be afforded to operations. To date, Buffer has raised $400,000. Buffer, which has monthly revenue of just under $400,000, is profitable. The […]

Automatic Launches License+, A Coaching Program For Teen Drivers And Their Parents

The first few months – or years, really – of being a new driver can be a nerve-wracking experience for teens and, of course, their parents. Young drivers are still developing their skills, and likely to make mistakes not only related to how few road hours they’ve logged, but because their brains aren’t even fully […]

Apple’s ConnectED Program Participation Brings Macs, iPads And More To Underserved Schools

Apple’s $100 million commitment to President Obama’s ConnectED program has resulted in Macs, Apple TV, and iPads being introduced to 114 schools, the bulk of which cater to students who qualify for free or discount lunch programs, meaning the investment is overwhelmingly going to school boards that wouldn’t necessarily be able to supply their own […]

This Video Series Explains How The Economy Works in Simple Terms

Many of us don’t pay much attention to how the economy works, because it seems confusing and difficult to understand. But it affects us, so it’s good to at least know the basics. A new film series explains how the economy works in a simple, entertaining way. Morgan Spurlock’s new project, “We The Economy,” is […]

Get Rid of that “Old Book Smell” with Cornstarch

If you’ve got some books that have been sitting around in the attic, they might pick up “old book smell”. Sprinkling some cornstarch helps get rid of the smell without damaging the book. POPSUGAR explains how to safely remove that smell: Grab a box of cornstarch and stand books on their sides slightly open over […]

This $14 IR Thermometer is Endlessly Fun, and Surprisingly Useful

You might not think you need a non-contact thermometer in your tool box, but they’re a ton of fun to mess around with, and can really come in handy for everything from cooking to home energy savings. If you want one for yourself, or you just want to start your holiday gift shopping, you can […]

Learn Unconventional Skills to Boost Your Value in the Career Market

You can’t make it far in your career without a set of skills that make you valuable to an employer. To stand out from the crowd, however, be sure to also learn some skills that may not be taught in the curriculum everyone else is following. As CEO of Mandalay Entertainment John Guber explains, people […]

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