VIDEO: Blass: ‘My leaks give phones a buzz’

For several years Evan Blass has been leaking pre-release specifications and photographs of new technology weeks or months ahead of their official launches. Using the Twitter handle @evleaks he has built up a strong reputation and become a trusted source for many technology journalists. A reclusive figure Mr Blass, who has multiple sclerosis, recently announced […]

Millions knocked offline in US

28 August 2014 Last updated at 08:09 Time Warner Cable is in the process of being taken over by Comcast A fault with Time Warner Cable’s network left millions of people cut off from the internet in the US. The firm said the problem affected customers in all 29 of the states in which it […]

FBI probes JP Morgan ‘cyber-attack’

28 August 2014 Last updated at 11:40 JP Morgan said it was subject to cyber-attacks ‘nearly every day’ The FBI says it is investigating reports in the US media of recent cyber-attacks against several US banks. The reports suggest between two and five banks have been targeted, including Wall Street giant JP Morgan Chase. JP […]

Man guilty of Salmond Twitter abuse

29 August 2014 Last updated at 17:17 A man has been convicted of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards First Minister Alex Salmond on Twitter. Christopher Stevenson, 26, posted: “I think I might assassinate Alex Salmond” while watching a television programme about him. Glasgow Sheriff Court heard he was reported to police by […]

MSN Messenger to end after 15 years

29 August 2014 Last updated at 18:48 Windows Live Messenger was switched off in most of the world in 2013 Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger will be switched off in China in October, marking a final end to the 15-year-old service. Originally known as MSN Messenger, it was launched in 1999 but was switched off for […]

HTC’s plasticky One E8 lands in the US courtesy of Sprint

Jonesing for a taste of the HTC One M8 lifestyle but don’t have the cash to make it happen? Never fear — Sprint has just started offering the fantastic-in-plastic HTC One E8 to customers who want M8 horsepower without the matching price tag. No, really: in case you’ve forgotten, the E8 features the exact same […]

Engadget Daily: Google’s delivery drone, Nintendo’s new 3DS handhelds and more!

Today, we take a look at Google’s “Project Wing” delivery drone, go crazy with emoticons, learn about Nintendo’s new 3DS and 3DS XL handhelds and more. Read on for Engadget’s news highlights from the last 24 hours. Engadget Daily: Google’s delivery drone, Nintendo’s new 3DS handhelds and more! + See all 7  Hide Comments 0Comments […]

‘Party Down’ comes to Hulu Plus, first five eps are on free Hulu

Amazon is loading up a new pilot season of original TV shows, and while Netflix’s content juggernaut was shut out at the Emmys, at least it was nominated. So what can Hulu do? In addition to its own list of original shows, exclusively licensed content from UK channels and Criterion, it’s added the Starz hit […]

Home-made vibrating gloves train your finger muscles to touch type (video)

You know what can teach you Braille and piano a lot more quickly than traditional means? Vibrating gloves, or gloves with haptic feedback, if you will. In fact, IEEE Spectrum senior editor David Schneider was so intrigued by the idea, that he put together his own version to serve as a haptic touch-typing tutor for […]

Here’s how Google’s Project Loon retrieves its internet balloons (video)

Project Loon’s balloons could not be more different than your typical party variety — it’s loaded with research equipment and LTE capability, providing high-speed internet connection wherever they go. Obviously, Google’s X Lab researchers (the ones behind this crazy balloons-as-hotspot project) will want their data and expensive equipment back. So, they equipped their balloons with […]

A Flash Drive for Your Android, a Fleet of Roombas, 3M Command [Deals]

If you’ve ever wanted an easier way to move data on and off your Android phone, this 16GB flash drive includes a Micro USB plug and free file management software. If you’re going on vacation and plan to take a lot of photos with your phone, this would be a great option for backing them […]

Batch Convert Text Files to Different Formats in Terminal

Converting texts between formats is a bit of a pain to do on a file-by-file basis, but thankfully, MacIssues shows how to convert text files in bulk using a simple terminal command. The tool you’ll use here is textutil, which can convert any single text file into another. Converting one file to another is pretty […]

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