New Oculus Rift, the Blackberry Passport and other stories you might’ve missed

It’s the weekend, ya’ll. So while you sit back and relax, check out our news highlights from the last seven days — we took the new Oculus Rift for a spin, went hands-on with the Blackberry Passport, made an Ello account, and more. Oh, and be sure to subscribe to our Flipboard magazine! New Oculus […]

One of the greatest pinball tables ever is going digital with your help

Ask pinball fans about classic tables and they’ll probably mention The Addams Family. It was widely available, well-designed and full of technological firsts, such as computer-controlled flippers. However, it hasn’t been recreated in software in its 22-year history — something FarSight Studios hopes to fix with a crowdfunding project to reproduce the table in Pinball […]

New exhibit showcases art in the digital surveillance era

It’s safe to say that surveillance technology had a profound effect on American culture, even before Edward Snowden’s leaks arrived — there’s a sense that you can never really escape the government’s eye. If you’ve ever shared that feeling, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s finally an art exhibition devoted to exploring high-tech monitoring. […]

Know Your Compensation Rights on Major Airlines

We’ve all been on flights where something has gone wrong, and it’s hard to remember what airlines are required to give in the way of compensation. Tourist Meets Traveler has a handy online guide covering what you can expect from domestic carriers. We’ve talked about air travel rights before, as well as web sites that […]

Normal Finds the Battery Hogs on Your iPhone

iOS: If your iPhone battery can’t quite make it through the day, your apps may be draining your phone. Normal finds those apps sucking down your battery and makes suggestions on how to resolve it. The app collects data about your usage (see the privacy policy) and compares it with other Normal users to find […]

Give Your References a Cheat Sheet to Remember You

We all become forgetful as we age, but we still want others to give us a good job reference. If you give potential references a short list of accomplishments and talking points, you’ll make their job easier. Over at Careerealism, they’ve got some suggestions for preparing someone to give you a reference. That person might […]

Know How to Protect Your Pets When Disaster Strikes

We’ve covered what to do when disaster strikes, but when pets are involved, you have a few more tasks to take care of. FEMA has a detailed guide on taking care of your pets during a disaster. The Complete Guide to What To Do Before, During, and After a DisasterThe Complete Guide to What To […]

Learn the Formula to a Funny Story for Your Next Presentation

Unless you’re a natural comedian, it’s hard to come up with our own comedic material. This three step formula helps anyone come up with an easily scripted joke. Inc interviewed David Nihill and asked him how inexperienced presenters can add humor to a speech. He says it’s easy to find a personal story that related […]

Sony’s PlayStation Home virtual world will close next year

You know that PlayStation Home feature on your PlayStation 3 that you never used? After years of little traction, Sony has announced that it’s closing the virtual world in the USA and Europe on March 31, 2015. This follows last month’s announcement of Home’s planned closure in Asia. Sony blames “a shifting landscape” for the decision […]

Is Google’s “Made with Code” program getting more girls into tech?

By now, it’s no secret that tech has a gender problem. Recently, the same press that once lauded Silicon Valley’s meritocracy has taken a more sordid view of the same landscape. Or maybe it’s just a more honest one which admits that although hiring more women yields higher profits, minimal progress has been made. Earlier […]

Top 6 characteristics of rock star Chief Product Officers

What exactly should your chief product officer (CPO) do? And more importantly, how do you identify the right person for the job? To find out, we asked six entrepreneurs from YEC to share which characteristics they believe are most critical to a CPO’s success in a startup setting. Their best answers are below: 1. An Insatiable Drive to Make Things Better A […]

Hands on with Ping, the mysterious new app from the people behind Secret

The company behind anonymous sharing app Secret is back with a new app, Ping, which tries to be your new best friend. The app is simple and mysterious, with even the App Store listing offering only “you’re going to like me” for the description. Once you launch, you tap the black dot and simply pick […]

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