Boards for Trello Gives Quick Access to Your Boards in Chrome

Chrome: Trello is a fantastic tool to organize your whole life, and before you know it, you’ll have a long list of boards in this visual organizer. Boards for Trello gives you quick access to these through a little extension icon.… How to Organize Your Entire Life with Trello How to Organize Your Entire Life […]

Make a Three-Tier Wedding Guest List to Prioritize Invitations

When you’re getting married, you don’t want anyone to feel left out. But you can’t invite everyone you’ve ever met either. List your guests under “Must”, “Want”, and “Should” to ensure the right people make it. In their guide to making a wedding guest list, Shutterfly suggests first deciding a number of guests and sticking […]

OnePlus is giving away cardboard VR headsets in advance of OnePlus 2 launch

We already knew OnePlus was launching its second handset, the OnePlus 2, with a virtual reality angle. In an effort to get more eyes on the new device at launch, OnePlus is giving away cardboard VR viewers. The only catch — you have to pay shipping and handling for the cardboard viewer, which is $5. That’s […]

Meet the #Creedmunity: How one guy’s joke about the new Rocky movie fooled lazy journalists

If you call your publication Fact, you’re really leaving yourself open to gags when you fail to check basic facts. Say, for instance, when you stumble upon a campaign, purporting to be led by fans of defunct Christian rock band Creed, angered that the upcoming Rocky spinoff ‘Creed’ is cluttering up the Web. Filmmaker Nick Robinson set up the […]

5 tips on using Google Play’s new store listing experiments to double page conversion

At EverythingMe we’ve been using Google Play Store Listing Experiments for the past six months. It had a dramatic and immediate effect on our numbers. It doubled our Google Play page conversion and had direct impact on our daily organic growth. We tried to compress six months and tens of experiments in multiple locales into five tips […]

13 tips for shooting low light photos on your phone like a pro

With July 4th coming up, you’ll want to make sure you can eke the best out of your phone’s camera for those nighttime fireworks. Though phones vary in quality and features significantly, there are still some general tricks – both technical and common sense – you can pick up on to maximize image quality in […]

Dr. Dre’s new Beats 1 radio show ‘The Pharmacy’ debuts tomorrow

Dr. Dre is making his presence felt on Apple Music. In addition to allowing the service to stream his album ‘The Chronic’, the good doctor will also have a twice-monthly show on Beats 1 called “The Pharmacy.” The Pharmacy will make its debut tomorrow evening at 3PM PST, and air every other Saturday in the […]

PicoBrew’s Zymatic Beer Making Machine Made A Brewer Out Of A Noob Like Me

PicoBrew is a beer-centered startup in Seattle, founded by brothers Bill and Jim Mitchell (Bill being an ex-Microsoft executive) and Avi Geiger. It is, in short, magical. The machine at the heart of their operation is the Zymatic — an apparatus that simplifies one of the main steps in beer making by reducing the need […]

The Incredible 3D Printed Zoetrope

Here’s a wonderfully neat project to perhaps spark some creativity as we head into this holiday weekend: the 3D printed Zoetrope. Take the concept of a flipbook — a series of frames displayed quickly to trick your brain into seeing an animation — and make it 3D, swapping out the still images for sculptures. Toss […]

Want Google’s Cardboard VR Headset? OnePlus Is Giving Them Away For Free, If You Pay Shipping

Since about 10 seconds after Google launched its do-it-yourself Cardboard virtual reality headset, other companies have been selling pre-made clones — and Google is totally fine with that. (Wondering WTF “Cardboard” is? The short version: it’s a virtual reality headset that uses your phone as the brains. Fold the headset together, slip your phone into […]

Experiential Commerce Is The Next Billion-Dollar Opportunity For Developers

Technology has transformed entire industries over the past decade, from travel and transportation to media and real estate. While commerce has enjoyed some innovation, its transformation is far from over. The next frontier is “Commerce Everywhere,” which blends online and offline experiences to let you make purchases wherever and whenever you want. This transformation in […]

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