Amazon’s war on e-books, LG’s G Watch R and other stories you might’ve missed

This week, we reviewed the HTC One for Windows, investigated Amazon’s controversial e-book-pricing model, played around with Hyperlapse, learned about LG’s G Watch R and more! Read on for Engadget’s news highlights from the last seven days. Oh, and be sure to subscribe to our Flipboard magazine! Amazon’s war on e-books, LG’s G Watch R […]

How would you change the Fitbit Flex?

Fitbit is one of the most well respected names in the quantified-self space, so we expected a lot of the Fitbit Flex. When we put the device in front of Terrence O’Brien, he found that it wasn’t the most feature-packed, or the flashiest, but certainly the most well-rounded device on the market. That was despite […]

Listen to a song made from recording thousands of industrial machines

We’ve heard music made from bats’ echolocation signals and the sounds of glaciers before, but what about tunes composed with something a little more, say, industrial? And no, we aren’t talking about Nine Inch Nails’ classic The Downward Spiral. Think more along the lines of a song comprised of sounds from pneumatic equipment and welders […]

Heart Bot can draw an artistic rendition of your heartbeat (video)

How does a famous-rapper-slash-business-tycoon and a tech titan launch a collaborative project? Apparently, by throwing a fancy soirée graced by the presence of a robotic Picasso. In honor of Intel’s and SMS Audio’s (a company founded by 50 Cent) new heart rate-monitoring headphones, a team of interactive artists led by Aramique created a robot that […]

Watch PS4 streams on your Vita with upcoming app

If you’re a fan of Playstation 4 game livestreaming, Sony’s about to have a PS Vita app for that. At a prelude to the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), it announced updates that will let you view live PS4 game action directly from a PS Vita. If you’re into personalization, there are also themes coming to […]

Keep Kids’ Small Toys in a Hanging Jewelry Holder

Kids tend to accumulate lots of small toys like race cars and action figures. Try storing the toys in a hanging jewelry holder instead of a box. Over at Apartment Therapy they’ve listed tips for trying to keep the kids room clean. Your children may forget about toys in boxes, but displaying them in a […]

Notable PDF Edits PDFs From Within Chrome

Chrome: Notable PDF is a Chrome extension lets you edit PDF files from within the Chrome browser. This extension works offline, too, so it’s a great add-on for Chromebooks. Once you install the extension and create an account, you’ll be able to change PDFs and add comments. The extension integrates with Dropbox and Box accounts […]

Introduce Yourself with Your Full Name So People Will Remember It

At a networking event, we often introduce ourselves with just our first name. Instead, try using your full name so people can remember it easier. We’ve talked about how hard it is to remember people’s names, but The Muse has a nice tip to make it easier for others: Why It’s So Hard to Remember […]

Decryptolocker Saves You From the Popular Cryptolocker Ransomware

Cryptolocker is a nasty piece of malware that encrypts the files on your computer and holds them ransom. If you don’t pay for a code to unlock the files, you don’t get them back. FireEye and Fox-IT recently launched a tool to help users get their files back. If you haven’t been infected yet, you […]

Send a “Pain Letter” to Get Noticed by a Hiring Manager

If you’ve ever applied for a corporate job and had to go through an online application process, you know it’s rather impersonal. You’ll lose the ability to stand out among applicants. Try sending a letter directly to the hiring manager telling them you understand their challenges. Over at LinkedIn, Liz Ryan suggests sending a “pain […]

What you need to know about Bangkok’s startup ecosystem

This post originally appeared on Geektime. Situated in Southeast Asia, a section of the continent that is rich in natural resources, Thailand attracts investors and travelers en mass every year. The cheap living costs make it the perfect place to bootstrap and the investment culture is truly blossoming. Adding to these attractive foreign entrepreneurism qualities is the […]

4 money-saving TNW Deals you shouldn’t miss

We’ve featured some amazing offers from TNW Deals lately that we’re sure you don’t want to miss. Here’s our pick of the week: The Ultimate Design Course To Increase User Engagement: Ramp up conversions by understanding user psychology better Increasing conversion on your site can feel like a mystery sometimes — but that’s where it helps […]

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