Twitter’s new iOS analytics disappeared on Christmas Eve

When Twitter introduced mobile, per-tweet analytics for its iOS app a few days ago, marketers and social media managers everywhere surely rejoiced. However, in a bit of a Christmas mystery, we noticed the functionality disappeared without warning on Christmas Eve. We also spotted a few tweets to corroborate our own discovery: Where has #TwitterAnalytics gone ? Disappeared […]

Kodak is coming out with an Android smartphone at CES; a tablet and camera will follow

After Kodak nearly went bankrupt in 2012, the company went looking for ways to stay afloat. Today, the brand announced it is partnering with the Bullitt Group to unveil a new range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, at a CES event in January. According to the announcement, the phones are designed for “consumers who […]

Tesla Announces The Roadster 3.0 With A 400 Mile Range

Tesla isn’t done with its iconic Roadster. The company just took the wraps off the next generation of the sport car. Chief among the updates is a new 400 mile range, which will allow drives from San Francisco to Los Angeles on a single charge. Tesla notes that it expects a 40-50% improvement on driving […]

Amazon’s 2014 Holiday Sees Mobile Shopping Approach 60% Of Total Volume

Amazon stuck with its mystery theme for this year’s holiday sales performance review, saying things like “record-breaking” and “record growth” without really talking about actual solid numbers or dollars. The company did reveal some stats that, even surrounded by an obscuring fog of relative terms, are worth paying attention to. The company signed up over […]

What 2014 Tech Products Made The Mom Cut?

Anthropology is the study of humans, and little fascinates me more than watching humans interact with technology. We express such a broad range of emotions when we use our gadgets and devices, from delight at a beautiful user experience to deep anger at error screens and lost data. It’s like those videos of monkeys using […]

The Drone That Could Save You From Drowning

Drones. They’ve earned something of a reputation for being buzzy little floating boxes of annoyance and privacy invasion, and the hordes of people unwrapping them this week and subsequently crashing them into the nearest tree/power line/neighbor’s house probably won’t help. Slowly but surely, though, people are finding truly good, novel uses for them. Stopping rhino […]

Market Corrections, Partnerships And The Sports Unicorn In 2015

Editor’s note: Benjamin Chen is the EVP of developer relations and business development at Fyber. This year we’ve seen major acquisitions in the connected home space, tons of chatter around #bendgate, AI entered center stage with Cortana and Amazon’s Echo, and Kim Kardashian is now available in app form. But that’s enough of looking back. Here is what I […]

VIDEO: ‘Easy to hack companies like Sony’

The White House has described the cyber attack on Sony Pictures as a serious national security matter. So just how easy is it to hack into a conglomerate like Sony? The BBC’s Alistair Leithead went to meet Marc Maiffret, a former hacker who is now an internet security expert.

VIDEO: Testing out a hoverboard

Until now hoverboards have largely been the stuff of science fiction, popularised by movies like Back to the Future 2, in which Marty McFly rode a flying skateboard to get around. But now a Silicon Valley startup has just won crowdfunding for a real-world hoverboard – the first able to carry a load and not […]

AUDIO: Father’s bid to entrap online abusers

The father of a 17-year-old girl who was allegedly groomed online, has set up a fake internet profile of a teenage girl to attract the attention of child sex abusers. Brendan Collis, who started the Online Predator Investigation Team, has denied that his activities are vigilantism and has called for more cooperation from authorities, stating […]

VIDEO: The first selfie stick?

90 years ago a couple strapped a camera to a stick to take a photo of themselves. Alan Cleaver from Whitehaven sent this picture of his grandparents doing it to the BBC. But could this be the first photo taken with a “selfie stick”? Now, the method of strapping a camera to a pole is […]

Xbox and PlayStation tackle attacks

26 December 2014 Last updated at 14:37 Microsoft and Sony have been working to restore internet platforms for their Xbox and PlayStation gamers’ consoles. Attacks disabled the online services on Christmas Day making it difficult for users to log on. A message on the Xbox status page on Friday said that live core services were […]

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