Web attacks ‘growing’ in volume

27 January 2015 Last updated at 13:39 Many games including League of Legends have been knocked offline by DDoS attacks Hacktivists and gamers are becoming big users of net attacks that knock sites offline by bombarding them with data, suggests a report. Compiled by Arbor Networks, the report looks at 10 years of distributed denial […]

Scanner locates potential potholes

27 January 2015 Last updated at 11:47 By Zoe Kleinman Technology reporter, BBC News In a test, the device correctly identified 900 potential pothole sites. Smart scanners that can identify the sites of potholes before they form are being developed by academics at Nottingham Trent University. An algorithm processes data captured by 2D and 3D […]

Facebook suffers widespread fault

27 January 2015 Last updated at 08:56 Social network Facebook became inaccessible across much of the globe for a time on Tuesday, before returning to normal service. Millions of users were unable to access their accounts. Users in some countries also had difficulties accessing photo-sharing app Instagram. Facebook said it believed its own engineers had […]

The Unique Difficulties that Women Face with Weight Loss

If you’re a woman who has tried to lose weight, you may have noticed something: it’s hard. Much harder than simply cutting your calories and watching the weight fall off. Disclaimer: This article is geared towards women, but as you might have been able to tell by the name Dick, I am not a woman. […]

Ferment Your Own Tabasco-Style Hot Sauce Using Greek Yogurt

If you’re a fan of spicy foods then you know how awesome a good hot sauce can be. You can make your own at home using Greek-style yogurt—or the whey from the yogurt to be specific—to kick the fermenting process in to high gear. Over at Instructables, user zymurgeneticist has put together a comprehensive guide […]

Evaluate Your Life Each Day with One Basic Question: Did Today Matter?

It’s easy to zone out and get trapped in the day-to-day mindset, but if you’re really trying to take your life in a certain direction, you need to make progress. With a short, but sweet question you can help yourself maintain focus on moving forward. Of course, overall every day matters to us. As humans, […]

Puree Veggies for a Quicker, Thicker Tomato Sauce

Everyone should learn how to make a quick and tasty tomato sauce. Save time by pureeing the vegetables with a food processor. Five Sauces Everyone Should Know How to Make for Endless Meal Options Five Sauces Everyone Should Know How to Make for Endless Meal Options Five Sauces Everyone Should Know How to Make for […]

The 20 Pound World Travel Backpack

Traveling the world requires a delicate balance of weight and preparedness. Over on The Art of Manliness, travel writer David Danzeiser shares his loadout for a 23 country, year long trip. The backpack itself is a Tom Bihn 26 L Smart Alex Backpack. Here’s what’s inside: Patagonia Super Shell Jacket Mont-Bell Ex-Light Down Jacket Icebreaker […]

GamerGate target working with ‘major social media’ to end online abuse

Along with game developer Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian is likely one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to online harassment. Both have been targets of intense cyber-abuse campaigns stemming from the GamerGate movement, and like Quinn, Sarkeesian is tackling the problem head on. She’s going to continue giving speeches and making videos examining […]

This smart toolbox promotes drinking on the job

You can now add “toolbox” to the growing list of mundane objects looking to up their IQ. Enter the Coolbox, a tech-laden, “smart” toolbox that launches today on Indiegogo. In addition to toting your tools, it packs a 12v rechargeable battery, two USB ports, 270-degree LED lighting, a 10-foot extension cord with three built-in plugs […]

Smart Kegel exerciser can hurt women as much as it helps

If men can have a fitness device for their nether regions, women certainly can, too. Minna Life has released the kGoal, a $149 “smart Kegel exerciser” that helps you work your pelvic floor muscles (read: the vaginal area) in order to both improve your sexual performance and fight disorders like incontinence. It provides real-time feedback […]

Facebook and Instagram get knocked offline… for about an hour

Snowmageddon might not be all that fun those experiencing it on the East Coast, but it could well be affecting the rest of us too. Starting around 1am ET, Facebook and Instagram were both inaccessible, as well as apps that require FB credentials. Tinder, for exmaple, also went down in the process — globally. (We […]

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