Variety: Google is near buying game video service Twitch (updated)

ATT may not be the only one landing a big acquisition this weekend. Variety claims that Google’s YouTube division has struck a deal to buy Twitch, the game-focused video streaming service, for more than $1 billion. Neither side is commenting on the rumor, but it’s easy to see why YouTube would splurge — Twitch has […]

Sailor Moon arrives on Hulu Plus in its full, uncensored glory

Raise your hand if you remember that anime from the ’90s called Sailor Moon — now put that hand down and fire up Hulu if you want to see the show’s female warriors kick ass on screen again. Apparently, the company recently cut a deal to stream a remastered version of all 200 Sailor Moon […]

Watch Michael Jackson’s holographic return at the Billboard Music Awards

Michael Jackson isn’t the first posthumous recording artist to be reconstituted by light projection — Tupac got there first — but it didn’t stop the assembled crowds at the Billboard Music Awards whipping themselves into a frenzy during the performance. Naturally, it all coincided with Jackson’s Xscape album, launched earlier this month, but the surprise […]

How would you change Sony’s Xperia Z?

Sony’s been trying to reinvent itself, and in doing so, is hoping that we can put these turbulent last few years behind us. Nowhere is this more evident than in the company’s smartphones, like the Xperia Z. The Z was the first “omnibalance” phone, and the first not to be associated with the company’s former […]

This Infographic Tells You When Kids Eat Free at Chain Restaurants

Restaurants know that feeding kids for free brings in parents. Many restaurants have a “kids eat free” night. This infographic tracks those days at many popular chains, along with other money-saving restaurant tips. The guide includes casual dining, not just fast food. The infographic doesn’t list local restaurants that may have a special night, so […]

Consolidate Your Previous 401(k)s Into an IRA to Save on Fees

When you leave a job and start a new one, you get a choice about what to do with your previous 401(k). Your best bet, says Daily Worth, is to roll it over into an IRA to maximize your retirement savings. If you simply cash out, you’ll need to pay taxes. Leaving it in your […]

Record a Doctor’s Visit to Remember Details (but Ask First)

A visit to a doctor can sometimes be an overwhelming stream of information all at once. Taking notes and listening to the doctor at the same time is hard. You can solve this problem by recording your visits—with the doctor’s permission, of course Over at KevinMD, they advocate doctors and patients working together by recording […]

Upgrade Store Bought Salsa and Make It Taste Homemade

Store bought salsa is convenient, but lacks the fresh flavor of homemade. With a few changes you can take bottled salsa and tweak it to taste much better. Typically, jarred salsa tastes bland, so WonderHowTo suggests adding some freshly sautéed garlic or some onions to add depth or fresh jalepeños to add heat. I always […]

​Fight Allergies by Changing Clothes as You Walk in the Door

For those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies, the spring and summer can be miserable. A few tweaks to your daily routine can keep the outdoors from invading your home. Apartment Therapy gives some great ideas, but one struck us most: change your clothes and shoes as soon as you enter your home. Leaving […]

Meet Noisli, the beautiful background noise generator that helps you be more creative

It’s been proven that the right background noise can spur creativity and keep you motivated as well as increasing your focus. The new kid on the block, Noisli, is the perfect tool to help get you more productive in the comfort of your own home. Noisli is a beautifully minimalist tool for generating background noise, with everything […]

Are you building a business that can scale? Seven questions for startup founders

Georgianna Oliver is the founder and CEO of Package Concierge, developer of a package locker solution for apartment and student housing communities. Good ideas are the easy part of entrepreneurship. Nearly anyone can come up with a business idea, but it takes a lot more than wishful thinking to turn an idea into a company. It […]

The rise of the ‘Uberized economy’ and what it means for business

Matthew Faustman is co-founder CEO of San Francisco-based startup UpCounsel. The world of labor is changing. Through laptops and mobile devices, a new world of services is becoming more accessible. The platforms enabling such services are also providing new homes for a rising entrepreneurial class of worker who is no longer being defined by the cubical. […]

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