This Vending Machine Uses Arduino To Tweet-Shame Your Sweets

Editor’s note: This post was originally published by our partners at PopSugar Tech. Meet the vending machine that tweet shames candy bar buyers. Would you think twice about your sweet treat if you knew that an automated dispensary would tell the world about it? A UK-based group of creative crafters called Nottingham Hackspace has revamped its […]

Graph Your Expenses to See Where You Can Cut Back

So you’re trying to tighten your budget, and you want to know which expenses to cut first. Money blog Moolanomy suggests graphing your expenses to figure out how to prioritize them. Moolanomy writer Pinyo Bhulipongsanon calls it a “scattergram”—a graph that shows two characteristics. In this case, the characteristics are: frequency and necessity. “When you […]

Use Wikipedia’s Mobile Site for Easier Split-Screen Research

Accidentally getting redirected to a mobile version of a website on the desktop can be obnoxious. However, as reddit user Holy_Jay points out, Wikipedia’s mobile site makes split-screen reading on the desktop much nicer. To access the mobile version of a Wikipedia page in your desktop browser, you can simply change “” to “” in […]

How to Slipstream Windows Updates Into Your Installation Disc

One of the horrors of reinstalling Windows is the endless amount of software updates and reboots required to get it secure, stable, and current. But there’s a better way: slipstreaming. With a bit of prep, you can create a new installation disc with all the updates included, so everything installs at once. What Is Slipstreaming? […]

The Three Most Important Things Lifehacker Taught Me (Also, Pranks)

After nearly four years and thousands of posts, this will be my last as an official Lifehacker writer. In keeping with the tradition of last days, I have some special stories, secrets, and life lessons to share. Let’s get sentimental! How I Got Here, Why I’m Leaving, and What I’ve Learned S I applied for […]

Stop Telling Yourself You’re Too Busy

Ever feel like you’re overwhelmingly busy? Of course you have. We all do. But chances are, you might not be as busy as you think—and knowing this simple fact can reduce a lot of stress. It sounds silly—after all, you’d think this “trick” would work with anything—but there’s something special about the way we claim […]

Square Nabs Amazon Exec Alyssa Henry To Lead Engineering

Square has announced a new engineering lead for the company–Amazon engineer Alyssa Henry. Henry will head up engineering operations for Square’s infrastructure and payments platform. She was most recently the Vice President of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Storage Services. Prior to AWS, Henry was Amazon’s director of software development for ordering, with responsibility for Amazon’s […]

Facebook Could Use Money Transfers To Extend WhatsApp And Non-Ad Revenue

The FT is reporting that Facebook is looking at e-money services, including the ability for people to make peer-to-peer money transfers, using money that is stored on Facebook itself; and has applied for an e-money license in Ireland as part of that. Facebook has declined to comment on the report, but we have confirmed with […]

Fly Or Die: Omate TrueSmart

In a year, we’ve gone to having one or two startup smartwatch companies to a sea of offerings before us, from companies as big as Google all the way down to Omate, a startup looking to make your wrist as brilliant as possible. At its core, the TrueSmart is likely one of the most powerful […]

Lifesum Health Tracker App Gets $6.7M Series A To Outgrow Its Nordics Base

Health and fitness app Lifesum (formerly known as ShapeUp Club) which lets users track the food they eat and count calories, has closed a $6.7 million Series A funding round led by German multinational media company Bauer Media Group and SparkLabs Global Ventures. It’s the Swedish startup’s first external funding — with the 21-strong startup bootstrapping its way […]

The Next Oculus? Survios’ Epic Zombie-Killing Game Mixes Motion Capture With VR

Now that the entire virtual reality space has gotten a big boost from Facebook’s $2 billion deal to buy Oculus, who’s next? Maybe it’s Survios, a company that was came out of the very same University of Southern California Mixed Reality Lab that Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey came from. Right now, virtual reality is pretty stationary: you sit there, put […]

Eco Brick

I love heating my house with my fireplace and wood stove. Its carbon neutral, it targets the heat where I want it, and somehow it just feels warmer then forced air heat. I don’t love dealing with firewood. I don’t like storing it, trying to keep it dry, and I especially don’t like going outside […]

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