Snowden Calls On Developers To Champion Privacy By Design

Speaking at the Hope X conference taking place in New York this weekend, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden put out a call for developers to build systems that protect privacy and constitutional rights by design. He also revealed his own intention to work on developing privacy protecting technology. Snowden was speaking via videolink from Russia where he currently […]

The Problem With Founders

“Just go start a company.” The ultimate panacea to all of life’s problems, the one solution to rule them all. I have personally received Silicon Valley’s most popular advice line more times than I can count, and my friends seem equally likely to have this help foisted upon them. Feeling bored at work? Just go […]

TiVo Founders Shutting Down Qplay Video Service Less Than 6 Months After Launch

Qplay, the video streaming app and device from a couple of TiVo co-founders, is closing down next Friday. The shutdown marks a short life for the service, which launched in February this year with a $49 streaming device and expanded to the iPad just last month. The company was founded in August 2012 by Michael […]

Why Marco Arment Built A Podcast App

Developer Marco Arment isn’t exactly a household name, but that could depend on your household. As a frequent podcaster and writer, he’s taken on a somewhat polarizing role as a commentator on the Apple developer ecosystem. As a developer, he was Tumblr’s first employee and went on to create the still popular Instapaper (now owned […]

VIDEO: The evolution of Bjork’s instruments

Bjork is a musician who loves technology and it played a big part of her Biophilia project and tour which lasted for over three years. From his studio outside London, her musical director Matt Robertson discussed the evolution of her instruments and what they mean to performance. Watch more clips on the Click website. If […]

VIDEO: Can a robot write sacred scriptures?

At a special exhibition in the Jewish Museum in Berlin, a robot has been programmed to write the sacred Jewish scriptures known as the Torah. Using a mechanical nib, the robot replicates the movements of a human hand, effectively producing robotic hand-writing. But is it kosher? Can a robot replace the work of a rabbi […]

‘Digital slimming’ graduation photos

17 July 2014 Last updated at 14:33 By Sean Coughlan BBC News education correspondent Graduation ceremonies are taking places in many universities Graduation ceremony photographers are offering an extra service to digitally alter pictures to give students a slimmer look and to have whiter teeth. Success Photography is offering graduates “digital slimming” and “smile enhancement” […]

Japan ‘vagina artist’ arrest debated

16 July 2014 Last updated at 10:01 Ms Igarashi’s project involved making a kayak in the shape of her vagina using a 3D printer The arrest on obscenity allegations of a woman who makes art based on her vagina has sparked debate in Japan. Tokyo-based artist Megumi Igarashi, 42, was arrested on Saturday for sending […]

Cutesy robot Asimo gets upgraded

16 July 2014 Last updated at 19:48 Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. WATCH: Dougal Shaw sees Asimo’s newest tricks Honda’s Asimo robot has grown up – with its latest upgrade giving it enhanced intelligence, added dexterity and the ability to run 5.6mph (9km/h). The first Asimo was created in 2000, and […]

Google reportedly confronted Samsung over its approach to smartwatches

The strained relationship between Google and Samsung over Android customization has been apparent for a while, and it now looks like this discontent has spread to the wearable world. The Information claims that Google CEO Larry Page confronted Samsung last week over its decision to invest more in its Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatches […]

The curated video service from TiVo’s founders, Qplay, is shutting down

TiVo’s co-founders launched their Qplay service in hopes of becoming the central hub for all your online video viewing. Unfortunately, it looks like that media utopia wasn’t meant to be. Just three months after its official debut, Qplay has revealed that it’s shutting down; it’s “not possible” to run the service any longer, the team […]

Feedback Loop: Crowdfunding perils, dying passwords, cameras and more!

It’s time for the latest edition of Feedback Loop! We discuss the dark and sometimes disappointing side of crowdfunding, ponder whether passwords are dying, look for point-and-shoot camera suggestions, share the cheapest ways to get HBO and talk about overly hyped gadgets. Head past the break to talk about all this and more with your […]

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