Watch Out Netflix, Amazon’s Fire TV Brings Robust Parental Controls To The Living Room

With today’s launch of Amazon’s Fire TV, the e-commerce giant’s first foray into the living room via a small, sleek set-top box offering both streaming media and gaming, the company will also cater to parents looking to better control what kind of programming their children can access and watch on TV. The feature, previously available only […]

Automated Investment Service Wealthfront Raises $35M From Index, Ribbit Capital

Financial services as an industry is a sector that is rapidly being disrupted from all directions. One of the startups helping lead the pack is Wealthfront, an automated investment service that serves as an alternative to traditional financial advisory services like Fidelity. And today, the company is announcing $35 million in new funding led by […]

How Amazon Fire TV Stacks Up To Apple TV, Chromecast And Roku

Amazon has just announced its streaming TV media device, the Fire TV, and that means it now faces off against other tech giants and incumbents in yet another category. So how does the Amazon TK compare to the likes of the Apple TV, Google’s Chromecast and Roku’s lineup of streaming set-top boxes and new HDMI […]

Zuckerberg reaps $3.3bn through shares

1 April 2014 Last updated at 09:56 Mr Zuckerberg’s decision to accept a $1 a year salary is similar to that of other tech founders Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg earned $3.3bn (£1.9bn) on the sale of share options in 2013, a new regulatory filing has revealed. Mr Zuckerberg has now exhausted his supply of stock […]

NSA-backed code aided spying efforts

1 April 2014 Last updated at 13:57 Papers released by Edward Snowden suggest the NSA tried to undermine encryption systems The US National Security Agency persuaded web-encryption company RSA to develop a more vulnerable random-number generator to make it easier to spy on businesses, Reuters has reported. The news agency reported research suggesting the software […]

Hull launches local digital currency

1 April 2014 Last updated at 20:41 A virtual currency designed to be a “local digital currency”, has been launched by Hull City Council. In the form of digital “tokens”, HullCoins can be used to pay council tax and for goods and services from firms signed up to the scheme. Hull City Council said it […]

University wins $1.5bn patent suit

1 April 2014 Last updated at 17:02 Marvell ships more than one billion chips each year A federal judge has ordered US chip maker Marvell Technology Group to pay $1.5bn (£900m) to Carnegie Mellon University for infringing two hard-disk patents. The university had been seeking damages of up to $3.7bn, and a jury had previously […]

LinkedIn email addresses exposed

2 April 2014 Last updated at 11:04 LinkedIn is seeking to close down Sell Hack The email addresses of LinkedIn users can easily be exposed via a web browser add-on tool, it has been revealed. Sell Hack is available as a free extension to the Chrome browser that, once installed, will pop up a “hack […]

Dish teams up with Disney and ABC to offer app access to content

Starting today, Dish subscribers can tune into their favorite ABC, ABC Family, Disney Channel and ESPN shows on their computers, phones and tablets. Thanks to its recently renewed deal with the Walt Disney Company, customers can now access shows through each channel’s respective app or website by signing in using their DISH account information. Some […]

Lenovo’s latest budget Android tablets focus on high-quality audio

If Samsung’s new Galaxy Tabs aren’t your cup of tea, Lenovo may have the budget tablets you’re looking for. It just unveiled four entry-level Android slates that expand on the sound quality focus we saw in last year’s models. The Tab A7-30, A7-50, A8 and A10 all have Dolby audio that should improve your small-screen […]

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