Mark Page Line Edges to Organize Your Paper Notebook

There’s a ton of fantastic note-taking apps and services out there, but I must admit, I’m more of a pen and paper kind of guy. This trick to organizing your paper notebook is simple, efficient, and only requires your writing utensil. Adam Akhtar describes the process on his blog Highfive, and says he discovered the […]

Learn More Efficiently by Planning to Teach What You’re Studying

Learning is all about retaining knowledge so it can be accessed later on. You can only teach something when you’ve retained information the most efficient way for your brain to recall it, so learning something new as if you were planning to teach it could be one of the best ways to learn. A recent […]

Make a Simple Bottle Opener with a Standard Construction Nail

There are a lot of ways to open a bottle, but this simple method of hammering a nail into some wood is one of the easiest. All you need to do is hammer the nail into the wood at about a downward 45 degree angle. Just make sure you’re using a nail that has a […]

The Brights Home Screen

If you use the space on your phone properly, you can get by with just one home screen. That’s what My Color Screen user duotoned was going for with this look that puts everything you need on one screen To get this look on your phone, here’s what you’ll need: Nova Launcher Zooper Widget Pro […]

Sprint’s new CEO announces ‘very disruptive’ mobile plans coming next week

Well it looks like the new CEO of Sprint, Marcelo Claure isn’t wasting any time. In a company-wide address, the new carrier boss announced new priorities for the company including reduced prices. The telecom industry site, Light Reading reports  that in a town hall call today, Claure said that the company would be announcing “very disruptive” pricing next […]

Samsung acquires Internet of Things company SmartThings

Samsung is investing heavily in the Internet of Things with the purchase of SmartThings. The acquisition kickstarts any IoT hardware plans the South Korean company may currently have. SmartThings will continue to act as an independent company working under Samsung’s Open Innovation Center Group in Palo Alto. SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson will continue to run the company and in […]

Fractograf for iPhone redefines photo mosaics with social and collaborative features

Fractograph — a term not yet in the Oxford Dictionary — describes a variation on the photo mosaic theme, photo mosaics being a tableau derived from hundreds, or even thousands, of smaller individual images. That’s at least part of the inspiration behind Fractograf, a new, free iPhone app that bonds photo mosaic, photo/video collaboration and social networking into a dynamic, shareable […]

With Prayas Analytics, Retailers Can Use In-Store Footage To Become More Efficient

Startup Prayas Analytics says it’s giving brick-and-mortar retailers a new way to reduce customer wait times and otherwise make their stores more efficient. The company was founded by Yash Kothari and Pranshu Maheshwari, who are both entering their final year as undergraduates at Wharton and the University of Pennsylvania. And they’ve gotten backing from First […]

Free Startup Idea: BurritoCannon

So it’s lunch time, and you haven’t accomplished nearly enough to warrant yourself a jaunt outside to get some food, let alone having iced so many to-dos that you are going to leave the office for a sit-down meal. And you want a burrito. After full minutes of running estimates in my head, I’ve discovered this […]

Uber Gives Middle Finger To Ban In Berlin

Berlin’s State Department of Civil and Regulatory Affairs has served up a prohibitive order to Uber this morning saying the San Francisco-based ridesharing service hadn’t done enough to protect the safety of its passengers. The department has threatened Uber with a 25,000 euro (£20,000) fine should it ignore the order. Uber drivers are still in […]

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