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3 Ways The Facebook-Oculus Deal Could Work Out, From Awesome To Terrifying

Facebook just placed a $2 billion bet on the Next Big Thing by snapping up startup Oculus VR and its young but much-gushed-over virtual-reality headset, the Oculus Rift. And not in the next-hit-app sense or the everyday-bullshit-press-release sense—like most actual Big Things, Oculus isn’t a one-trick-app or a gimmick. In reality, it’s a platform so vast […]

Cloud Pricing Is Racing To Zero, As Amazon Just Underscored

Amazon has cut the price of its online storage and compute services again, the 42nd time that the company has slashed prices on Amazon Web Services. The price cut, announced at the AWS Summit in San Francisco, comes as little surprise. Just the day before, Google slashed its prices for Google Cloud Platform. The Amazon price […]

Google I/O 2014 Registration Lottery Begins On April 8

Google has announced the new registration process for the 2014 Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco in late June. Instead of the first-come, first-serve basis that has led the conference to sell out in mere minutes in recent years, Google will allow interested developers and participants to register between April 8 and April 10.  […]

Turkey Bans YouTube Days After Blocking Twitter Access

It may not be able to block Twitter, but Turkey still aims to limit the amount of communications leaving the country by any means necessary. On Thursday, the Turkish telecoms authority (TIB) moved to block access to YouTube, according to the BBC.  The TIB said it has taken “administrative measure” against YouTube after audio leaks […]

10 Ways Apple’s iWatch Can Learn From Pebble Steel

The race to build the modern smartwatch started in earnest thanks to two major events in the past two years: Pebble’s über-successful run on Kickstarter in early 2012, and a steady drumbeat of reports in 2013 about Apple’s alleged plans to build its own iWatch (or whatever the company decides to call it, should it in fact […]

5 Things To Know About Microsoft Office For iPad

In 2014, we finally have Microsoft Office for the iPad. At Satya Nadella’s first Microsoft event and public appearance since being named CEO in February, the company announced its longstanding productivity suite for Windows will henceforth be available to use on Apple’s family of tablets, including the iPad mini and full-size iPad (2, 4, or […]

Speaking Truth: Why Microsoft’s New CEO Made His Debut In San Francisco

Satya Nadella, five weeks into his new job as Microsoft’s CEO, wants to wipe the slate clean. Or, at least, convince you that he can. Even though he’s a 22-year veteran of the software company, the view from the top is different, Nadella said Thursday morning at an event in San Francisco. Microsoft unveiled new […]

Brendan Eich: Just Apologize For Supporting Proposition 8

Dear Brendan: I’ve known you for a long time, though it’s been a while since we’ve talked. I know that you’re a really smart guy. So your public support for Proposition 8, an attempt to ban same-sex marriage in California, confounded me. Your boss, Mitchell Baker, Mozilla’s executive chairwoman, expressed “surprise” when she learned about […]

10 Arduino Projects That Simplify Electronics Hacking

Saturday marks World Arduino Day, an eponymous celebration of the first decade of the open-source single-board microcontroller designed for do-it-yourself electronics projects. Developed in 2004 for Italian design students, Arduino quickly became a favorite for builders and makers all over the world. With a built-in set of inputs and outputs that can be directly connected to sensors, Arduino allows […]

How to Get Started with Microsoft Office on iPad

Now that Microsoft Office is available on the iPad, it’s a runaway hit: The three apps in the mobile productivity suite are sitting solidly at the very top ranks of Apple’s App Store. Here’s how to get started. First, Make Room For Office All of the apps are sizable, running between 215 and 259 megabytes just […]

Twitter Teams Up With Billboard To Track And Share Trending Music

Twitter is rethinking its music strategy after killing its failed Twitter #Music service. Today the company announced it is partnering with Billboard, the music news magazine, to launch the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart. The chart will track the data surrounding U.S. music conversation, and create what the company calls a “social soundtrack” of popular trends. The […]

How Oculus Rift Intends To Solve “Simulator Sickness”

It’s not just the implications of virtual reality that can make you dizzy. In fact, it’s a well-known side effect.  Even Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe experienced “simulation sickness” with his own product, the Oculus Rift, while using last year’s “DevKit 1” prototype.  “I’ve gotten sick every time I’ve tried it. Every time until recently,” he […]

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