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Rubber That Can Heal Its Own Wounds

People tend to take it for granted, but the ability to heal is a lifesaving quality of humans and other creatures. If only inanimate stuff could heal as effectively. That understandable wish has made self-healing materials the focus of a great deal of scientific interest in recent years. Now researchers in Germany have come up […]

Graphic: Lithium Ion vs. the World’s Other Energy Sources

Methodology Sources This project aims to illustrate the wide range of energy densities of common sources of power. All energy density figures are approximate. Here’s how the iPhone 6s energy density figure was calculated: Most of the other energy density values were taken from Isidor Buchmann’s informative Battery University site. The energy density value for […]

Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Becomes Alphabet’s ‘Do the Right Thing’

Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Becomes Alphabet’s ‘Do the Right Thing’

By Alistair Barr CONNECT Screenshots of the codes of conduct for Google and Alphabet . Google “Don’t be evil” is so 2004. Alphabet Inc. posted a new code of conduct for its employees Friday, after Google completed its transformation into a holding company. There were few substantive changes in more than 20 documents filed with […]

Dish Affiliates to Surrender Some Airwaves Licenses

Dish Network Corp. gave some ground in its tangle with federal regulators for wireless licenses. Two affiliates of Dish have surrendered their claims on about $3.5 billion of spectrum licenses after they failed to secure small-business discounts. The entities, however, will retain about $9.8 billion of the licenses they won in an auction by the […]

Apple Acquires Artificial-Intelligence Startup VocalIQ

Apple Inc. has purchased an artificial-intelligence startup that could help make iPhone users’ interactions with the virtual assistant Siri more natural. Apple bought VocalIQ Ltd., a U.K.-based software maker working on ways to improve computers’ ability to understand human speech and to “speak” more naturally. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. An Apple spokesman confirmed […]

Google Establishes Alphabet Holding Company

Google Inc. said its reorganization into a holding company called Alphabet Inc. is complete. The Internet giant hopes the move will highlight the profitability of its main online-advertising businesses while giving more speculative, new projects more freedom to grow. Google’s Class A and C stocks will begin trading as Alphabet Class C…

The Future of the Internet Is Flow

The Future of the Internet Is Flow

People ask where the Web is going; it’s going nowhere. The Web was a brilliant first shot at making the Internet usable, but it backed the wrong horse. It chose space over time. The conventional website is “space-organized,” like a patterned beach towel—pineapples upper left, mermaids lower right. Instead it might have been “time-organized,” like […]

T-Mobile Customers’ Information Compromised by Data Breach

A data breach at credit-reporting agency Experian PLC compromised the personal information of millions of T-Mobile US Inc. customers, the latest major leak of confidential data to hit corporate America. The breach, disclosed by the companies Thursday, covered about 15 million people. It included information on T-Mobile subscribers, former customers as well as consumers that […]

New Software Sifts Photos for the Most Clickable

New Software Sifts Photos for the Most Clickable

Hundreds of millions of photos and videos flood the Internet each day, a potential gold mine for online businesses that can get people to click on them. But which pictures will draw the biggest crowd and generate the most revenue? How can publishers spot the next viral sensation amid a sea of dross? Companies doing […]

FCC Wants to Cap Prison Phone-Call Costs

Regulators are taking aim at prison phone-call charges. The Federal Communications Commission has circulated to its members a proposal to impose strict rate caps on the amount telecoms charge for all phone calls—local, in-state and interstate—to and from prison inmates. The move is the latest attempt to reform an overlooked corner of the…

What’s Really Hot on Dating Sites? Proper Grammar

What’s Really Hot on Dating Sites? Proper Grammar

ENLARGE When Jeff Cohen was getting ready to meet his OkCupid date for drinks in Manhattan, he started to have second thoughts as he reread the glaring grammatical error in her last message: “I will see you their.” The date flopped for a couple of reasons, but bad grammar bothers Mr. Cohen. Learning a potential […]

At Google, Breathing Room for New Ideas

To see how Google Inc. Chief Executive Larry Page hopes to turbocharge a growing fleet of speculative projects under a new holding company, look at Nest Labs. After Google acquired the maker of connected-home devices for $3.2 billion in 2014, Nest kept its own recruiters and its own system for vetting job candidates, skirting Google’s […]

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