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Keeping Data Centers Cool Requires Lots of Water

Silicon Valley’s appetite for data is well known. Its thirst is less understood. Amid record drought in California and other parts of the American West, the machines that support everything from Instagram photos to Netflix movie marathons require substantial quantities of water for the air-conditioning systems needed to keep the servers cool. California has more […]

BlackBerry Misses Expectations

BlackBerry Misses Expectations

ENLARGE BlackBerry Ltd. BBRY -4.24 % signaled on Tuesday that its efforts to transform itself into a software company focused on mobile security are on track, though its financial results continued to show signs of strain. Stung by the dramatic drop in fortunes of its smartphone business, the Canadian company is betting on device-management software […]

Breached Network’s Security Is Criticized

WASHINGTON—A federal security system that failed to prevent millions of sensitive files on government employees from being improperly accessed has been plagued by delays and is largely unable to stop the most sophisticated attacks, current and former U.S. officials said. The security system in place at the Office of Personnel Management, known as Einstein, is […]

Borders Matter Less and Less in E-Commerce

E-commerce made it a breeze for a shopper to buy something from the other side of the country. Now, retailers and delivery companies are making it just as easy for shoppers to buy something on the other side of the world. Blogger Shannyn Allan recently saw a $70-plus faux stone necklace in a boutique near […]

Nest Cam Review: High-Resolution Spying on Your House—or Puppy

Nest Cam Review: High-Resolution Spying on Your House—or Puppy

June 23, 2015 1:50 p.m. ET I run a covert spy operation. I really shouldn’t even be talking about it. You see, a few months ago, when I decided my new puppy wasn’t to be trusted, I installed a Dropcam Pro webcam in my living room. Now through the app, I have eyes on the […]

Apple Stumbles Out of the Gate With HomeKit

Apple Stumbles Out of the Gate With HomeKit

Updated June 23, 2015 6:01 p.m. ET It’s Day One for HomeKit, Apple’s ambitious plan to automate our homes. But it’s been a rough first day. HomeKit is supposed to help iPhones run lights, thermostats and all sorts of other appliances that can now connect to the Internet. It turns voice-assistant Siri into a genie […]

Alibaba Stumbles in American E-Commerce

HONG KONG—Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is selling its U.S. subsidiary, 11 Main, to online marketplace OpenSky, after its first major foray into the American online shopping market failed to gain traction. In a stock-swap deal, Alibaba is taking a 37.6% stake in New York-based OpenSky. While 11 Main’s management will be integrated into OpenSky, 11 […]

China’s Hillhouse Leads $1 Billion Uber Investment Deal

Chinese fund manager Hillhouse Capital Group is leading an investment in Uber Technologies Inc., purchasing bonds that convert into shares at a discount to the ride-hailing company’s future initial public offering price, according to people familiar with the situation. The deal, which is in the range of $1 billion, has sparked some controversy as Hillhouse […]

Fukushima Still Roils Toshiba

TOKYO—About a week after Japan’s March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident, Toshiba Corp. agreed to buy a Switzerland-based provider of “smart grid” technology. The deal seemed to align neatly with Japan’s goal of cutting electricity consumption after the disaster. Two years later, Tokyo Electric Power Co., which operates the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, […]

Drahi’s Altice Tests Limits for European Telecom Mergers

PARIS—European telecom investor Patrick Drahi is facing political headwinds in his latest attempt to consolidate the French telecommunications market. The French government lashed out at him Monday after his European telecoms group, Altice SA, confirmed it has made an offer to buy Bouygues Telecom via its French unit, Numericable-SFR. The deal would combine the current […]

Apple Yet to Disclose Payments for Artists

Taylor Swift scored one against Apple Inc. Sunday in a battle over royalty rates and free music streaming, but the real significance of her feat will turn on still-undisclosed details. Apple, meanwhile, may not be as bruised as it first appears: The money involved is insignificant for the tech giant, and the company’s rapid change […]

Bosses Use Anonymous Networks to Learn What Workers Think

On the Internet, it’s a given that anonymity often leads to the worst kinds of behavior. Anonymous chats and message boards are legendary for turning into cesspools of disturbing and illegal content. So it might seem crazy to hand your company’s workers the same sorts of tools for anonymous communication that have proved to be […]

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