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Google Promises To Stop Trawling Student Gmail For Ads

Google Promises To Stop Trawling Student Gmail For Ads

Google announced Wednesday that it will no longer sift through the Gmail messages of students, business users and government bureaucrats for targeted advertising purposes—at least for those using its Google Apps suites. The decision stemmed from privacy concerns raised during a California court case last year, in which students and other users of Google Apps for […]

Facebook Takes A Stab At Bridging The Mobile-App Communication Gap

One of the big problems with apps is that they often don’t talk to one another, a fact that complicates life for users and developers alike. Now Facebook thinks it can solve that. On Wednesday at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, the company announced App Links, an open-source tool to facilitate “deep links” that can direct […]

MyFitnessPal Takes Its Next Step

MyFitnessPal Takes Its Next Step

ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series where ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self. Here comes the Stepocalypse. The digital-fitness world is currently obsessed with step-counting devices like the Jawbone Up and Fitbit, and similar apps like Human and Moves. But what if counting our daily steps is a feature, not a product? That’s the bet […]

A Massive Market Opportunity Awaits In Analyzing The Internet Of Things

A Massive Market Opportunity Awaits In Analyzing The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things has been hyped for 15 years, but until now technological realities haven’t supported technological possibilities.  Today, given the confluence of cheap semiconductors, telecom operators with excess capacity and a new generation of open source data infrastructure, IoT is not simply possible, but probable. The question is what developers will do with […]

Box Makes Challenge to Microsoft: Give Us Your Office Docs

In an apparent effort to win over more users for its online-storage service, Microsoft said that OneDrive for Business customers would now get a full terabyte of storage for their documents, up from 25 gigabytes.  But it’s the way Microsoft announced the news that is turning into the real story. John Case, the Microsoft executive […]

Nokia’s New CEO Needs To Make Sure It Stays On The Map

Nokia is heading in a new direction without its mobile-phone division. The man charting it: Rajeev Suri, whom the Finnish tech company appointed as its CEO on Tuesday. Suri, the former head of Nokia’s networks division, will serve as the company’s CEO starting May 1. He will take over duties from company chairman Risto Siilasmaa, who has […]

With New Firefox Browser, Mozilla Hopes To Get Web Mojo Back

Mozilla has refreshed Firefox with a major revamp that features cleaner design, more customization controls and better cross-browser syncing across devices, courtesy of the new Firefox Sync service.  Version 29 of the desktop browser puts the focus on the active browser tab, and stashes a new drop-down Firefox menu under a single button (at the […]

Distracted Driving: All Lip Service With No Legit Tech Solution

April is the national commemorative month for all kinds of things, including poetry, welding and soy foods. But it’s also National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Unfortunately, the recognition of this month for distracted driving is a hallow gesture—just like the half-hearted attempts at developing apps that prevent cell phone use while driving. After a week of […]

Why PayPal Rushed A New Logo To Market

PayPal president David Marcus is in a hurry. He’s got new payments products to roll out—ones that will ease e-commerce, speed up real-world transactions, and spread PayPal’s reach in the apps on your phone. So he’s got a new logo to roll out. Expect to see it a lot of places starting Wednesday—including, for the […]

The Future Of Mobile Advertising Will Be Shaped By Two Trends

The Platform is a regular column by mobile editor Dan Rowinski. Ubiquitous computing, ambient intelligence and pervasive networks are changing the way humans interact with everything. Don Draper and his Mad Men would’ve looked at today’s technology and gawked. “You mean I can reach anybody and everybody, anywhere and everywhere, with advertisements straight to their […]

In A Bid To Boost Sales, Square Is Moving Beyond The Swipe

Square announced on Monday a handful of new tools that let business owners offer pickup services, accept payments while offline, and track their inventory.  As ReadWrite predicted earlier this year, Square is finally ready to enter the order-on-demand market, where it faces stiff competition from services like Eat24 and GrubHub. Where Square has the advantage, […]

How Etsy Turned Into A Gadget Paradise

Popular online marketplace Etsy this month acquired Grand St., a handmade technology marketplace that previously billed itself as the “Etsy for electronics.”  The purchase could be seen as a branching out moment for the crafty commerce site, which is almost a decade old. But in many ways Etsy is already the “Etsy for electronics,” even before the move […]

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