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Ellen Pao Says Suing Was the Way to Change Kleiner

Ellen Pao testified on Friday that she filed a sex-discrimination case against Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers because the venture-capital firm where she was a junior partner “was not going to change unless I pushed it,” and she “couldn’t let women be at risk and treated unfairly.” Ms. Pao is seeking $16 million as compensation for […]

Algorithm That Tells the Boss Who Might Quit

Employers want to know who has one foot out the door. As turnover becomes a bigger worry—and expense—in a tightening labor market, companies including Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Credit Suisse Group AG and Box Inc. are analyzing a vast array of data points to determine who is likely to leave a post. The idea, say people […]

FCC Leaves Itself Wiggle Room on Internet Rules

The details of the Federal Communications Commission’s new net-neutrality rules make clear the regulator is struggling with how to handle some of the hot-button issues that helped put the topic back on the agenda in the first place. The uncertainty in some of the rules, released in full for the first time Thursday, reflects in […]

Swatch to Make Its Watches a Bit Smarter

CORGEMONT, Switzerland—Nick Hayek, chief executive of Swatch Group, has compromised on smartwatches. As recently as last year, Mr. Hayek dismissed smartwatches; the son of Swatch’s founder grumbled the screens were too small, batteries too weak and designs inelegant, particularly for customers of conventional brands like Swatch’s Breguet. On Thursday, Mr. Hayek said Swatch had figured […]

Move Over, Email—the Office Phone Call Is Back

Desktop phones are disappearing from the Weather Channel. Instead, employees use their computers to dial voice calls. They can see recent documents or emails exchanged with the person on the other end of the line. If they need to leave their desk, they can transfer a conversation mid-call to a smartphone. Online software from startup […]

Asia’s Tech Giants Bet on U.S. Startups

Asia’s wealthiest technology companies are leading a wave of investment in U.S. startups with the hope of gaining a toehold in Silicon Valley and taking some hot new products home. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., China’s largest online retailer, recently invested $200 million in Snapchat Inc., people familiar with the matter said Thursday. The investment pushed […]

Have App, Will Party

Have App, Will Party

ENLARGE YOU’VE THROWN ENOUGH PARTIES in your lifetime to know that Murphy’s law loves nothing more than a special occasion. The sheer number of things to consider, from the broadstrokes—venues and entertainment—down to details like potential clashes of guests or food allergies, can make planning feel overwhelming. “It’s like putting a jigsaw together, and every […]

Apple Plans Force-of-Touch Technology for iPhones

HONG KONG—Apple Inc. plans to add sensors to detect how hard a user is pressing on a screen to its next iPhones, incorporating a technology used in its forthcoming MacBook and Apple Watch, according to people familiar with the matter. Apple’s Force Touch technology can distinguish between a light tap and deep press, allowing users […]

A Tinder Hook Up Leads to Lawsuit

Dating app Tinder is about bringing people together, but a battle over an early ownership stake in the app has torn apart a Canadian venture-capital firm. Extreme Venture Partners and its founding partners are suing two former partners in an Ontario court, claiming the pair schemed to take Extreme’s stakes in Tinder and other startups. […]

Lyft Finds Ally in Uber Fight

Ride-sharing startup Lyft has new capital and a new ally in its war against Uber. Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten led a $530 million round of funding for Lyft in a deal that closed this week. The financing, which also included new investor Fortress Investment Group, values three-year-old Lyft at more than $2.5 billion. The capital […]

Chromebook Pixel Review: $1,000 for a Laptop That Only Surfs the Web?

Chromebook Pixel Review: $1,000 for a Laptop That Only Surfs the Web?

March 11, 2015 2:01 p.m. ET There are cheap laptops and great laptops. Cheap laptops are never great, and great laptops are never cheap. OK, it’s not quite from the mouth of Confucius, but it’s a truth that lies at the center of the Chromebook predicament. The best thing about Google’s Web-focused laptops is their […]

Alibaba Deal Values Snapchat at $15 Billion

BEIJING—Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is investing in Snapchat Inc. in a deal that values the messaging company at $15 billion, in the latest sign of escalating valuations for technology startups. The Chinese e-commerce giant has invested $200 million in Snapchat, according to two people familiar with the transaction. The deal values Snapchat at $15 billion, […]

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