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Make a Circular Saw Guide Track for Perfectly Straight Cuts

Making long, straight, and accurate cuts with a circular saw can be a challenge. Build this simple track jig that serves as a guide for your saw to help make straight cuts every time. A circular saw is no replacement for a table saw, but this guide track will provide the same functionality for cutting […]

Chrome Beta on Android Helps Prevent Downloading Duplicate Files

Android: Most browsers will allow you to download a million copies of the same file, simply appending a “(1)“ or “(2)“ to the file name to distinguish between all the version of the same file. If you’re running Chrome Beta on Android, however, the newest version will offer to replace the existing file or create […]

This Video Debunks 10 Popular Misconceptions About English Grammar

It’s easy to get confused about proper grammar because there’s so many different rules. Some of the rules you’ve probably heard, however, may not necessarily be true, and this video is here to clear those up. Whether you’re a grammar snob or a grammar slob, Elliot Morgan at the Mental Floss YouTube channel carefully explains […]

Sunday’s Best Deals: $3 Kindle Books, $10 Kitchen Scale, and More

Sunday’s best deals kick off with a nice collection of popular Kindle books for $3 or less. If you need some new beach reads for the summer, it’s a great chance to stock up. [$2.99 or Less Kindle Books From Popular Authors] Next up, we’ve found a highly-rated kitchen scale for just $10. If you […]

Lawtendr Finds You a Lawyer by Asking Them to Bid On Your Case

Finding a lawyer when you need one can be a tricky task, but Lawtendr wants to make the process a little easier. You post the issue you’d like a lawyer to handle for you, whether it’s a case or research or something else, lawyers bid on the task, and you choose the one you want […]

Five Best Streaming Music Services

If you’re looking for something good to listen to, you have tons of services, both free and paid (and both) to choose from. With Grooveshark now sadly departed, it’s time to take a fresh look at the world of streaming music, and see who comes out on top. This week, we’re looking at five of […]

Always Win These Popular Games with Help from Data Visualizations

The only thing better than playing games is winning them. If you want to become a master at games like Battleship, Connect-Four, Monopoly, Texas Hold’Em, and even Rock Paper Scissors, these data visualizations will take you there. Over at The Washington Post, Ana Swanson gathered up all the game-based data visualizations she could find. From […]

How to Move On When a Service You Love Shuts Down

Nothing’s more heartbreaking than when one of your favorite services—one you rely on every day—announces it’s shutting down. It’s a pain, but you don’t have to just accept it. Here’s how you can find a replacement that doesn’t suck. Blast from the past is a weekly feature at Lifehacker in which we revive old, but […]

Declutter Your Entire Home with This 8-Week Plan

Few of us have the time or energy to declutter our entire home in one go, but in 30 minutes or less every day over a month and a half? It just might be possible. This plan can help. Stephanie of the Keeper of the Home blog offers a 40-day challenge for whole-house decluttering. In […]

Saturday’s Best Deals: 100 Velcro Cable Ties for $4, Big Ice, and More

We’ve found a nice collection of great deals for you this Saturday, starting with one of the most popular items we’ve ever listed: The 100-pack Velcro cable ties. These have flown off the shelves at $6, and now Amazon has dropped them to $4. The catch is that they’re an add-on item now, meaning they’ll […]

Top 10 Tips and Tools for Learning a New Language

Knowing another language is a valuable skill—one that could boost your salary and your brain. While there are many paths to picking up a foreign language, here are ten of the most tried-and-trued ways to become bilingual or even a polyglot. 10. Learn While You Surf the Web Chances are, you, Lifehacker reader, are on […]

Prep for Interviews by Considering the Implications of Your Work

There are tons of ways that you can ace job interviews, but a good one is to prepare examples of how your work has impacted others. Show the interviewer that you understand the implications of your actions on your colleagues, and how the work you do impacts your team or company as a whole. For […]

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