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Treat Shopping Like an Addiction to Quit the Impulse Spending Habit

In the modern world, shopping plays on a lot of the same dopamine-loving parts of our brain that other addictions do. To prevent impulse buying, it might help to adopt some addiction-avoiding habits. As personal finance blog L Bee and the Money Tree explains, shopping addiction can be just as debilitating as an addiction to […]

Move Before You’re Ready: Get Started Without Being an “Expert”

All our lives, people have told us to learn everything about something before trying it in the “real world”. Yet this fast paced world demands that we move before we know everything about a subject. Instead of waiting to change your career, for the perfect internship, or enrolling in more school, you should tweak your […]

You Can Increase Your 401(k) Contribution by $500 Next Year

The IRS doesn’t often raise the amount that you can contribute to your 401(k), so when they do, we tend to take notice. As of 2015, you’ll be able to contribute an additional $500 to both your regular 401(k) as well as another $500 to catch-up contributions if you’re over 50. In 2015, the limit […]

The Healthiest Foods for One-Handed Snacking While Gaming

Eating while you’re playing games is an art unto itself. The wrong food will either gunk up your controller or your arteries, and probably both. Here are some of the best alternatives for keeping your console and your body clean. As Chef Lu Bu, YouTuber and kitchen manager for gaming bar Battle and Brew explains, […]

What’s Your Favorite Personal Finance Podcast?

Podcasts are fun. And a lot of personal finance podcasters do a great job of making an otherwise dry topic entertaining and informative. If you’re a money nerd, you probably listen to a few of these. Which ones are your favorite? We want to know which financial podcasts you like, and why. Here’s how we’d […]

This Cheat Sheet Has the Best Resolutions for Social Media Pictures

If you use social sites like Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably had to upload a bajillion (that’s the scientific term) pictures. And some probably look crappy. This cheat sheet helps you nail down the right resolution. The guide shows the resolution your pictures are displayed at. Not just profile pictures, but pictures as they appear […]

The Smallish Gadget Go Bag

Oftentimes, you want the smallest bag possible that can still fit your stuff in it. That’s the case with reader Incendiary Solution’s bag. It’s small, fits just what he needs, and that’s it. The bag here is a Scout 2 for iPad shoulder bag. Since it’s made for the iPad, that means there’s not a […]

This Graphic Offers Good-Looking Fonts to Replace Dull, Overused Ones

Everyone knows not to use Comic Sans, but it’s not the only played out, overused font all over the web. This graphic offers some great alternatives for some of the web’s most popular fonts and typefaces so you can give your website, document, or presentation a fresh look. The graphic’s been making the rounds of […]

AeroPress Timer Teaches You Several Aeropress-Friendly Coffee Recipes

iOS: The Aeropress is one of our favorite coffee machines, but it can do much more than make a great cup of joe. Aeropress Timer for iPhone and iPad guides you through multiple coffee recipes, from single and dual-cup presses to inverted and roaster’s preferred presses, all easy to make at home. Five Best Coffee […]

The Differences Among Grocery Store Chickens (and Some Shopping Tips)

Shopping for chicken at the grocery store isn’t difficult, but there are a lot of confusing words thrown around on the packaging. “Air Chilled” and “Roaster” versus “Fryer” versus “Broiler” all have specific meanings beyond preparation suggestions. This guide from America’s Test Kitchen sorts them out. Most of us head to the grocery store and […]

Moving on a Tight Budget: 7 Ways to Save a Ton of Money

Unless you’re a devout minimalist, moving can be daunting—especially when you’re on a tight budget. How do you get all your stuff out of your current home and into your new place without dropping a ton of cash in the process?Here are a handful of tricks and strategies for moving on a tight budget. Declutter […]

Use the Job Listing to Tailor Your Resume’s Language to Pass Filters

Filling out a job application partly involves getting past filters and routine procedures. To get inside the first barrier, use keywords from the job listing you’re replying to in order to get in the door. Whether the company you’re applying to uses scanning software or simply has a recruiter toughing their way through a stack […]

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