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The Inspiring Eye Level Workspace

Reader Bobby Kane makes good use of monitor stands to keep everything at eye level, and hide away unsightly speakers in his small but homey workspace. Bobby is using these IKEA legs and a shelf to raise up his monitor (as we’ve showcased once before), and a Twelve South HiRise to raise his MacBook closer […]

Ptable Provides an In-Depth, Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

If you’re a student hoping to conquer chemistry—or just like chemistry as a hobby—web site Ptable gives you a browser based periodic table that lets you view element information, properties, orbitals, isotopes, and even possible compounds in interactive visualizations. When you select an element on the main tab, a separate window with all of the […]

The Five Points of Wisdom Philosophy Can Provide You

Philosophy is an important part of how the world is shaped. You not think it’s worth your time learning about, but here are five things philosophy is good for and why they should matter to you. When many people think of philosophy, they think of long-dead men pondering the meaning of life and the universe. […]

How to Write a (Barely) Passing College Paper

You’d think writing a decent essay would be a pretty basic skill for college honor students, but you’d be surprised. Reader story645 runs down some of the most common errors she’s seen in her peers’ writing, so you can learn from their mistakes. Check out her full post from Hackerspace, our reader-run blog, below. Photo […]

It’s Safer to Use Pumpkin Carving Tools Than Kitchen Knives

With pumpkin carving season upon us, many dread the use of those dedicated, cheap-looking pumpkin carving blades. A study conducted with real human hands, however, suggests those dedicated pumpkin carvers are much more safe for the job. It certainly sounds creepy, but the study—published in the journal Preventive Medicine and led by Dr. Alexander Marcus […]

The Highway HUD Desktop

Reader Amitabh loves his highway desktops, and even though he recently shared the Road to Redemption desktop with us, we love this Linux desktop too—the position of the stats looks like a real HUD, one that’s easily ignored when it’s time to work. Here’s what Amitabh used to set it all up. Mind you, he’s […]

Ride Sharing Services Compared by Fare and Wait Time

Ride sharing services have exploded into popularity, making it a lot easier to get where you need to go in metropolitan areas. Ride fare estimating web site What’s the Fare compared all of their data for services UberX, Lyft, Sidecar, and standard taxi services, to see who fared better. Ride sharing services are quickly expanding […]

Learn to Properly Split Wood with This Instructional Video

If you have a fireplace or a wood-burning stove, splitting your own firewood is a great skill to learn. This video demonstrates tips and tricks for splitting logs, as well as how to safely use the tools. The blog Art of Manliness explains the main keys to properly splitting logs. You’ll want to use a […]

Give Better Feedback by Using “And” Instead of “But”

When you’re trying to give good feedback, you can often negate your efforts by adding a “but” after a positive statement. By using “and” instead, you can avoid someone getting defensive or vulnerable. Bill Gross, the founder and CEO of Idealab, explains that learning how to give good feedback takes hard work on his LinkedIn […]

The Risk Consultant’s Daily Bag

A Fire and Risk Consultant’s job requires someone to quickly gauge the risk of a building and help improve it. That type of attention to detail also transfers over to their daily carry, which Everyday Carry reader Chris Carlton shares here. Carlton’s bag is a 5.11 Rush Delivery MIKE Messenger Bag. Here’s what’s inside. The […]

Hundreds of Dropbox Passwords Allegedly Leaked, Change Yours Now

An anonymous hacker is claiming to have leaked a few hundred usernames and passwords for Dropbox accounts. It’s unclear where they actually came from (and if they really are Dropbox credentials), but either way: it’s time to change your passwords. The leak, which contains hundreds of accounts with email addresses starting with the letter “b”, […]

Use the “Two Note Strategy” to Plan and Reflect on Your Day

Many of us have a list of affirmations to start the day or check how our day went. Use some post-it notes to make sure you do both. Over at Inc, they suggest putting a list of goals at a prominent place to start your morning: Whenever you see that list for the first time […]

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