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The Android L Home Screen

One of the best features of Android L is its slick new interface. Now, courtesy of My Color Screen user empol, you can get it on your home screen right now. No need to wait for an OTA update. This design is a custom look for the Themer app. You can try it out by […]

Polymo Organizes Photos Before You Take Them

iPhone: Organizing a library of photos on your iPhone is still a pain these days. That said, if you’re the type to group photos together by event, Polymo lets you set up an organization system before you even take those photos. Polymo’s main goal is to make organizing your photos easy. So, instead of making […]

Big Crumbs Earns You Cash When You Shop Online

If you’re looking for a way to save when you shop online, web site Big Crumbs gives you links to retailers that earn you a percentage back on whatever you purchase for free. This is how it works: you make a free Big Crumbs account, then you find the link to the online retailer you […]

Make Your Own Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit

One of the biggest surprises at this year’s Google I/O press event was the reveal of Cardboard, a simple virtual reality headset that uses your Android phone. Now you can make one at home. Its construction calls for some cardboard (obviously), magnets, velcro, a rubber band, and the trickiest part: some Durovis OpenDrive Lens Kits. […]

Why Video Games Can Improve Your Mental Skills

We’ve talked about the positive benefits of playing video games before, and this video from ASAP Science explains why video games—in moderation—can help boost cognitive function. In Defense of Video Games: More Than Just an Entertaining Time SinkIn Defense of Video Games: More Than Just an Entertaining Time SinkIn Defense of Video Games: More Than […]

The Google Employee’s Everyday Purse

Working at any tech company requires a mix of daily devices to use. Lauren Skelly, Senior Policy Analyst at Google, shares her daily bag with Everyday Carry. Her bag is a Kate Spade handbag. Here’s what’s inside: HP Chromebook 11 Nexus 5 smartphone Mobile Internet Puck Wipebook Chanel Vitalumere Aqua Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Lip […]

Set Aside an “Honesty Hour” For Better Family Communication

In relationships, sometimes we’re afraid to say how we feel. Try instituting an “Honesty Hour” with your significant other so you can say what you feel without fear of reprisal. Relationship blog Your Tango suggests scheduling a time to talk about your true feelings instead of keeping them to yourself: This is the time you […]

Make Your Own Natural Bug Repellent at Home

If you’ve ever been outdoors in the summer, you know bugs are annoying. Commercial repellents have DEET, a chemical some people want to avoid. Try this recipe for inexpensive bug spray. The recipe for this bug repellent includes essential oils that keep bugs away, but adds witch hazel—which softens the skin and can soothe any […]

The Most Common Hidden Airline Fees, All In One List

There used to be a time that the price you paid for a flight was the published cost. Those were indeed the days. With hidden fees on each airline, that ticket price is just the beginning, so it’s good to know the fees in advance when comparing airline prices. The helpful folks at SmarterTravel compiled […]

JSTorrent Downloads Torrents on a Chromebook

Chrome: Although Chromebooks have limited storage space, they make a great BitTorrent machine since you’re less likely to be affected by malware. JSTorrent is BitTorrent client that works on any Chromebook. The interface makes it simple to add torrents. Just right click on the link and it adds it to the downloader. It works well […]

Leave Problems at the Office with the “Walk in the Door” Rule

After a rough day, we tend to come home and complain about all our troubles at the office. Change that habit by saying one great thing that happened at work today. My Mom used to ask me what I learned today at school to help give me a positive outlook. This rule applies in a […]

Wait Three Months Before Buying a New Car (but Save Now)

Driving a new car can be a great experience, but paying for it is a lousy one. To balance the need for a new car against your checkbook, consider a three month waiting period before buying a new car. No, this isn’t advice about impulse buying, but rather getting used to the burden of monthly […]

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