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The Underground Secret Battlestation Workspace

Need to get away from your five kids to get some work done (or read some comic books)? Imgur user vannatter knows the feeling, so he crafted this over-the-top amazing office in his basement for just that. Vannatter’s workspace is biometrically locked to keep the kids out, so he can focus on getting things done—or, […]

How to Navigate Office Politics and Avoid Needless Drama

We’ve all been there—one accidental email, and suddenly your entire organization is filling your inbox with angry replies. Gaffes at work happen to everyone, but you can learn how to navigate the politics of your workplace to keep your cool and avoid drama. This post originally appeared on LinkedIn. Yes, that accidental email is what […]

Network Better by Thinking Like a Spy

When you’re in the person to do some networking, you want to make your effort count. Doing a little intelligence gathering, and then using that intelligence properly, can help you make a lasting impression with the people you actually want to connect with. If you’ll be at a conference or event with a specific someone […]

The Three Main Factors for Giving Good Advice

Giving advice can be a sticky situation. You want people to act on your advice, but you also don’t want to come across as a know-it-all. Here are three main factors to consider when you really want someone to heed your words. How to Give Advice to a Friend Without Being a Know-It-AllHow to Give […]

All Chromecast Owners Can Get Two Months of Free Hulu Plus

Recently, a Hulu Plus promotion started that gives new Chromecast owners two months of free access to the video streaming platform. Turns out, anyone in the US can get the free two months, regardless of when you purchased your Chromecast. Open the Chromecast app and connect to your Chromecast on your network. Tap the drop […]

The Hype Desktop

Reader Yezra submitted this desktop to our Desktop Showcase, pointing out that he’s a big fan of simple, clean desktops, and finally built one they felt fit the bill. Yours doesn’t have to look quite the same, but if you like the gist, here’s what you’ll need to make your own. To submit your desktop […]

Six Characteristics That Make a Highly Effective Team

Great teams don’t just happen. Those teams that fit together like puzzle pieces are the result of hard work and thoughtful leadership. But what exactly are the things you need to look for when putting together a highly effective team? This post originally appeared on the Sandglaz blog. Of course, each member of the team […]

Five Ways to Tell a Battle Isn’t Worth Fighting

It can be tough identifying the right times to fight for something. You want to stand up for what you think is right, but you also don’t want to exacerbate the confrontation. These simple guidelines can help you decide when it’s worth your time. When you get into it with someone, things can get pretty […]

Avoid Wasting Food with a Nightly Fridge Cleaning

When you’re trying to save some money by making do with what you have at home, it’s important to know what you actually have that’s usable. A regular scheduled cleaning out of your refrigerator can help you keep stock. One of the things that can hold you back from cooking at home is not knowing […]

Make a Programmable Irrigation Controller with a Raspberry Pi

With all the day to day challenges that keep us busy, it can be hard to remember to water our plants. With a Raspberry Pi and a few other parts, you can program your own irrigation controller and make sure all your plants get the water they need. Instructables user jenfoxbot’s guide gives a thorough […]

The Design Student’s Daily Bag

Students have to lug around their stuff to classes all day, so their bags tend to be packed with just the essentials and nothing more. Case in point, reader DgnKoopa’s backpack has everything they need for school (and a little bit of wasted time) and nothing else. The bag’s an Eastpak. Here’s what’s inside: MacBook […]

Know When You Shouldn’t Drive Your Car

I’ve got one kid who drives and one who’s about to and I noticed something important about driver’s ed classes (and other kids’ parents, to be honest). They never teach when you shouldn’t drive your car. Sometimes, it’s obvious. If smoke is billowing out from under your hood or you actually see flames, it’s time […]

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