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Book Each Night Separately at a Hotel to Get the Best Rate

When you’re booking a multi-night stay at a hotel, you probably book it as one reservation. If you book each night individually, you might get a better rate. Over at One Mile at a Time, they compared some popular hotels and found that it’s more expensive to book your room as one reservation: Always remember […]

Prevent Android From Adding Icons to Your Home Screen

A well-organized home screen is a thing of beauty. When you download a new app from Google Play, it adds an icon to your screen, destroying your work of art. A quick setting in the Google Play app solves that problem. Head to the Google Play application, then go to its Settings from the three-line […]

Increase Your Odds of Getting Hired By Making Sure They Hear Your Talk

Applying for a job is often an impersonal process. You’re just a name on a screen or a piece of paper. Letting the potential employer hear your voice might help you get the job. In a recent study published by Psychological Science, they compared perceptions of text versus voice presentations. When potential employers heard an […]

Close an Open Safari Tab on Your Other Devices with a Swipe

iOS: Apple’s Safari makes it easy to view your open Safari tabs from your iPhone or iPad. That means others can see what you have open. If you want to close one of those tabs remotely, swipe to the right. You need to register your mobile devices and computers to same Apple ID, but after […]

Check for an Employer Discount at Local Businesses

If you work for a large employer in town, local businesses might give you discounts. All you have to do is ask. We’ve already covered how your employer may give discounts to you and your friends. Local and national chains often realize they need to compete for business, so they might give you a discount. […]

Highbrow Starts Your Morning with an Educational Course

A good morning routine starts your day out right, whether it’s making your bed or meditating. Highbrow sends you a short educational lesson each morning on a variety of subjects. Why Making Your Bed Every Morning Matters, According to a Navy SEAL Why Making Your Bed Every Morning Matters, According to a Navy SEAL Why […]

If You Must Use Technology at Night, Try a Smaller Screen

Using a screen at night messes with your sleep, but let’s be honest: we all do it anyway. To lessen the problem, use the smallest screen possible. Screen Reading Before Bed Still Bad for Sleep, and We All Still Do It Screen Reading Before Bed Still Bad for Sleep, and We All Still Do It […]

Your Special Diet Could Be Tax Deductible

For some people, restricted diets (like going gluten-free) are a choice. For others, it’s a medical necessity. If you fall into the latter camp, some of those foods could be tax deductible. Kiplinger reminds those of us with medical conditions to consider the added costs of special foods. The IRS might consider the difference between […]

Keep Your Home Clutter-Free by Clearing Stuff Out Before You Organize

Whether you’re getting started with a spring cleaning project or just trying to condense what you have, it’s important you don’t confuse organization with decluttering. Out of site is definitely not out of home. It’s smart to organize your stuff. You’ll give yourself more room to breath and your home will look much nicer. Merlin […]

Turn Your Old T-Shirts Into a Memory Blanket, No Sewing Required

Instead of tossing all of those t-shirts that don’t fit you anymore, you can turn them into a blanket comprised of memories. You don’t even have to sew it together. Getting rid of some t-shirts can be tough sometimes. Maybe you have a great collection of shirts you got from various band tours, or maybe […]

Remove a Wasp Infestation without Harsh Chemicals Using a Shop-Vac

Wasps aren’t the most aggressive insects in the wild, but they can become a problem when their home ends up being inside of yours. If you’re looking for a way to remove them, this Shop-Vac setup can take care of them without the need for any chemical sprays. You have to be careful when you […]

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