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Get Into a Good Workflow Using Video Game Principles as Inspiration

When you’re playing a video game, you become completely absorbed in what you’re doing, and you’re completing tasks while time is flying by. Using some of the principles game designers use, you can apply that same concept of flow to your work. Video games suck you in and hold your attention in a way that’s […]

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter with Help from This Graphic

Whether you plan on riding your bike in the cold weather, or putting it away in storage, this graphic explains all the preparations you should handle before the cold creeps up on you. It’s not winter yet, but it’s certainly on its way, and do-it-yourself blog Fix explains some important things you need to do […]

How to Build a Personal Career Plan and Get Out of Your Dead End Job

We’ve all heard it before: “You’re lucky to have any job.” But just because you have one doesn’t mean you have to just slog through a crappy one, or deal with the career you don’t want. You may just be looking at your position as “just a job” and you have no idea what kind […]

Three Rules to Follow When You Live With Someone Who Works From Home

We’ve talked about the best strategies for working from home, but what do you do when it’s your spouse or someone you live with who’s homeward bound? How do you respect their space without being cut off completely? Here are a few rules to follow so that you don’t drive your cohabitator crazy.… The Beginner’s […]

Smartphone Assistants Go Head to Head, Google Now Comes Out On Top

With three major smartphone AIs giving out answers, it’s hard to say which one is the best. In a study that asked all three major AIs over 3000 different queries, see who came out on top. First and foremost, this study, conducted by Stone Temple Consulting, is based purely on knowledge queries, not a comparison […]

Four Reasons Why You Should Read Literature

You can probably remember the feeling of discontent that came when you were assigned literature to read in school. It’s hard to find the desire to read old books about old things when there are things happening right now, but here are four very big reasons why you should anyway. Beyond the fact that reading […]

Imgur Revamps GIFs for Faster Speeds and Higher Quality with GIFV

Sharing GIFs is a part of internet life these days, and Imgur is making GIF sharing even better with high-quality MP4 video in their new GIFV extension. You can upload a large GIF file at 50MB and, after the GIFV conversion, get a file closer to 3.4MB. This optimizes GIFs for faster loading speeds, higher […]

The Glow Home Screen

“Simple with a splash of color” is a pretty common theme in interface design. This look goes down a traditional path with a distinct flair, going for simply outlines and text on bright backgrounds. This design is a custom look for Themer. To get this home screen on your device, download the zip from the […]

Poachable Lets You Look for a New Job Anonymously

Depending on what kind of work you do, looking for a new job can sometimes be risky when you’re already employed. Poachable lets you share that you’re interested in other jobs all while remaining anonymous, so no word gets around. Poachable works kind of like a dating app—it’s all about matchmaking. First, you put in […]

Spread Out Your Desktop with These Triple Monitor Wallpapers

More monitors may not equal more productivity, but it sure does equal more awesome. Here are some wallpapers that you can stretch across two or even three screens. Make the Most of Your Multiple Monitors in WindowsMake the Most of Your Multiple Monitors in WindowsMake the Most of Your Multiple Monitors in Windows The price […]

Deadspin Report: N.J.

Deadspin Report: N.J. High School Football Players Sexually Assaulted Freshmen | Gizmodo Ebola Airport Screenings Won’t Do a Damn Thing | Jalopnik Jeremy Clarkson Calls Himself A Penis In Further Insult To Argentina | Kotaku Waiting Five Hours To Get Fired In Five Minutes | Kinja Popular Posts

You Get Free Red Bull or $10 If You Bought One In the Last 12 Years

A class-action lawsuit against Red Bull is being settled, and if you’ve purchased any Red Bull products in the last 12 years, you can get a piece of the pie. No proof of purchase required. Anyone who purchased a Red Bull product between January 1, 2002 and October 3, 2014 is eligible to receive either […]

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