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The Most Common Money Mistakes People Make at Every Age

Financial folly can come at any age; with each new financial milestone and responsibility comes a whole new way for you to mess it all up. The good news? You’re not alone. Each generation has a host of mishaps and poor choices that its members commonly make. The best way to avoid these mistakes is […]

This Graphic Translates Web Design Feedback into Plain English

We’ve all heard stories of people who look at a website mockup and say something like “It needs more pop!” or “Make it sleeker,” without being specific about what they’re looking for. It can be a pain, but this tongue-firmly-in-cheek graphic translates those phrases to language you can actually use. If you’re a designer, or […]

Stock Up on Sony Storage With Today’s Gold Box Deal

Today’s Amazon Gold Box is overflowing with all varieties of Sony flash storage, ranging from a humble 16GB SD card to a set of flash drives that can plug into your Android phone. These would all make great stocking stuffers, and the prices are fantastic across the board. The deals are only available today, or […]

Utilize the Half Payment Method to Budget Around Major Bills

Big bills have a nasty habit of taking up too much of one of your paychecks every month. Reduce the stress and help curb spending by dividing major expenses across all your paychecks in a month before they’re actually due. As personal finance blog The Budget Mama explains, if your rent is due on the […]

Expensify Makes Receipts From Your Online Purchases

Chrome: A while back, we talked about Expensify’s ability to generate expense reports from your credit card. In the time since, it’s also gained the handy ability to create receipts from online purchases that you can pass along to your employer for reimbursement. Expensify Generates Expense Reports from Credit Cards and Cameraphone Shots Expensify Generates […]

What Are Your Best Negotiating Tips?

Negotiating is an art that some of us are more skilled at than others. If you’re a successful negotiator, we want to know your best tips. In negotiating, some say it’s better to throw out the first number. Others say this puts you at a disadvantage. There are certain phrases to embrace and to avoid […]

Amazon’s Selling Kindle Paperwhites Today for Just $79

It might not be Amazon’s flagship e-reader anymore, but the Kindle Paperwhite still arguably offers the best bang for the buck in the Kindle lineup at its usual $119 price tag. But at $79, it’s a complete steal. To be clear, this is a refurbished model, but it comes with the exact same warranty and […]

Mirror Records Your Android Screen Without Root on Lollipop

Android: Recording your screen on Android has typically required either root access or complicated workarounds. As of Android 5.0, not only has that limitation lifted, but Mirror is already ready to take advantage of the new functionality. Mirror’s more than a one-trick pony, of course. It can also cast your screen to devices like the […]

Stop Overanalyzing Why You Might Get Fired: Just Do Your Job

We all worry about getting laid off or fired at some point in our careers. We’ll constantly look for clues to see which way the wind is blowing. If you stop reading into every action at work, you’ll lower your stress. You probably aren’t getting fired anyway. Career blog The Muse has some tips to […]

Keep Cheese Fresh With a Little Vinegar

If you keep most cheeses too long, they’ll eventually mold. Sometimes you can cut off the mold and still eat the cheese, but you can avoid the problem a little longer with some vinegar and a paper towel. When You Should and Shouldn’t Eat Moldy Cheese When You Should and Shouldn’t Eat Moldy Cheese When […]

“How Much Should I Charge?” Helps Freelancers Set Prices

If you’re a designer, you might have trouble deciding how to price your work. You may take into account the type of client and project. “How Much Should I Charge” asks you five questions and then gives you the amount you should bid to the client. We’ve covered how to calculate your fees as a […]

Know Your New Options for Your Flexible Spending Account

Many health care plans include a Flexible Spending Account. Medical and other expenses come out of these pre-tax, but until recently, the money was use-it-or-lose-it. Depending on your employer, those rules might be more flexible know. What’s the Difference Between All These Health Insurance Plans? What’s the Difference Between All These Health Insurance Plans? What’s […]

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