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Pushbullet Now Syncs All Your Notifications Across any Android Device

Android: One of the problems with using multiple Android devices like a phone and a tablet is that dismissing notifications on one device doesn’t clear them from another. Pushbullet’s latest update aims to fix this by syncing notifications across all devices. Pushbullet uses Android’s notification listening service (which means this feature only works on Android […]

If You’re Under 40, Stop Optimizing Your Retirement Plan and Just Save

It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement. That’s the conventional wisdom. And while it holds true broadly speaking—your 20s and 30s are a good time to start thinking about retirement—it may not be necessary to stress over the finer details of returns on investments until later. As finance blog Financial Uproar points […]

​Ask Dr. Nerdlove: I’m So Jealous Of Happy Couples

Hello Internet! Welcome to Ask Dr. NerdLove, the only dating advice column written entirely with a Valyrian steel pen. This week, we’re handling the emotional dark side of dating – how to handle things when jealousy, bitterness, resentment and fear are getting the best of you and slowing your progress. Is it better to confront […]

Pixelmator 3.2 Adds New Repair Tool, Lock Layer Support, and More

Mac: Pixelmator, our pick for the best image editing software for Mac, got updated today with a few handy new features. Included in the update is a new repair tool, support for locked layers, and more. The Best Image Editing App for Mac OS XThe Best Image Editing App for Mac OS XThe Best Image […]

Getting a Cheap Hotel: Does It Matter What Booking Site You Use?

There are countless hotel booking sites out there, but how do you decide which one to use? They all deliver a wide range of search results when you’re looking for a hotel, and it’s hard to tell if there are any differences. I decided to do some testing and find out which sites offer the […]

Build a Collapsible Workbench for Easy Storage Anywhere

We don’t all have the luxury of enough space to have a permanent workbench setup. To counter this problem, Instructables user schoonovermr made a bench that can be broken down and stored inside the lid. The bench is made from wood and cut in a way that it can click together quickly. When it’s not […]

Get Over Your Guilt by Looking at It Objectively

If guilt is weighing you down, author, speaker, and journalist Minda Zetlin suggests looking at it from an outside point of view. When you feel guilt, it’s a good thing, and it means you have empathy for your fellow man. But if you feel held back by your own judgements, it can drain you and […]

Isoscope Shows How Far You Can Drive in 10 Minutes from Where You Are

If you’re curious about the traffic congestion where you are, web site Isoscope shows you how far you can get from any location in 10 minutes. Once you open the web site, you can enter any city you like and its map will appear, similar to any other map service. Click anywhere on the map […]

Is Becoming a Landlord Worth It?

Becoming a landlord can give you a great stream of passive income, but it still takes a lot of hard work—not to mention the money you’ll need up front. Is the income you’ll receive from tenants really worth the time, money, and effort? This post originally appeared on Get Rich Slowly. If you visit personal […]

Most Popular Book Recommendation Service: GoodReads

If you’re on the hunt for something new and interesting to read, you have plenty of places to turn. This week, we’re looking at five of the best book recommendation sites, services, or groups, based on your nominations. Earlier in the week, we asked you where you went to find something good to read—whether it’s […]

Remember the 7 Cs to Communicate More Effectively

Your day is most likely filled with constant communication. Weblog Mind Tools offers a communication checklist to help ensure that your emails, phone calls, and meetings are always productive. According to the 7 Cs, your communication should always be: Clear: Make the goal of your message clear to your recipient. Ask yourself what the purpose […]

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