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WordHippo Finds the Right Word You’re Looking For

S Web: A dictionary tells you the meaning of a word. WordHippo tells you the meaning and also finds synonyms, antonyms, words that rhyme with it, sentences containing it, other words starting or ending with it, its etymology, and much more. The webapp is really easy to use. Just key in what you are looking […]

Check Out the Best From This Week’s Open Thread

What’s the best game to pick up for the PS3 for less than $40? Is there a way to have all network traffic in my house sent to one interface then redirected out the other for easy monitoring? Any advice on tutoring old people to use their computers? Is there an Android app that tells […]

Conduct a Self-Interview to Discover Your New Year’s Resolutions

S While we have discussed some of the best strategies to stick to your resolutions, you still need to know how to come up with the resolutions that matter most to you. Personal growth coach Maria Molfino has a creative solution: interviewing yourself! A self-interview is a free-associative interview with yourself. You are both the […]

Wheresmytime Shows Where You Spend Most of Your Time

S Android: Do you spend more time at work or at home? How long have you been at the gym this month? Wheresmytime makes it easy to find out the amount of time you have spent at any place. The app tracks your location using GPS, nearby Wi-Fi spots, or mobile networks, with GPS giving […]

Cogi Annotates Voice Notes with Smart Highlights, Tags and Pictures

Android: Not every part of the lecture or interview you are recording is interesting, but when the speaker does say something important, you want to be able to go back to it. Cogi makes it easy with a smart highlighting feature, along with other annotation tools. Tap the big Highlight button and Cogi will mark […]

Remove Windshield Stickers Easier with a Cellphone Screen Protector

S Stickers on your car’s windshield, such as the ones you need for parking, are notoriously difficult to remove later. Keeping a corner unstuck is one way to easily take them off, but Redditor wewtaco has an ingenious solution: use mobile phone screen protectors between the windshield and the sticker. It’s clear, so the parking […]

Fullscreen Anything Maximizes Images, Videos and Games in Chrome

S Chrome: YouTube makes it easy to watch videos in full screen mode with a tap of the F key, but if you want this functionality across your browser, then Fullscreen Anything does the job just as well. The Chrome extension works with images, videos and Flash games to maximize any content. It won’t work […]

Create “Positive Snowballs” to Stick to New Habits

S Setting resolutions for the new year is easy, following up and sticking to them is where it gets difficult. One effective technique is to make your desired habits incredibly easy to execute initially, and then build on them. It’s what weblog Pick The Brain calls a positive snowball. If you create new habits, and […]

This Week’s Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from this week. iOS (Jailbreak): The iOS 7 jailbreak came along with a bit of drama last week, and one of the problems with it was the fact that the backbone of most […]

How To Build Your Own Carbonation Rig That Adds Bubbles to Anything

S Look, Sodastreams are great for their convenience and ubiquity, but there are some drawbacks. For starters, you can only use them to carbonate water. On top of that, the cost of the replacement CO2 cartridges (which you need to keep yourself “in bubbles”) is higher than it needs to be. We’ve explored other systems […]

How Does Technology Help Your Social Anxiety?

S Technology gets a bad reputation for disconnecting us from each other and making human interaction less personal. Those complaints are reasonable in some ways, as you gain a certain amount of anonymity online even if you’re not actually anonymous. You can show a picture of yourself, give your full name, and say whatever you […]

What conditions affect the nutrients in your food?

Great discussions are par for the course here on Lifehacker. Each day, we highlight a discussion that is particularly helpful or insightful, along with other great discussions and reader questions you may have missed. Check out these discussions and add your own thoughts to make them even more wonderful! Discussion of the Day What conditions […]

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