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Cook Hot Dogs with a Pringles Can

Pringles cans have a wide variety of uses, but this one is special: Instructables user Cats Science Club has a guide to making a Pringles can mini-oven, so the fun really never does have to stop. Repurpose a Pringles Can into a DIY Light Reflector for PhotosRepurpose a Pringles Can into a DIY Light Reflector […]

Turn an iPad’s LCD Screen into an Extra Screen for Your Laptop

If you’re looking for some extra screen real estate for your laptop, Ben at weblog build-its has a guide on taking apart an iPad LCD screen and using it as a second monitor. This setup is different than the Air Display app we featured in the past, as it requires some technical know-how and only […]

BehindTheOverlay Instantly Removes Annoying Overlays from Web Pages

Chrome: The transparent popup-style overlays that sites occasionally use to block content and require you to wait for an ad to play, sign up for a newsletter, or just agree to some weird terms are obnoxious. BehindTheOverlay is an extension that gets rid of them. BehindTheOverlay works similar to something like AdBlock, but it doesn’t […]

Ask Yourself These Three Questions to Reinvigorate Your Motivation

We’ve all been there: the task you’re trying to finish gets too hard and you want to quit. Weblog Pick the Brain has three questions to ask yourself that can restore your drive. As things bear down on you, the negativity creeps in. Sidestep your self-made, motivational landmines with these questions: Why do I want […]

Make an Oak Raspberry Pi Case for Less Than $10

Need a nice-looking Raspberry Pi case you can build yourself on the cheap? Instructables user sandshock shows how to build an oak one for less than $10. You’ll need a red oak hobby board, which you can get cut to length at the store for about $3.50. Other than that, you just need some nuts […]

Disable Your Laptop’s Touch Screen in Windows 8.1

At some point you may want to disable the touch screen to strictly use your Windows 8 tablet/laptop as a PC with the classic mouse and keyboard combo. There’s no built-in option to turn off the touch screen, but Into Windows has a quick workaround. Here are the steps: First, go to the device the […]

Volunteer Between Jobs to Fill Gaps on Your Resume

Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, but it can also fill in large gaps in your resume between jobs. Learn the Skills Employers Want by VolunteeringLearn the Skills Employers Want by VolunteeringLearn the Skills Employers Want by Volunteering Volunteering in your spare time isn’t just a good way to help the community, […]

Convert Your Large Loyalty Cards into Keychain Sized Cards

We’ve all got a few loyalty cards in our wallets for companies that haven’t yet converted to an electronic format. Not all companies have keychain sized versions of these cards, so here’s an easy way to convert them down from full sized cards. Since most of these loyalty cards work off a bar code instead […]

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking by Making a Video of Yourself

We often fear public speaking because we are afraid of how we appear to others, and we tend to be perfectionists. Make a video of yourself and share it on social media to overcome this fear. Impossible suggests we are too hard on ourselves and by sharing the video with others, we’ll overcome that perfectionism. […]

​Save on Car Rentals by Skipping the Airport Counter

Renting a car can be an expensive part of your vacation. Save money by avoiding rental companies that operate at the airport. We’ve covered tips to save on a rental car before, like booking it with your flight, but you should also consider avoiding rental agencies that are located at the airport. According to Consumer […]

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