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“Precrastinating” Can Be Just as Bad as Procrastinating

We know that procrastination can hurt productivity, but according to Lisa Evans at Fast Company the opposite of procrastination—”precrastination”—can be just as harmful. You might think that completing tasks before they actually need to be done would improve your productivity and put your mind at ease, but Evans explains why it’s not always best to […]

Arianna Huffington’s Three Tips for Better Mental Focus

We all want to have better focus to help with our productivity. Huffington Post founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington recommends more sleep, some meditation, and a gadget-free bedroom. Huffington talked with weblog Big Think about our addiction to devices, stress, and burnout. She also shared a few easy tips that can help with your own […]

The System Admin’s Everyday Bag

Being a systems administrator and programmer means you need to be prepared for just about anything on a whim. Reader Scott Buffington shares his bag with us, which includes everything he needs to do his job (and live his life) all in one place. Buffington’s bag is an Eddie Baur daypack. Here’s what’s inside: MacBook […]

Save Google Voicemails to Your Google Drive with a Script

Google Voice is a great way to archive voicemail messages, but you must manually download the messages if you want to keep them long-term. Instead, try automatically saving them to your Google Drive. Amit Agarwal over at Digital Inspiration shares a handy script that wil automate the process for you. You can either use the […]

​Know Which Medical Alert System is Right for Your Family

We’ve seen those poorly produced commercials about family members who have fallen and can’t get up. All kidding aside, for those of us with aging parents, knowing which systems are the best can give you some piece of mind. Consumer Reports reviewed these systems and compared the features you need to know before deciding on […]

​Max Out Your HSA To Supplement Your Retirement Savings

Those of us in high-deductible health care plans with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) often put in just enough money to pay for medical expenses throughout the year. You might reconsider that strategy and use your HSA for additional retirement savings. Taxpayers can use an HSAs to pay for health care related expenses, but when you […]

​Consolidate Your Credit Card Gift Cards with Google Wallet

The next time you have a few dollars left on one of those prepaid credit card-based gift cards, consolidate those odd dollars and cents into your Google Wallet account. Google has detailed steps on adding a credit card to your Google Wallet Balance, which you’ll need to follow to add your prepaid credit card info. […]

​Ask to Split the Cost of Your Next Interview if You Have to Travel

Sometimes you get a potentially great job opportunity, but you have to travel to go to an interview. Consider asking the interviewer to split some of the costs before agreeing to attend. Over at Ask the Headhunter they tackle the question of who foots the bill for a job interview: the applicant or the employer. […]

Google’s New Account History Page Helps Further Control Your Privacy

As you probably know, Google tracks quite a bit of what you do online. Much of this is to improve your search results or to assist with Google Now. Google’s updated Account History page now allows you to “pause” or delete Google’s historical information about you. We’ve told you how to remove your Google Web […]

​Find Family Friendly Day Trips in Any State with This Tool

If the kids are getting bored this summer, you may want to get out of town for a day and do something interesting. Toyota has an interactive website that tells you about the attractions you may not know about in your region. First pick the region, such as the Midwest. Pick your state and then […]

​Focus on Shared Goals to Reduce Workplace Conflicts

When tempers flare at the office, we often say things we regret later. Talk about your shared interests in solving the conflict and potentially prevent the conflict from escalating. The Harvard Business Review advises keeping emotions out of a discussion. Even if your colleague says they are angry or disappointed, hold back from starting the […]

Check Your C.L.U.E. Report for Insurance Errors That Could Raise Your Rates

You probably know you should check your credit report periodically, but do you know what your C.L.U.E. report says? It helps determine your insurance costs and like a credit report, you should check it for errors. How to Monitor Your Own Credit, For Free, ForeverHow to Monitor Your Own Credit, For Free, ForeverHow to Monitor […]

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