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Research Shows that Seven Hours of Sleep Might Be the Sweet Spot

Eight hours of sleep. Six hours of sleep. Seven hours of sleep. It seems like every year we see a study that claims that some amount of hours is better than another. The Wall Street Journal collects together a few studies that show data suggests that seven hours might be the sweet spot these days. […]

Sometimes It’s Worth Finishing Your Worst Work to Move On To Your Best

We all have one of those projects sitting around unfinished that we know isn’t that great. It’s easy to abandon it, but as writer Steven Pressfield points out in Entrepreneur, sometimes, you just need to finish it to prove you can. Finishing a big project—even one that sucks—is a great feeling. For Pressfield, it was […]

Develop Mental Toughness by Keeping Your Duties Visible

Mental toughness is something we could all stand to gain. John Corcoran at The Art of Manliness suggests displaying your different duties—or job descriptions—to yourself so you can be the soldier of your own life and keep strong. We all wear many different hats in our life and have many different duties. We are husbands […]

Deodorize and Clean a Microwave with Baking Soda and Water

If you have a microwave that’s covered with spattered sauce and popcorn butter, you can kill the odor and loosen up the gunk with a bowl filled with baking soda and water. All you need to do is put two tablespoons of baking soda in a microwave safe bowl and add a cup of water […]

The Luv Home Screen

Simplicity and home screens go together like a horse and carriage. This design, from My Color Screen user alicarbovader features everything you need on one home screen, including weather, calendar, communication badges and more. This design is a custom skin for Themer. You can download it from the source link and install it by following […]

Everything That’s Changed in the New iTunes 12.0

Apple just released the latest build of OS X Yosemite, including a brand new iTunes. It’s only a little bit anti-climactic. Version 12.0 does indeed look a lot like Version 11.3, the version that’s probably on your computer. But it’s got some neat little treats nevertheless. The first thing you’ll notice, of course, is the […]

LanceList Collects Together Freelance Job Boards

Finding freelance jobs is always a bit tricky because you have so many places to look for jobs. LanceList collects together some of the best freelance sites to make your search a little easier. LanceList is a curated list of freelance jobs boards for creative work, hardware, marketing, writing, and development. Essentially, it’s a great […]

Download Organizer Sorts and Filters Your Downloads Folder

Mac: The download folder on your Mac can get pretty out of hand pretty quickly. If you want to add a semblance of organization to it, Download Organizer is a simple tool that makes it easy to sort and organize everything you download. Download Organizer allows you to set up filters and rules for downloads. […]

How to Get More Engaged at Work and Start Liking Your Job

Many people struggle to find joy at work, but if you’re proactive, you can grow to find more satisfaction and fulfillment with what you do. Here are three steps that can help you adjust your career, and with some luck, come to love your work. This post originally appeared on Inc. The reality is clear—people […]

Make a DIY French Press from Hotel Room Materials

Stuck at a hotel and don’t want to use that tiny little drip coffee maker for a cup of joe? Instructables user Josh Campbell shows you how to make a French Press using stuff you’ll find right in your room. Campbell’s French Press uses a coat hanger, a coffee filter, and a mug. First off, […]

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