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The Financial Moves You Should Make in September

As the summer sunshine slowly fades, it’s easy to feel bummed about the days of sweaters and huddling indoors that lie ahead. But instead of lamenting the end of beach season, we’re embracing the fresh start that early fall brings—especially for your finances. To help get your money in tip-top shape for the rest of […]

Keep Your Home Bug Free with These DIY Pest Control Methods

If you’re like me, bugs creeping and crawling all over your home is a big no thank you. With some preventative procedures and DIY methods you can keep them out of your house without using any harsh chemicals. As with most problems, prevention is key. This informative graphic from supplier Part Select covers the best […]

Build a Weather Reporting, News Reading Alarm Clock with a Raspberry Pi

Alarm clocks can be simple and boring. This DIY Raspberry Pi alarm clock wakes you up with a personalized greeting, weather, and top news. It’s not quite a robot butler, but YouTuber skiwithpete‘s custom alarm clock setup can certainly start your day off on the right foot. When the alarm goes off, you receive a […]

Communicate Emotions in Person and Facts in Email

Certain types of information call for certain types of information delivery. You can avoid most communication issues by delivering emotional information in person and keeping the facts for email. Sending an email with morale boosting news can ruin the boost it was meant to give, and taking time to deliver basic facts to someone in […]

How to Properly Clean All Your Gadgets Without Ruining Them

No matter how clean a house you keep, your computers and gadgets are bound to get a little dirty here and there. Here’s what you need to clean them, and how to do it without hurting them. Your gadgets aren’t as resilient as they might seem, and just spraying Windex on everything and rubbing it […]

Skype on iOS Now Allows Group Audio Calls

iOS: Skype updated today, now allowing you to host group audio calls for up to four people with just a tap on your iPhone. Head to an already existing group and just tap the big button on the bottom to host the group call. As the host, you can see any contacts that are in […]

Why Bottled Ketchup is So Hard to Pour (and How You Can Get It Out)

There’s something about ketchup that comes out of a glass bottle that just makes it taste better, but getting it out is a war of attrition. This is the science behind the conundrum, and how you can get it flowing. George Zaidan goes over the physics of it all in this video from the TED-Ed […]

Build a Spotlight with a Flashlight and a Magnifying Glass

If you need to do some serious nighttime spotting, you can make a powerful spotlight using a flashlight focusing light through a large magnifying glass. YouTuber and Instructables user NightHawkInLight shows how you can put together the device with some Velcro straps and some wood planks to hold it all together. NightHawkInLight uses a 5″ […]

The Doodle Home Screen

Sometimes an attractive home screen is more enjoyable than a tightly organized one. To that end, this design from the Themer app turns your home screen into a doodle board. Every task you need to perform is its own drawing. This design is one of the built-in themes in the custom home screen app Themer. […]

Get the Most Out of Your Restaurant Meal by Knowing What Not to Order

Eating out is expensive, but when you do eat out, you should at least order something that’s relatively worth your money. Christa Avampato at weblog Wise Bread took a look at popular items people order when they dine out that don’t cost the restaurant nearly what customers pay for them. Items like pasta, salad, sandwiches, […]

Give New Life to Your Childhood Toys with These Wallpapers

Toys may be marketed toward kids, but let’s be honest: we all love to indulge in a little nostalgia. This week, relive your childhood with these toy-based wallpapers. Remember, we’re now requesting your participation in the Wallpaper Wednesday series! You’ll find a selection here, but post your favorites for this week’s topic in the discussions […]

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