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Use the Bottom of a Hot Pot to Iron Your Clothes

If you’re one of the many people out there that does not own an iron, there’s a way you can remove wrinkles with something you probably do have: a basic cooking pot. Perrie Samotin at weblog StyleCaster suggests ironing your clothes using a metal pot that you would normally use in the kitchen. Just fill […]

If Your Method of Taking on a New Habit Isn’t Working, Flip It Around

It might seem counter-intuitive, but one of the best ways to take on a new habit or goal might be trying the complete opposite of what you think is the best way. When you’re putting a puzzle together, you sometimes have to flip the piece in order for it to fit—even if you were convinced […]

The Lonely Rock Desktop

Reader FewCents submitted this beautiful desktop to our Desktop Showcase. It’s easy on the eyes when nothing’s going on, and has plenty of room to work, with its widgets off to the sides. Here’s what you’ll need to set it up. To submit your desktop to our Desktop Showcase the way FewCents did, just post […]

The 30 Percent Rule and the Art of Early Feedback

If you’re like most people, you will likely have trouble asking for constructive feedback when your work is unfinished. You know that you can take your time to polish your final product, but does your perfectionism really allow you to grow, improve, and, most importantly, deliver the best possible product? This post originally appeared on […]

Three Ways to Plan Ahead and Avoid Flight Change Fees

Sometimes you have to change a flight time whether you like it or not, but most major airlines charge around $200 a ticket for changes. If you think ahead or can act fast enough, you might be able to avoid the extra charge. Rick Seaney at has a couple tips on how you can […]

Use a Whiteboard to Keep Refrigerator Inventory and Track Perishables

One of the easiest ways you can waste money is by wasting food you’ve already paid for. Instead of throwing out all the food you forgot about, use a magnetic whiteboard to keep track of what’s inside your fridge and when it goes bad. Kelli Dunn at The Kitchn looked for the best advice for […]

Reword One Personal Rule to Fight the Bad Type of Perfectionism

If your perfectionism is getting in the way of your work, simply rewording one of your strict personal rules can help ease your transition into a healthier state of mind. The two types of perfection, as discussed by the skill training site MindTools, are “adaptive perfectionism” and “maladaptive perfectionism.” Here are the key differences: Adaptive […]

The Artist’s Daily Essentials Bag

Being an artist means being ready to create at any moment, which is exactly what Lifehacker reader Carlos Asencio is ready to do with his daily essentials bag. Carlos’ bag is a Herschel classic backpack. Here’s what’s inside: Classic Backpack | Mid-VolumeClassic Backpack | Mid-VolumeClassic Backpack | Mid-Volume This Classic Backpack Mid-Volume is a sized […]

Check Your Social Profile for These Lesser-Known Job-Killing Mistakes

We all know that potential employers check out our social media profiles, but we aren’t always sure what they are looking for. CareerBuilder surveyed employers and found out some surprising reasons they found to reject candidates The top reason is obvious: 46% of employers rejected applicants due to “provocative or inappropriate photographs or information.” Some […]

The Perfect Burger Starts at 7 Ounces

Fast food chains keeping trying to create bigger burgers. Home burger chefs, on the other hand, need to keep the pre-cooked weight around 7 ounces to get the proper level of flavor and juiciness. The New York Times went on a search for a perfect burger and found that the magic number of seven ounces. […]

View the Annoyances in Your life as Mutations Rather Than Bugs

In nature, mutations are a necessary part of evolution. In software, programmers call them bugs. The unexpected events in your life can be either, depending on your outlook. Wired explains how one attitude can differ quite a bit from the other: Perhaps we can view software bugs the same way biological mutations are viewed. Taking […]

Ask “What” Instead of “Why” When the Boss Criticizes

Nobody enjoys getting chewed out by the boss, but it happens to the best of us. Starting the discussion with “what” helps you focus on constructive feedback. The Wall Street Journal interviewed experts on the best ways to accept criticism in the workplace. One expert suggests focusing on the specifics of the problem by choosing […]

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