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Use a Tension Rod for Hidden Paper Towel Storage

If you’re tired of having your paper towels out on the counter, use a tension rod to hide it in a cabinet, but still allow for easy access. The tip comes from Alejandra at home organizing blog All you need to do is stick the tension rod through the cardboard tube in the paper […]

Learn to Crimp Pie Crust like a Pro with This Video

When you’re baking a pie, one of the ways to jazz it up is by making various designs with the crust. This video from YouTuber Libbie Summers shows you 20 useful pie crimping techniques in just two minutes. Most of the methods Summers shows are easy to do and can be done with a lot […]

The Simple Stripe Desktop

Sometimes widgets and toolbars are where it’s at, and other times simple and open is more conducive to getting things done. Reader Josh submitted this desktop to our Desktop Showcase and we love it. Simple, open, but still personal. Here’s how he set it up. To submit your desktop to our Desktop Showcase the way […]

Turn Your Laptop Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot By Adding a Second Wireless Card

Sharing your laptop’s Internet connection isn’t hard, but you need two network cards to do it. If your laptop only has a single wireless card, add a second wireless adapter to turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. We’ve discussed turning your Mac or Windows laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot before. It’s useful when you […]

CyberGhost VPN for Mac Lets You Browse the Web Safely and Anonymously

Mac: CyberGhost VPN, one of the five best VPN providers as voted by Lifehacker readers, finally has an OS X client. Mac users can now use the free VPN service to browse the Internet securely and anonymously. Five Best VPN Service ProvidersFive Best VPN Service ProvidersFive Best VPN Service Providers A VPN, or a Virtual […]

This Cheat Sheet Shows You The Right Soaking Times for Dried Beans

Cooking with dried beans instead of canned beans has its advantages. Find the right soaking times for a variety of beans with this handy little cheat sheet by WonderHowTo. Canned beans are convenient because you can cook them right out of the can, but they may not be as healthy for you as soaking dried […]

The Solutions Architect’s Everyday Bag

Sometimes, less is more, and solutions architect and Lifehacker reader James Steven’s bag is minimalist enough while still retaining everything he needs every day for work. Steven’s bag is a Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag 2014. Here’s what’s inside: Classic Messenger Bag 2014Classic Messenger Bag 2014Classic Messenger Bag 2014 The original Timbuk2 messenger improved by 25 […]

When Asked to Resign, Negotiate Unemployment Benefits

Sometimes a job just doesn’t work out. Employers sometimes ask you to resign instead of firing you. This is an opportunity to negotiate the terms of your separation. AoL Jobs suggests you and your soon-to-be former employer agree to how they’ll work with unemployment: Typically, you’re not eligible for unemployment benefits if you resign, but […]

Change Your Font for Easier Proofreading

Proofreading your own work is hard. It’s your words, so it’s hard to spot the errors. One way to make your work look different is to change the font. We all hate Comic Sans, but proofreading with a different font could help you improve your writing. You’ll see your words in a different way and […]

Get on a Flight Attendant’s Good Side By Giving Them a Pen

Flight attendants’ primary duty is passenger safety, but they also assist airline customers with all sorts of requests. Flight attendants get asked for pens all the time, so if you can spare a pen, you’ll quickly win flight attendants to your side. Over at AirfareWatchdog, they have a list of tips to help you become […]

SmallPDF Compresses PDFs From the Cloud

If you’ve ever tried to send a large PDF over email, you know that email systems have file size limits. SmallPDF will combine and shrink PDFs from the cloud so you can send it along. SmallPDF also converts other file formats to and from PDF. They’ll need store your files for one hour according to […]

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