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Learn Unconventional Skills to Boost Your Value in the Career Market

You can’t make it far in your career without a set of skills that make you valuable to an employer. To stand out from the crowd, however, be sure to also learn some skills that may not be taught in the curriculum everyone else is following. As CEO of Mandalay Entertainment John Guber explains, people […]

Empty the Gas Tank Before Storing Your Lawn Mower for Winter

When the leaves start changing, most of us put away our lawn mowers for the winter. Make sure you empty the gas tank before storing it over the winter. Consumer Reports has some tips to make sure your mower is ready for the spring. The most important tip: empty the gas. Gasoline left sitting in […]

Add Public Transportation to Your Weight Loss Plans

Finding time to exercise is tough. You can squeeze in some extra calorie burning by skipping the car and taking public transportation instead. It isn’t the same as going for a run, but a recent study suggests taking the bus or train could still make a difference. Walking or biking to work is obvious, exercise […]

Know How to Spot the Signs of a Hidden Handgun

Regardless of your opinion on handguns, you probably want to know how to spot someone carrying one. This graphic illustrates some tips from the New York City Police Department. Most of the suggestions have you look for something in the person’s appearance that seems out of place. The gun holder may be walking unusual or […]

The Most Germ-Infested Item in the Office Might Be the Coffee Pot

If you’re in a shared office environment, you probably wash you hands after using the restroom. That’s good hygiene, but you might consider washing your hands after touching the coffee pot. A recent study determined that it’s a “hot zone” in your office. The University of Arizona in Tucson studied how germs spread in an […]

Students: Ask for a Letter of Recommendation Now, Not Later

Whether you graduated from college last semester or are returning this fall, your professors can write you great letters of recommendation. If you wait until you need them at your next job, the professor’s memory might be a bit fuzzy. Ask now while you’re fresh in their minds. Over at Levo League they suggest first […]

Five Therapy Tips to Help Manage Life’s Problems

Not everyone has access to professional therapists or psychologists, but we all face life’s difficulties and need to find ways to deal with them. With some simple therapeutic tactics and methods, you might be able to help yourself overcome your more manageable problems. In fiction, change is sudden, romantic, and powerful. A villain is confronted […]

Find Battery Saving Tips for Almost Any Phone Model with This Index

Smartphone battery life is getting better over time, but there’s still plenty of things you can do to help keep your pocket-dwelling life assistant alive. This comprehensive index includes a wide range of battery-saving tips for models from Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, and even Amazon. The easy-to-browse index comes from […]

Here’s a List of More Than 30 Free Image Sites That Don’t Look Stock-y

Finding decent, non-stock-y images that are free to use can sometimes be a frustrating search. This collection of over 30 image web sites contains a mountain of photos that would look just as good in your project as they would as your computer’s wallpaper. This massive list comes courtesy of Nicolae at design blog designskilz, […]

This Video Debunks 10 Popular Misconceptions About Food

No matter what you call them—myths, urban legends, old wives’ tales, or misconceptions—this video tackles some of the more popular cooking and food related ones you’ve probably heard at some point. We’ve talked about popular food myths in-depth a couple times, but there are a lot floating around out there. This video from the Mental […]

How to Get Free Repairs Without a Valid Warranty

Nothing sucks more than having a gadget break down and finding out it’ll cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Don’t have the cash to spend on a repair? Here are some tricks for fixing it even if your warranty doesn’t apply. This classic post has been republished is part of our Evil Week series at […]

The Money Questions to Ask When Your First Baby is on the Way

You can’t prepare for every part of parenthood. But preparing yourself for the impact it will have on your budget can help reduce at least a little of the stress. Here are the money questions you should ask when your first baby is on the way. The Simple Dollar runs down nine financial considerations you […]

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