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Most Popular Android Downloads and Posts of 2014

Lollipop. Material Design. Android Wear. 2014 has been a huge year for Google’s favorite OS. That gives us plenty of new stuff to tinker with. Here are some of our best posts on the topic from the past year. In just a few short years, Android has grown from a small project within Google to […]

Reduce Impulse Clothing Purchases with the "Three Outfit" Rule

It’s easy to find a clothing item you like in a nice store, but if it doesn’t go with anything you already own, you’re just digging yourself a hole. The “three outfit” rule keeps your clothing purchases in check. Have you ever found something you really like and then got home to find that it […]

Make a Good First Impression by Saying Who You Help, Not What You Do

When you meet someone for the first time, either in a business or social setting, the question of what you do for a living is guaranteed to come up. You can make strong, lasting impressions by answering that question just a little differently. First impressions are pretty important, and there are a lot of things […]

Clean and De-Wax Your Menorah With These Tips

If you’ve used a menorah for even a few years, it’s probably gunked up with wax (unless you have an oil-based one). The problem gets worse over time, so let this year be the year your menorah stays clean and fresh. Before Lighting: Prevent Wax Drippings If you want to spend the cash, beeswax and […]

Develop Stronger Accountability by Refusing to Use "Viable Excuses"

Using too many excuses can eventually catch up with you in a bad way. Even using the legitimate, good excuses too often can create a habit of always finding something to fall back on. By stopping the use of excuses, you can become more responsible and accountable. You probably know someone that has an excuse […]

Most Popular Clever Uses and Macgyver Tips of 2014

This was a great year for being clever and coming up with different tricks you can do with things around the house. The right tools should be used for the right job, but sometimes being creative is better than any tool out there. This year we learned that LEGO figures are perfect cable holders, Linux […]

Programmers: What Does It Take to Be a Developer (Other than Coding)?

Coding is the biggest focus for most aspiring developers, but the truth is it takes a lot more to be a professional in the field. So we want to know: what else does it take to be a professional developer? Schools teach you to code, and might even teach you how to code with a […]

A Guide to Talking With Your Hands Without Being Annoying

Some people have a natural tendency to talk with their hands. This will either come off as really passionate and expressive, or really annoying. If you talk with your hands you should know how to do so without being annoying, and this video shows you how. Avoid These Negative Body Language Cues When Going on […]

$30 SodaStream, Invisible HDTV Antenna, and More Deals

This SodaStream was on sale last week for $35, which was insane. Now it’s down to $30. [SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit, White, $35] Need to charge a lot of gadgets at once? You’re in luck today. iClever 50W / 10-Amp 6-Port Fast Charging USB Wall/Travel/Desktop Charging Station ($20) | Amazon | […]

Give the Gift of Awesome with Stuff We Like

Every year, we find plenty of cool things that we like because they’re just plain cool. They may not fit a specific category, so this is where they end up. Here is some of the most baller stuff we like. Aqua Notes Your best ideas always seem to come to you in the shower, don’t […]

How to Decide Between a Single-Stage or Two-Stage Snow Blower

When your back and shoulders tell you it’s time to put down the snow shovel, you listen. Here’s how to decide between a single or two-stage snow blower. Snow blowers are available in a variety of configurations; single-stage electric, single-stage gas, two-stage gas and three-stage gas. To find your ideal match, consider your property size, […]

What’s the Best Vacuum?

You could probably stand to vacuum more, and this week we’re taking your nominations for the best tool for vacuuming better. Which vacuum is the best, and which features matter the most to you? Head for the comments and tell us. To clarify, we’re looking for something approximating a standard vacuum, so no robots, car […]

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