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Five Best Personal Finance Tools

S Managing your money and budgeting can be a daunting task, even if you’re a spreadsheet ninja. Corralling accounts, watching your money move, and keeping track of everything can be tough, but there are personal finance tools that make the job much easier. Here are some of the best personal finance tools, perfect for keeping […]

SofaPlay Streams Media from Your Mac to Your TV via Drag and Drop

S OS X: Macs can stream audio and video pretty easily over AirPlay, but if you want to watch/listen to your media on a television you need an AppleTV hooked up to get the job done. SofaPlay offers the same functionality, but with the more widely-implemented UPnP/DLNA standards. If you have a gaming console or […]

Turn Your Bike into a Safe-at-Night TRON-Cycle with EL Wire

S When you bike at night, you need lights and reflectors to stay safe from vehicles and other people who might otherwise not see you. MAKE Projects shows you a really cool way to not only do that, but make your bike look like something out of TRON at the same time. So, first things […]

Your Clever Password Tricks Aren’t Protecting You from Today’s Hackers

Security breaches happen so often nowadays, you’re probably sick of hearing about them and all the ways you should beef up your accounts. Even if you think you’ve heard it all already, though, today’s password-cracking tools are more advanced and cut through the clever password tricks many of us use. Here’s what’s changed and what […]

Track Every Small Progress for a Successful “Done List”

S The “Done List” is a popular productivity method for those who prefer to track their achievements than make task lists. 99U reminds us that it’s not just about what you achieve though; these lists should include all progress you make. Count your small wins. Don’t wait until you’ve hit big goals like completing a […]

Top 10 Relationship Challenges You Can Overcome

S It doesn’t matter whether you’re going on your first date your getting married, living together or long distance: we could all use a little relationship advice. Here are 10 tough relationship situations we’ve covered over the years, and how to tackle them. 10. Rock the First Date Let’s start at the beginning: you’ve just […]

Use Part of Your Vacation to Refocus and Plan Your Finances

Getting your financial situation under control is never an easy task. It might be a bit easier if you do some of your financial planning while you’re taking a break from your normal routine. Say, while on vacation. No one likes the idea of spending their leisure time on productive things (and if you do, […]

Silence Long “Reply All” Threads with Gmail’s Mute Feature

We’ve all been there: you get caught in an email thread where everyone’s replying all and even though it’s no longer relevant to you, it never ends. Gmail can help you mute these conversations. Gmail’s mute button is actually an old feature—a really old feature—but it’s one of those under-the-radar ones that many of us […]

The Seven Easiest Vegetables to Grow for Beginner Gardeners

S You don’t need a green thumb to grow a bounty of fresh vegetables right in your backyard or balcony. Whether you’re a gardening novice or just want to start a vegetable garden with the least amount of time and effort, here are the top almost foolproof vegetables to grow. Most of the gardening sites […]

Geek Out and Get Fit with the Konami Code Workout

Sometimes you need to inject a bit of fun (or nerdiness) into exercise to stay challenged and motivated. Just the name of this workout, based on the famous Konami video game code, might be enough to get you moving. It’s easy to remember too. You’ll be going up up (two pull-ups), down down (two push-ups), […]

Clean Old Paintings with a Slice of Bread

Don’t let dust or dirt ruin your favorite paintings. Even with years of grime accumulated on vintage oil paintings, doughy white bread will make them look like new. The Brick House shares this trick. Just rub the squishy white part of the bread over the painting to suck up all the filth, then use a […]

The Three Key Steps to Creativity: Copy, Transform, and Combine

In an information economy, originality and creativity are all-important skills. They’re also some of the most misunderstood ideas. Speaking at TED, author Kirby Ferguson argues that creativity comes from copying, transforming, and combining other works. Anyone who’s ever thought they were quoting Pablo Picasso is familiar with the adage, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” […]

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