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The Tech Daily Essentials Bag

We’ve featured all kinds of bags for all types of people, but sometimes, you just need a little bit of a tech and a lot of simplicity. Reader Louie Tran’s is just that. The bag is a Waterfield Designs Staad Backpack. Here’s what’s inside: MacBook Retina 2015 1.2Ghz/8GB/512GB/Space Gray Grid-It Mini USB Cable Lightning Cable […]

Look for Common Connections to Avoid Getting Scammed on LinkedIn

The whole point of LinkedIn is to connect to others in a professional or career-related capacity, but like other social networks, LinkedIn is also a place where criminals try to gain access to information about you and those you know. Inc. offers some advice on how to quickly spot fake LinkedIn accounts so you don’t […]

Use Complex Patterns, Avoid Letters For More Secure Android Lock Patterns

Pattern locks on Android can be a simpler way of locking your phone. However, like a PIN or password, some patterns can be easier to guess than others. To stay secure, avoid using shapes that look like letters, and stick to patterns that use five or more of the nine nodes. Security researcher Marte Løge […]

Get Free Admission to All National Park Service Parks, Beaches and Forests This Tuesday

Our national parks and lands are a great way to get outdoors and reconnect with family, friends, or even yourself. This Tuesday, you can get in for free to any park run by the National Park Service in celebration of their 99th birthday.… Find a national park near you Find a national park near you […]

Build Your Own Fully Functional Computer Control Panel

Sometimes, the best DIY projects are about excess. Which is exactly what Reddit user smashcuts went for in his computer control panel that controls everything from music to app launching. The control panel does all sorts of useful things alongside its ridiculous posturing. It can launch apps, control volume, change screen preferences, and more. It’s […]

This Video Explains Why Too Much Optimism Can Actually Ruin Your Goals

You don’t always have to be so optimistic about everything because there’s actually a lot of power in negative thinking. This video explains why being too optimistic about your future goals might actually hamper them instead of help them. This video, from the New York Magazine YouTube channel, suggests that a little bit of pessimism […]

Find the Best Food and Beer Pairings With This Handy Chart

Beer is pretty wonderful on its own, but if you enjoy drinking with your meals, that can be fun, too. Certain drinks and foods bring out the best in each other when they’re paired, and this graphic tells you what food to pair with different beers to highlight the best flavors. We’ve given you this […]

Make Delicious, Sparkling Cocktails with a Sodastream

We would never tell you to go out and get a Sodastream just to make cocktails like this, but if you have one, here’s something else you can use it for beyond just making soda or seltzer water. The folks at VinePair have a few great cocktail recipes that actually work well in the Sodastream […]

The States With the Most Fast-Growing Companies

If you’re planning on moving to a new state, it’s helpful to know how the local job market is doing. This interactive chart shows where the 5,000 fastest growing companies break down by state. While the chart isn’t a comprehensive look at the job economy as a whole (nor does it break down by industry), […]

VHS Camcorder Downgrades Your iPhone Videos to VHS Quality

iOS: Fancy yourself nostalgic for the bygone era of VHS camcorders? VHS Camcorder records videos on your iOS device and runs them through a set of filters so they look as bad as old camcorder recordings. VHS Camcorder adds tape noise, on screen dates, static, and even tracking distortion to your videos so they look […]

This Real-Time Calculator Shows How Long It Takes You to Earn Things

If you’ve ever wondered how much time it takes for you to earn enough to buy a burger, TV, or even a home on your current salary, this calculator shows you in real-time. The calculator, from Retale, makes it easy to see the purchasing power of your occupation compared to other occupations like surgeons, web […]

Top 10 DIY Projects That Cost Less Than $3

Why pay tons of money for something when you can make it yourself for pennies on the dollar? Here are some of our favorite life hacking DIY projects that’ll run you less than the cost of a latte. 10. Keep Thieves at Bay With a Motion-Activated Burglar Alarm Cost: $2 Advertisement You can do a […]

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