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Should I Let a Robo-Advisor Manage My Investments or Do It Myself?

Dear Lifehacker,I keep hearing about automated investment services like Betterment and Wealthfront. They seem great and the easiest way to invest. But are these so-called robo-advisors better than the DIY approach? Signed,Manage My Money Dear Manage,Robo-advisors are definitely growing in popularity as a way to get investing advice and automatically manage your portfolio on the […]

This ASPCA Chart Shows You the Cost of Owning a Pet

Cost is a key factor when considering a pet, and this chart from the ASPCA breaks down costs you should expect for the first year after adopting a new animal companion. The chart covers a number of popular pets. . You can see estimates for individual expenses—like food, litter, toys, and health insurance—as well as […]

Give Your Glossy Tech a Brushed Finish with Stripping Pads

If you hate the look of glossy plastic (or if your gadgets have just gotten scratched and marked beyond recognition), you can give it a better looking “brushed” finish by sanding it down with some stripping pads. Luke from Linus Tech Tips does a bit of experimenting in the video above, using a Wii, a […]

You are driving a truck, pulling a trailer in which your friends are sitting.

You are driving a truck, pulling a trailer in which your friends are sitting. You’re barefoot, wearing headphones – the big ones from the ‘70s – with a “suicide knob” on the steering wheel. You pull a U-turn and a police officer who was following you pulls you over. Can you be ticketed for any […]

Stop Getting Gouged: All the Extra Fees You Can Avoid When Traveling

Traveling is expensive enough as it is without airlines, hotels, and rental companies surprising you with big fat fees. While the travel industry might enjoy preying on the exhausted, it only takes a little knowledge to avoid these fees altogether. Save Money on Flights Airlines love charging fees. While every airline is a little different, […]

Windows 10 Preview Is Available for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Windows 10 has all kinds of great stuff going on under the hood, but one of the most intriguing things is a special version designed for the Raspberry Pi 2 and Arduino-certified boards. You can check out that version right now. All the Important Stuff Microsoft Announced at Build 2015 Today All the Important Stuff […]

Stick to  General Questions When Meeting Someone New 

One of the best ways to elevate small talk into interesting conversations is to ask questions. Stick with more general questions to learn more about someone without being invasive. Even if you make seemingly innocent assumptions, they can lead to embarrassment for both yourself and your new acquaintance. For example, when meeting a younger woman […]

Prepare for a Bad Job Reference Before It Happens

Nobody’s perfect, and sometimes you leave a job with a bad taste in your manager’s mouth. If you know they’re going to give you a less-than-stellar reference, tackle it head on before it happens. Nick Corcodilos of Ask the Headhunter recommends you call your old boss and ask for their permission to add you as […]

The Best Places to Post Your Resume, Depending On Your Field

Getting your resume noticed is everything, and where share it makes a huge difference. Uploading your resume to a big job board is a start, but many careers have special sites and communities that can give you a leg up on your competition. Let’s look at some of the best, based on the field you’re […]

Password Alert Warns You When Your Google Password Is Phished

Chrome: Google launched a new extension today called Password Alert that’s designed to keep you from using your Google password on sites that aren’t operated by Google. Password Alert warns you whenever you type in you Google password on any site that isn’t a Google sign-in page. The main goal is to prevent phishing attacks, […]

Substitute Onions for Shallots with a Bit of Boiling Water

It’s easy for me to remember to grab pantry staples like garlic and onions at the store, but other larder items aren’t always so lucky; in particular, I always seem to forget shallots. Thankfully, if you’re making a recipe that calls for shallots and your kitchen is temporarily without, we’ve learned an easy substitute for […]

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