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Watch Out For a Non-Solicit Clause in Your Employment Contract

Employers tend to find all sorts of ways of restricting your activities after you leave the company. Watch out for a non-solicit clause in your next employment contract. Although noncompete clauses may harm your future career opportunities, a non-solicit limits what you can do at a future employer. These clauses are more enforceable because you […]

Create an “Invitational” Elevator Pitch to Advance Your Career

Elevator pitches are those 30-second opportunities to talk about yourself and why you matter. At a new job, consider giving the target of your speech a specific invitation to seek you out for your skills. We’ve talked about creating an elevator pitch before and in particular when applying for jobs. The Muse has a great […]

Carry a Different Credit Card Than Your Spouse While Travelling

Nothing can ruin a vacation like having your wallet or purse stolen. Minimize the hassle of being without a credit card by carrying different cards than your spouse. When you both carry around the same credit cards and a pickpocket (or worse) steals your wallet, you’ll have to wait for the credit card company to […]

Open Chip Bags From the Bottom to Avoid Crumbs on Top

Don’t you hate it when you open a bag of chips into a bowl and the broken chips end up on top? Instead, open the bag from the bottom so the crumbs stay on the bottom. Sure, you could turn the bag into a bowl by rolling up the sides of the bag or opening […]

Shop for Household Items at Electronics or Hardware Stores and Save

The next time you run out of toilet paper or need some coffee, your first instinct may be to go to the grocery store. Check out a non-traditional retailer for these things and you might save some money. If you haven’t noticed big-box specialty retailers have started carrying household items you might not expect. The […]

​WineGlass Uses Your iPhone’s Camera to Rate Wines

iOS: Some of us aren’t quite sure difference between a Malbec and a Merlot. We get a bit overwhelmed by the wine list at a restaurant. Wine Glass scans the wine list for you and makes suggestions on which wines to order. Once you take a picture of the menu, WineGlass uses OCR to pull […]

Make Your Own Tool Roll for Easy Storage and Transportation

Not everyone needs to carry around a big toolbox. If you need something a bit simpler, Instructables user nomuse shows off how to make your own roll that’s easy to carry everywhere. All you’ll need is some basic sewing skills, a few upholstery fabric remnants, some velcro, and a couple clips. The end result is […]

Remind People to Wash Their Hands with This DIY Alarm

Let’s be real here: everyone should be washing their hands after they use the bathroom. To help remind the forgetful types, this setup lights up a sign if the sink wasn’t used after the toilet was flushed. The build comes from Make and uses an Arduino Microcontroller and some piezo senors, which are capable of […]

Menu Formatting Could Affect How Much You Spend at a Restaurant

We already know that eating out is expensive, but a recent study at Cornell University found a tactic restaurants use to get you to spend even more. The study examined how customers reacted to lunch menu formatting at a busy restaurant in New York. What they discovered was customers given a menu without dollar signs […]

BringFido App Finds Pet-Friendly Hotels, Dog Parks, and Restaurants

iOS: If you’re on the road with man’s best friend, the BringFido App can help you find a ton of pet friendly places to crash, play, and eat. We mentioned their web site a while back, but now BringFido’s search capabilities incorporate even more on their mobile app. It’s easy to find pet friendly hotels, […]

A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Better Customer Service

Despite your best efforts to fix problems on your own, sometimes you just have to call for help—whether you’ve got broken gadgets, downed service, or just need to fix a company’s mistake. Calling customer service can be a miserable experience, but when it comes time to bite the bullet and give them a ring, follow […]

This Chart Tells You Exactly How Much Underwear You Should Pack

When you’re packing for a long trip it’s sometimes hard to determine how many pairs of underwear you need. This chart helps you determine the perfect amount by comparing how many pairs, how many days you’re away, and how many washes will be required. The chart, courtesy of Reed Kennedy at weblog Pack Like a […]

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