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The Marvel Comics Home Screen

Just in case you weren’t satisfied with Marvel in every movie theater, news feed, and piece of merchandise on the planet, this design puts classic comics from the superhero behemoth right on your home screen. This look is designed for both Themer and Zooper widgets. To get this design in Themer, download the .zip file […]

I’m Tom Standage, Deputy Editor of The Economist, and This Is How I Work

The Economist is one of the leading international newspapers today, bringing precisely crafted news and commentary to its weekly pages and website. Serving as deputy editor for the paper and also heading their digital strategy is Tom Standage. Tom is the author of a variety of history books, including Writing on the Wall, which posits […]

Stay Safe and Avoid Damaging Your Lawnmower by Walking the Route First

Rocks, toys, and sticks can wreak havoc on your lawnmower’s blades, and can also be a danger to you. Taking some time to check the lawnmower’s path will save you a lot of trouble. While it might seem obvious that you shouldn’t run over things with your lawnmower, a lot of small objects can be […]

The Simplest Way to Designate a Home for Items That Are Easy to Lose

Small items like keys, tools, credit cards, and remotes have a tendency to vanish from time to time, so it’s important to designate a home for them. If you don’t know where would be best, it might help to imagine them being lost already. Putting things away instead of just putting them down is a […]

The UST 30-Day LED Lantern Is a Great Camping Lantern for Your Money

Whether you’re camping or just enjoying the outdoors, a reliable source of light is a must, and The Sweethome thinks the UST 30-Day is the best LED lantern for your money. During testing, The Sweethome considered brightness, ability to adjust the light level, battery life (20 hours minimum), and cost ($50 or less). The UST […]

The Sharp Dressed Earth Desktop

Thomas over at Flickr combines one of my favorite wallpapers with some smart widgets and music playback controls to create a workspace that’s probably as much fun to use as it is to look at. Here’s how he set it all up. Not that it’s obvious, but Thomas is running Windows on this desktop, and […]

Build a Block Retaining Wall to Beautify a Steep Slope

A yard with a steep slope can be difficult to landscape. Build a block retaining wall to add level tiers to your yard, which prevent erosion and provide a perfect place for a flower garden. Engineering your retaining wall is the most important part of the process, as a well constructed wall should support hundreds […]

Career Spotlight: What I Do as a Physician Assistant

There’s a wide gamut of professionals that provide healthcare to people every day besides doctors and nurses. A physician assistant, for example, typically has more time than a rushed doctor to actually spend time with patients and provide care. At a glance it’s an easily misunderstood role—becoming a physician assistant requires more education than a […]

Most Popular BitTorrent Client: µTorrent

BitTorrent is still a great way to transfer large files, but it’s only as convenient and efficient as the application you use to seed and download them. This week, we’re looking at five of the best BitTorrent clients, based on your nominations. Earlier in the week, we asked you for the best BitTorrent clients—the ones […]

Hoopla Digital Now Lets You Check Out Ebooks and Comics for Free

Hoopla Digital, one of our picks for best audiobook services, will now let you check out over 5,509 ebooks and 579 comics for free. All you need is a library card. Five Best Audiobook Services Five Best Audiobook Services Five Best Audiobook Services If you’re looking for ways to fit more books into your life, […]

Why Don’t I Look Like My Goal Physique Yet?

There are only so many things you can control in life, and your genetics isn’t one of them. Aside from hitting the gym and plastic surgery, you have little say over how your appearance turns out—and even then, you may have less control than you think. Blame Your Genetics Casting clothes, makeup, and hairstyles aside, […]

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