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Mcor IRIS Paper-Based Full Color 3D Printer

Mcor IRIS Paper-Based Full Color 3D Printer

Mcor IRIS printing sample

Mcor IRIS printing sampleIreland’s Mcor Technologies, whose paper-based 3D printing process we wrote about just last Monday, has entered into a deal with Staples’ Printing Systems Division to launch a new 3D printing service called “Staples Easy 3D.”  The service will be offered starting in early 2013 in the Netherlands and Belgium only, with plans to expand to other countries soon thereafter. It will provide full-color 3D models printed using Mcor’s full-color paper-based IRIS printer, which takes regular letter-sized paper and has a build envelope of 9.39 × 6.89 × 5.9in. [via PopSci]

Mcor Technologies and Staples division launch 3D printing service | Mcor Technologies

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