Paper Wine Bottle Being Pushed To Replace Dumb Glass

Okay, glass isn’t dumb as the title suggests. But it had to put the whole paper vs. glass argument in perspective. Seen below is what a wine bottle made of paper looks like. It’s slated to go into production soon thanks to a Yorkshire-based manufacturer who cut a deal with the inventor. Oh yeah, the inventor. Martin Myerscough’s the name and he has got quite the entertaining back story.


To keep it short, Martin Myerscough thought that plastic bottles in landfills are a huge waste. Drawing on his lifelong passion for innovating at stuff plus the resources of his own company Greenbottle, he uses a combination of papier-mâché cleverness and foil to produce a biodegradable lightweight wine bottle.

The problem with Myerscough’s invention is marketing. Wines are a strictly conservative business, though anyone fond of the red stuff knows that wine has undergone a lot of transformation in the last 60-70 years. So the big hurdles facing the Myerscough bottle are branding and disposal. Glass, which is de rigeur with wines, is recyclable to a maddening degree. The Myerscough bottle, though it biodegrades, has a metal foil interior to preserve the liquid content. For some reason this is problematic when it comes to recycling. It’s a bad mix, claims one eco-conscious group.

But other than minor quibbles about disposal, it seems Myerscough’s bottle is going to give the industry a good shake.

Source Designweek