Bitybean Child Carrier

There are lots of infant and toddler carriers out there to suit personal preferences. What makes this carrier special — and a big reason why it’s become our everyday go-to carrier for our 22 pound six-month old — is its unbelievably compact size and simplicity. Unlike other carriers like the Ergobaby and Babybjorn, when not […]

What You Need To Know To Get Started With Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now available for anyone to use, provided they’ve got all the prerequisites, both for physical stores and for online transactions. But you can’t just walk up to your local brick-and-mortar store and wave your iPhone and walk out with whatever you want – that would be theft. Instead, you’ll need the following […]

CloudCannon Raises $500K To Make Designing Static Websites Simpler

CloudCannon, a simple CMS for web designers and their clients aimed at offering simple visual editing without the need for an advanced technical skillset, is today launching globally from TechCrunch Disrupt: London’s Startup Alley. The company is also announcing $500,000 in new funding, and a partnership with domain name registry Rightside. The additional capital comes from New […]

Smartsheet Helps Businesses Visualize Themselves

Smartsheet, the spreadsheet-based project and work management platform, is now making it easier for companies to understand how their employees actually work (and who they mostly work with). Companies mostly use the service to manage their projects and help employees collaborate. Because of this, the service knows quite a bit about who does what in a […]

iMac With Retina 5K Display Review: Meet The Best Desktop Computer Available

Apple’s newest iMac has the best display ever on a computing device. Let’s just get that out the way right at the start: You won’t find a better screen anywhere else, period. The 27-inch, 5120×2880 screen has a PPI of 218, or roughly equivalent to that of the MacBook Pro with Retina display, but the […]

Here’s What You Need To Know From Microsoft’s Cloud Event

Today in San Francisco, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella and his lieutenant Scott Guthrie detailed the status of their company’s cloud efforts, breaking out a few growth metrics, and announcing several new features that they hope will spur growth. Microsoft is hellbent to be a winner in the cloud space. With self-claimed $4.4 billion in yearly cloud run […]

African solar plan to power UK homes

20 October 2014 Last updated at 07:33 By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent, BBC News An impression of what a large-scale concentrated solar power facility might look like in the Tunisian desert Investors are seeking funding from the UK government for an ambitious plan to import solar energy generated in North Africa. Under the scheme, up […]

Paralysed groom walks down the aisle

A paralysed groom has achieved his goal of walking at his wedding in the US, thanks to a robotic “exoskeleton”. Matt Ficarra was paralysed from the chest down in 2011, after breaking his neck in a boating accident. But family and friends cheered as he walked into the hotel ballroom in Syracuse, New York to […]

Facebook warning to US drugs officers

One of the images it’s claimed was used in the fake account (The BBC has blurred part of the image) It doesn’t matter who you are, Facebook’s rules must be obeyed, according to Facebook. That’s why the social network has written to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) telling them to stop setting up fake […]

Anonymising router project shut down

20 October 2014 Last updated at 11:15 Many people aggravating for change in nations such as China use Tor to avoid official scrutiny A plan to raise cash to make a router that hides what people do online has been suspended after questions were raised about the project. Anonabox sought $7,500 (£4,700) on crowdfunding site […]

Google changes ‘to fight piracy’

20 October 2014 Last updated at 13:16 By Dave Lee Technology reporter, BBC News Music industry executives are frustrated by illegal sites appearing in Google search results Google has announced changes to its search engine in an attempt to curb online piracy. The company has long been criticised for enabling people to find sites to […]

Take Care of Yourself on Even Days, Caretake on Odd Days

If you’re taking care of an elderly parent or a sick friend, you know how overwhelming the task can be. The Happiness Project recommends using every other day to take care of yourself. Over at the Happiness Project, they share a great tip from one of their readers: ODD days: I do everything I can […]

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