Test code hints at future iPads with Touch ID and Apple Pay

There have been photos and vague rumors hinting that Apple’s next iPads will involve more than just a speed bump, but there hasn’t been much in the way of hard evidence… until today, that is. Hamza Sood has uncovered code in the iOS 8.1 developer beta that alludes to unannounced iPads with Touch ID fingerprint […]

You can swap out Project Ara’s modules without switching the phone off

Back in April, Project Ara’s Module Developers Kit revealed that the phone’s battery will be hot-swappable; in other words, you can replace it without having to switch the phone off. Nifty trick, right? Well, the feature’s apparently not limited to the device’s battery. Project director Paul Eremenko has recently divulged in a keynote that you’ll […]

Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus coming to China on October 17th

Apple has finally revealed the date that its new iPhones will be available to eager users in mainland China: Friday, October 17th. The devices had been delayed pending regulatory approval, but Apple was finally granted a license earlier today. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will go on pre-order starting October 10th, with units […]

Judge finds Grooveshark employees guilty of mass copyright-infringement

Grooveshark’s disappearing and reappearing act looks like it could finally come to an end; permanently. A Manhattan judge has ruled that because Grooveshark employees themselves had uploaded 5,977 songs to the service and infringing on copyrights in the process, the outfit couldn’t be granted safe harbor for hosting music from the likes of Jay-Z and […]

Apple Watch makes first public appearance at Paris Fashion Week

Colette is one of those ultra-hip Paris shops that may tempt you with its eclectic toys, clothing, tech and art — until you see the prices. For Fashion Week in Paris, it’s about to have a shiny new bauble: the Apple Watch. The store has announced a one-day only preview of the 1.53- or 1.33-inch […]

Overcome TV Show Binge-Watching with a Lesson In Plot

If you can’t seem to stop your TV show streaming marathon, learning about the plot lines that hook you in can help you break away and get some decent sleep. How to Get Better Sleep (and Need Less Every Night)How to Get Better Sleep (and Need Less Every Night)How to Get Better Sleep (and Need […]

Find the Solution to Any Stain with This Searchable Database

Nobody likes a big ugly stain on their carpet or clothing. This searchable database has stain solutions for everything from automotive oil to mustard. The database comes from the University of Illinois and covers carpets, upholstery, and washable fabrics. You can browse their stain solutions from A to Z, or narrow things down with a […]

Apple has released a patch for last week’s Shellshock bug.

Apple has released a patch for last week’s Shellshock bug. If you didn’t patch the bug manually, you can download and install Apple’s patch for OS X Mavericks here. How To Check If Your Mac or Linux Machine Is Vulnerable to ShellshockHow To Check If Your Mac or Linux Machine Is Vulnerable to ShellshockHow To […]

Slap Garnishing Herbs to Bring Out the Most Flavor

An herbs flavor and aroma comes from the essential oils inside, and knowing how to release those oils properly is important. For plate and cocktail garnishes, a simple way to release those oils is with a good slap. When you’re actually cooking with the herb, chopping or mincing is fine, but garnishes require a different […]

The Software Development and Camera Combo Bag

These days, prepping your bag is rarely about preparing for one task. Case in point, software developer and photographer Dean Putney needed a bag that could handle both his jobs at once. Putney settled on the Chrome Niko Pack because it’s divided into two main space, a top and bottom. Here’s what’s inside: Bottom half: […]

Show Focus Points for Lightroom is a handy plug-in for image focus analysis

It may not have occurred to you to double-check which focus points were used when you shot a photo with your DSLR, but the recent Show Focus Points plug-in for Lightroom makes such an inquiry somewhat fascinating. Show Focus Points, still in beta, is free for both Mac and Windows versions of Lightroom 5 and works with […]

Apple releases Bash security flaw patch for OS X

Apple just released updates to squelch the bash UNIX shell exploit. The updates close a security hole that allowed hackers to remotely take over a computer using SSH (Secure Shell, a networking protocol). The exploit does require that a computer be available on the internet (like a web server) so most users are not in immediate […]

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