US fines over data requests would have destroyed Yahoo in a year

The US government’s threat that it would fine Yahoo $250,000 per day back in 2008 was bad enough by itself, but declassified documents show that the penalties could easily have been much, much worse. Marc Zwillinger and Jacob Sommer (who were on Yahoo’s side in the case) note that $250,000 was merely the baseline, and […]

MIT’s soft robotic tentacle can squeeze into tight spots (video)

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Lab (CSAIL) has been developing different types of soft robots for a while: you might remember the mechanical fish from earlier this year that can swim like a real one. Now, that same laboratory has come up with another soft robot, and this time it’s inspired by a wriggly, slithery […]

Roku has sold over 10 million players, but is that enough?

Tonight Roku is announcing that over 10 million of its tiny media streamers have sold, dating back to when they were first introduced in 2008. That’s good news, and shows sales are continuing to pick up after it crossed 5 million just last spring and eight million at the beginning of the year. Just as […]

Security app automatically encrypts your shared files so you don’t have to

In this post-PRISM world, basically everyone is worried about privacy (and rightly so!) — especially when it comes to cloud-based storage. Offloading your files to the likes of Dropbox doesn’t come without a share of caveats regarding security, so that’s where Places comes in. What sets the startup’s service apart from its peers, according to […]

Get to the Root of Problems with a Fishbone Diagram

When you encounter a problem, the most effective method of solving it is by getting to the root cause. You can create a fishbone diagram to help yourself determine that. Cause and effect analysis is a great technique for investigating the real issues in any organized system, or solving any problem. A fishbone diagram is […]

The Best Cities for Fast (or Cheap) Internet

Some US cities get much faster internet than others, and US some cities get better deals on internet. These are those cities. If you live in one of these cities—or plan on moving to one soon—Analyst Geneva McNamara at put together a handy graphic to help you determine which internet provider can give you […]

The Eight Most Common Traits of Successful People

Not every successful person gets successful the same way, but they all may still have some traits in common. Here are eight traits that most successful people have as determined by years of research. Lecturer Richard St. John traveled around the world for ten years to conduct face-to-face interviews with successful people like Ben Cohen […]

The Fully Loaded Briefcase

Just because you use a briefcase for work doesn’t mean you have to keep boring old papers in it. Everyday Carry reader Derrick is a customer service rep for FEMA and the organization’s pedigree shows through in his choices for the contents of his bag. The bag is a Ted Baker briefcase. Here’s what’s inside: […]

How advocate marketing can change the trajectory of your company

Cassandra Jowett is the Content Marketing Manager at Influitive. This article originally appeared on the Influitive blog. We know the power that one person can have on our lives. We each have heroes, villains and role models who permeate into our lives and indirectly guide the way we behave. Steve Jobs introduced the world to the […]

Google says government demands for user data have increased 150% in five years

Today Google published its tenth transparency report as it pertains to government requests for user data. According to Google, governments have stepped up their demands for your data. Pertaining to worldwide data requests not related to FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) and NSL (National Security Letters), there has been a 15 percent increase compared to […]

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