Hoverboards, SmartFrames, and other cool Kickstarter projects

Daniel Broderick is a freelance writer who focuses on art, entertainment, and finance. This post was originally published on the Shutterstock blog and has been reprinted with permission. Lots of people love Kickstarter. But creativity knows no bounds on the world’s favorite crowdfunding platform. From the hoverboard of childhood daydreams to a frame that stores your […]

Fawning over phones: Should we be worried about our addiction to gadgets?

Last week, Ericsson put out a report saying that 90 percent of the world’s population over the age of 6 would have a mobile phone by 2020. That seems like an incredible number – and is perhaps by some people’s estimations, a little on the generous side. Even so, even if you take 10 percent […]

What every company should know about hiring tech talent

Vivek Ravisankar is the CEO and cofounder of Y Combinator alumnus HackerRank — a tech talent community for developers and companies that hire developers. The world is speeding up. Today, every company is a software company on some level. Developers are pushing the envelope, creating, iterating and scaling faster than ever before. Regardless of the industry […]

Why a tech reporter will create the next great startup

Conrad Egusa is the CEO of Publicize. He is happy to connect on LinkedIn here. Tech journalists spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Which company will become the next Instagram? What’s the next product to change the face of gaming? The journalist-launched journalism startup is a relatively established concept, with Time’s Dan […]

Elon Musk teases new fins for reusable rockets, autonomous spaceport ships

Elon Musk is probably the most interesting person in private space technology right now. Today, he teased a number of new features for his SpaceX rockets and the technology that launches them. First up is the new x-wing design (no, not the ones from Star Wars) for hypersonic control, which help with re-entry to improve stability […]

Every Company Needs A Chief Digital Officer

Editor’s note: Neha Sampat is CEO of raw engineering and an expert on the enterprise market, with 15 years in product marketing for enterprise software, cloud computing and online experiences for companies like Sun Microsystems and VMware. In an increasingly digital world, where everything from marketing to RD and customer service is becoming digital, the Chief […]

Adobe’s Cloud Photoshop Suggests We May Finally Realize The Dream Of Streamed Computing

I’ve been writing about tech for nearly a decade now, and in that time, one thing has always seemed perpetually promising, and yet also ultimately unsatisfying: remote streaming consumer computing. I’m not talking about remotely connecting to your work PC to grab a couple of files, but actually using programs interchangeably with your own local […]

Patrons Aims To Hook Your Office Up With Live Performances

Patrons is an app makes it easy to hook your place of business up with a band that has a little bit of free time before a performance. The idea is that the artist can pick up an extra gig while in town for another performance. It’s an offshoot from live music booking marketplace Gigit. […]

Gillmor Gang: Cash or Charge

The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. Hard not to talk about Uber, given the clash between hubris and transformational momentum. The Gang swims in a sea of messaging apps, Facebook passport control, Google InBox immigration. Newspaper taxis appear on the shore, waiting to take you away. […]

Debunking The 7 Myths of Marketing In The Enterprise

Over the last few months enterprise giants Oracle and Salesforce have put on shows featuring the likes of Hillary Clinton and Bruno Mars reminding all of us in the enterprise world that marketing matters. While most enterprise startups will never reach these levels of budget and glamour, this time of the year does serve as […]

Stringer Gives You More Control Over Music on Shuffle

iPhone: Shuffling your music is usually a pretty simple affair, but if you’re looking for a bit more control, Stringer is an app that gives you a ton of control over how shuffle works. Stringer uses “strings” to shuffle music. You start a string with a song then Stringer builds out a shuffled set of […]

The Science Behind Making the Perfect Jello Shot

Jello shots have become a tasty staple for parties all over. To get the perfect balance of flavor and texture, it all comes down to a strong binding gelatin and using the right booze. In her book Jelly Shot Test Kitchen, Michelle Palm takes the college party classic and ups the ante. Jello shots are […]

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