Twitpic’s last-minute deal with Twitter keeps your old photos safe

Twitpic may not have avoided an untimely demise, but you won’t have to worry about some of your older Twitter photos disappearing into the void. The defunct hosting company has reached a last-minute deal that will have Twitter take over both the Twitpic web domain and its photo archive, keeping all those legacy images intact. […]

Roku wants to grow its media hub empire with a public stock filing

Roku frequently comes across as the little media player company that could: its streaming box business is growing in spite of much larger competition. As healthy as it is, though, this upstart now appears eager to join the big leagues. Tipsters for both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times claim that Roku is […]

Nexus 9, riding a real-life hoverboard and other stories you might’ve missed

That’s right, folks. Our own Sean Buckley took Hendo’s real-life Hoverboard for a spin, and yes, it was pretty awesome. But if that’s not enough for you, we also reviewed Apple’s new tablets and went hands-on with the Nexus 9 — click on through for the rest of our news highlights from the last seven […]

Someone made a parody of ‘P.T.’ in Xbox One’s ‘Project Spark’

The absolutely terrifying playable teaser for the next Silent Hill game might only be available on PlayStation 4, but if you have an Xbox One you might be able to play something close to it. Someone has gone ahead and recreated P.T. in Redmond’s game creating game, Project Spark. The familiar sights are all there: […]

Italy hopes free public WiFi will help revive its economy

What would you do to stimulate a sluggish economy? Push tourism? Cut taxes? Well, Italy is trying something a little different: free public WiFi. Over 100 legislators have proposed spending €5 million ($6.3 million) over three years to help install gratis hotspots in thousands of locations across the country, including airports, large shopping areas and […]

Google Skybox For Good gives non-profits access to real-time satellite imagery

Real-time satellite imagery company Skybox, which was acquired by Google back in August, announced today that it will be making imagery available for some charities. In a blog post today, the company said that it will contribute imagery to projects that “save lives, protect the environment, promote education, and positively impact humanity.”   One example […]

US retailers disabling NFC readers to block Apple Pay in favor of QR codes

Retail heavyweights in the US are moving to block Apple Pay by simply disabling NFC readers in their Point of Sale terminals while working to release their own solution. A report by The Verge today showed that Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Rite Aid and CVS have moved to block Apple Pay by modifying their terminals to […]

Twitter acquires TwitPic’s photo archive to keep it alive

TwitPic announced today that it’s archive and domain will be acquired by Twitter after “quite the roller coaster ride over the last few months.” The company will be handing over the TwitPic domain and archive to Twitter so users are able to continue accessing their old pictures, however it won’t be possible for users to upload […]

National park or bird? Flickr knows for sure

While the folks at Flickr would seem to have their work cut out for them — having just released a brand new iPad app chief among them — that doesn’t mean there’s no time for fun. Fun, for the Flickr team, appears to be rolling some image recognition technologies into a new Web app. Aptly named Flickr Park […]

Creatic lets you crowdshare presets to build unique images

Most artists rely on their imagination to generate fresh creative concepts. But for times when the right side of the brain fails to furnish a thought worth reproducing, seeking outside influence is a time-honored way to get synapses firing. Creatic, a free iPhone app from DeliX Software, mixes several familiar shooting and editing formulas into a different kind […]

U.K. Startup Swytch Is Building An App To Open Up The ‘Burner’ Phone Number Market

The telco industry has resisted change for years. That anti-innovation attitude, coupled with the rise of smartphones and fast data networks, provided ample opportunities for over-the-top startups to circumvent moribund and expensive telco offerings with VoIP and messaging apps that were both less expensive and more feature rich. No surprise, then, that OTT messaging apps have blown up. […]

Google’s New Skybox For Good Program Gives Real-Time Satellite Imagery To Non-Profits

On the heels of acquiring satellite startup Skybox in August, Google and Skybox have announced the Skybox for Good program, which will provide real-time satellite imagery to organizations and programs that save lives, protect the environment, promote education, and positively impact humanity, according to the official blog post. The program launches today in beta with […]

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