Daily Roundup: Samsung’s love of plastic, Siri for Apple TV and more!

You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workday, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Daily Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past 24 hours — all handpicked by the editors here at the site. Click […]

Facebook’s mobile focus is paying off

It’s clear that when Facebook said it was going to be a mobile-first company back in 2013, it meant it. It’s now surpassed 1 billion active mobile users a month, which is about a 34 percent increase compared to a year ago. Sure, a lot has happened in the land of likes in the early […]

​Xiaomi plans to expand sales to 10 new markets, but the US isn’t one of them

Looking forward to the day you can buy a Xiaomi smartphone in the US? Keep waiting. The company’s founder announced the first ten countries in Xiaomi’s international expansion today, and the United States didn’t make the cut. A shame, perhaps, for fans of the company’s affordable, well-specced handsets, but not much of a surprise — […]

IBM’s Watson supercomputer will soon be your personal shopper

Watson had been a doctor, a geneticist, a game show contestant and even a chef in the past. But now IBM’s supercomputer has a new career: personal shopping. IBM has partnered with digital commerce firm Fluid to develop a cloud-based app called Expert Personal Shopper (XPS), which uses Watson’s brains to answer buyers’ highly specific […]

FDA’s new e-cigarette regulations target ‘healthier than tobacco’ claims

The first federal regulations for electronic cigarettes will be announced this Thursday, according to the Food and Drug Administration. The proposals will include a ban on sales to minors, as well as requiring approval from the FDA, as well as health warning labels. E-cigarettes contain nicotine liquid, which is derived from tobacco — and that’s […]

Codecademy leads by example, unveiling a gorgeous redesign of its ‘learn to code’ site

With each passing year, the ability to understand and write code becomes increasingly valuable. The demand for competent developers is growing and the required skill set is seeping into professions where it simply wasn’t relevant a decade ago. Codecademy has built an unparalleled reputation around its free platform for learning programming languages such as Ruby, […]

7 things you can do right now to protect your vision

Andrea Ayres-Deets is the Lead Writer at Crew, an invite-only network connecting short-term software projects with handpicked developers and designers. Andrea writes about psychology, creativity, and business over on the Crew blog. I spend all day on a computer. No, wait, that’s an understatement. I spend nearly every waking hour of every single day in front […]

10 Mac apps in 1 bundle – name your own price. Come and get them!

Mac Bundles remain a solid way to save money on top Mac apps. The latest bundle from StackSocial demonstrates that well, as you name the price for 10 OS X apps including RapidWeaver and TuneUp.  The apps highlighting this bundle are RapidWeaver (a top WYSIWYG HTML5 editor), well-known music organizer TuneUp, and Crossover, which lets you run […]

Uber likely to embrace new payment methods, including cash, to grow in emerging markets

Uber is now live in 100 cities across the world, but it is likely to embrace new payment methods, including cash, in order to realize its goal of becoming a company that is relevant in emerging markets. Speaking at the company’s launch event in Bangkok, Thailand, earlier this month, Mike Brown – Uber’s regional general manager in Southeast […]

Blurb teams up with Amazon for self-published photo books

Blurb, the indie publishing platform that lets photographers self-publish their books, has joined forces with Amazon, the retail giant, to sell and distribute books produced and designed by Blurb authors. This opens up a great opportunity for photographers to propel their work into the public eye. To facilitate that, Blurb is introducing BookWright, a new design tool that includes, […]

Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush

I’ve been using this all summer to clean my outdoor grill. It is by far the best tool I’ve discovered for cleaning the actual grill surface—the steel bristles do an excellent job scraping the grill, the double-handed body makes it easy to apply some extra muscle to the process—and the use of the heat from […]

Cancel The Funeral For The Mobile Web—It’s Not Dead Yet

Guest author Alex Salkever is head of product marketing and business development at Silk.co. This piece first appeared on his Tumblr. The venture capitalist and former entrepreneur Chris Dixon recently lamented the growing dominance of mobile apps as evidence that the open Web is on its deathbed. His logic went something like this: App use is crowding […]

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