McDonald’s plans to release global mobile ordering app, digital music program

McDonald’s is taking on a new strategy to get us to eat more of its artery cloggers — one that involves ramping up its digital efforts. Golden Arches has just hired its first ever U.S. vice president of digital (former Ticketmaster exec Julia Vander Ploeg) and, at the same time, posted a bunch of relevant […]

Walmart is now selling the iPhone 5C for less than a dollar

While Apple hasn’t formally announced the iPhone 6 yet, there’s few surer signs of an impending new model than a fire-sale to clear out existing stock. How’s $0.97 sound for an iPhone 5c in that case? For the next 90 days then, Walmart has your ticket and is discounting the colorful 16GB handset by just […]

Manipulating moths in the name of search, rescue and science

In case you needed any more proof that we live in the future, just know that we’re slowly inching toward the advent of remote-controlled, sensor-laden moths. (Moths, for the record, are constantly being tinkered with.) As it turns out, the rationale for creating a widespread network of connected, flying insects is more nuanced than just […]

This year’s ‘Call of Duty’ is coming to everything but the Wii U

If you were looking forward to playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on the Wii U this fall, well, we have some bad news. It turns out that publisher Activision has made the decision that Nintendo’s latest console won’t see the futuristic shooter at all. On Twitter, a fan recently asked co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, […]

Bing Maps spices up more than 100 cities with 3D and Streetside views

Bing Maps just got much, much better if you’re tired of looking at plain old satellite pictures. Microsoft has just added either 3D maps, Streetside views or both to more than 100 cities, many of which you’ll definitely recognize. You can now see what it’s like on the ground near the Chicago Theater or San […]

Most Popular Rewards Credit Card: Chase Amazon Rewards Visa

A credit card can be a useful tool if you know how to use it, and rewards cards offer great perks to smart shoppers with financial savvy. This week, we’re looking at five of the best, based on your nominations. Earlier in the week we asked you for your favorite rewards cards, whether they offered […]

Practice Your Pan Flip Technique with Dried Beans

Knowing to how to properly pan flip is an essential skill for any sauteing sorcerer or sorceress. Practice makes perfect, and using dried beans let’s you practice without fear of making a mess. The pan flip is a technique that allows everything in your pan to cook and brown evenly. Plus it looks way cool. […]

Dan Harmon Explains How Laziness Can Actually Guide Your Success

Dan Harmon, the creator and producer of the television show Community, openly admits that he’s a lazy person. Of course, Harmon also believes that your laziness can be your guide to what you want to succeed in. Harmon explains in an interview with Fast Company that he doesn’t commit to a schedule, he doesn’t have […]

The Minimalist Loft Workspace

If you’re a fan of the “less is more” approach to interior design, you might appreciate this minimalist workspace setup. Designed by 2B.Group and showcased on Airows, the loft in Ukraine has a spartan, uncluttered appeal, with only a few pieces of light wood furniture taking up the open space. If you have a workspace […]

Netflix built an experimental 3D room UI for the Oculus Rift

Here’s something to add to your wish list. During a recent hack day, Netflix engineers built a custom interface for browsing the service on an Oculus Rift VR headset. The project appears to use the Leap Motion controller to include gesture support so you can wave your hand to scroll through movies you want to watch. […]

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