Bjork’s next music video is made for virtual reality

Let’s say for a moment that the experimental Oculus VR movies that came out of Sundance didn’t do anything for you, but that Icelandic songwriters totally float your boat. You’re in luck because Björk’s upcoming video for “Stonemilker” will be available for Oculus Rift, according to an interview with Fast Company. She says that the […]

Scientists learn to build better metals by freezing alloys in space

Metals are full of microscopic structures that define properties like strength, but it’s hard to figure out how those structures work on Earth, where gravity skews their effects. An experiment aboard the International Space Station may have solved that dilemma, however. By freezing alloys in the station’s extra-low gravity, scientists tracked the growth of microstructures […]

We’re live at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona!

It’s that time again: Our team has descended upon the heart of Barcelona to bring you another week of the latest the mobile world has to offer. As always, we’ll be shooting videos and liveblogging events until our fingers fall off, and we certainly hope you’ll come join us for the ride. So, what’s in […]

Acer’s new Windows Phone is unlikely to blow you away

For some time now, consumers have pretty much been stuck choosing between Lumias for their Windows Phone fix. Acer is aiming to change that with the launch of its catchily named “Liquid M220″ smartphone. The M220 is a decidedly low-end handset, with a 4-inch WVGA (480 x 800 pixels) display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 512MB of […]

Acer wants to sell you a touchscreen fitness tracker for less than $90

This is Acer’s latest play for your wrist, the Liquid Leap+. It takes the form of a fairly basic fitness tracker that also pulls notifications from your smartphone. Aesthetically it’s a continuation of what Acer offered with the original Liquid Leap, meaning it’s very similar to Garmin, Microsoft and Samsung’s fitness trackers. The Liquid Leap+ […]

Google Pays $25 Million to Add ‘.app’ to ‘.soy’ and ‘.how’

By Alistair Barr CONNECT Chris Yerga, engineering director of Google , introduces some features of Google Play during Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, in San Francisco on June 27, 2012. Agence France-Presse/Getty Images Anyone wondering how serious Google is about tackling its mobile challenges should take a look at Internet domains. Google paid $25 […]

Uber Breach Affecting 50,000 Drivers Went Unreported for Months

By Douglas MacMillan and Danny Yadron CONNECT Uber announced it was the target of a security breach last September. Associated Press Uber waited more than five months to notify drivers whose names and drivers-license numbers were taken in a computer-security breach last year, much longer than allowed by many state laws. The car-hailing service said […]

Shuttle Drivers at Five Tech Firms Vote For Teamsters Representation

By Jeff Elder CONNECT Facebook employees disembark from a shuttle that carries them from San Francisco to Facebook headquarters each morning in this file photo. Peter Earl McCollough for The Wall Street Journal The Teamsters union extended its influence in Silicon Valley’s service sector Friday evening, as drivers for shuttle buses to five tech companies […]

White House Proposes Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

By Elizabeth Dwoskin CONNECT Associated Press The Obama administration released a draft of new data privacy legislation on Friday, renewing a debate over how to regulate companies that collect consumer data from sensors, apps and web clicks. The draft of a so-called Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights called on companies to explain their privacy and […]

World Telecom Meet to Focus on Regulation

When telecom and tech leaders convene in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress this coming week, one topic will rise above the rest: regulation. Around the world, governments have different approaches to rule-making around the issue of net neutrality—the idea that all traffic be treated equally—a critical issue for mobile-device makers, telecom network providers and content […]

Try a Computer “Desktop Zero” To Stay Focused on Your Work

Let’s face it: some of us have messy desktops. If you can’t focus, try a “Desktop Zero” approach to stay productive. We covered how separate logins can keep you productive, but all those icons and windows distract our focus. James Zhang at Wistia gives two simple rules for Desktop Zero: “Remove everything from your Desktop […]

Ask a Hospital for Financial Aid If You Can’t Pay the Bill

Hospital bills, even with insurance, can devastate your budget. While you might be able to negotiate your bill, also check into your hospital’s financial aid program to reduce your payments. Each facility has different rules and guidelines to qualify. Those rules are indexed by the federal poverty level. Some places will also factor in other […]

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