Will the Apple Watch Eclipse the Classics?

ENLARGE WILL SHE BE, like, “Huh?” Lately, I’ve been thinking about how my daughter will react when I eventually give her one of my impressively fancy mechanical watches, the first of which I received from my parents when I graduated from college. She’s only two-and-a-half. So we’ve got some time before she hits a milestone […]

Bloomberg Terminals Go Down Globally

Bloomberg LP was hit by a massive computer-network outage Friday, forcing its terminals out of action for hours and leading to major disruptions for traders around the world who rely heavily on the machines. The blackout, which started shortly after European markets opened, also caused the U.K. to postpone a scheduled multibillion buyback of…

FCC Frees Up Spectrum for Low-Cost Wireless Hubs

U.S. regulators approved a plan Friday to unlock a large swath of airwaves that could be used to set up cheap, new wireless networks. The move by the Federal Communications Commission frees up airwaves in the 3.5 gigahertz band, which are higher frequency than some Wi-Fi bands and don’t travel very far. Currently, the frequency […]

Google Case Shows Shopping Sites’ Decline

The biggest antitrust battle in a decade centers on comparison-shopping websites like Nextag, BizRate and LeGuide, which have been crushed by the rise of new ways of finding goods and services online. Depending on whom you ask, their demise is due to either illegal, anticompetitive moves by Google Inc. or superior technology from Amazon.com Inc. […]

Moore’s Law Shows Its Age

Silicon Valley pioneer Gordon Moore laid out a bold theorem 50 years ago. Engineers would cram twice as many transistors on tiny squares of silicon every year or so, producing more and more power in ever-smaller machines. His extrapolation, known as Moore’s Law, has been one of the most enduring precepts of the technology industry, […]

Doctor Who movie mooted in Sony leak

An eight-year timeframe was set for a potential Doctor Who film Plans for a Hollywood version of Doctor Who are part of the latest revelations from the Sony Pictures’ computer hack. The BBC said there was “tremendous interest” in the idea during a meeting with Sony last year, although no plans were finalised. The meeting […]

Fewer drivers punished for mobile use

The number of drivers given penalty points for using mobile phones at the wheel fell by 24% last year in England and Wales, police figures suggest. Figures from 36 forces show the number of drivers given fixed penalty notices fell by more than 40% from 2010-14. Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, lead officer for roads policing, […]

Instagram updates nudity rules

Instagram has updated its community guidelines with more detail on what types of nudity it allows. Images of “sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully nude buttocks” are banned. The company’s community guidelines also state that “some photos of female nipples” are not allowed. Instagram has faced criticism for removing topless photos of women in […]

Underground freight travel tested

The containers could deliver goods throughout Northampton A high-tech study to see whether underground freight deliveries could become reality in the UK is to be carried out in Northampton. A government grant will allow Cambridgeshire company Mole Solutions to see whether its magnet and track-based system could work in urban areas. It is hoped the […]

US Navy develops ‘swarming’ drones

The US Navy is developing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, that can be launched from a cannon and “swarm” in a co-ordinated attack. The drones will be able to fly autonomously and “overwhelm an adversary”, the US Office of Naval Research said of its Low-cost UAV Swarming Technology (Locust) programme. Wings unfold once the […]

How to Write with Substance and Improve Your Communication

Nothing drags down writing more than spreading good ideas over too many words. Making keystrokes matter has only grown in importance as communication and the text that powers it become increasingly inseparable. This post originally appeared on the Help Scout blog. Many tools we rely on each day—Gmail, Slack, Asana—would be empty shells without the […]

The Minor Tweaks that Change How Your AeroPress Tastes

It’s no secret that we love the AeroPress, and one of the big appeals of the AeroPress is how flexible it is. Case in point, NPR spoke with with World AeroPress Championship organizer Tim Varney about how to tweak your methods for the perfect cup. Dropping the Drip: How to Get Started Making Better Coffee […]

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