How NASA Opens Planetary Mission Data

Editor’s Note: Thomas Stein is the Senior Computer Systems Manager for NASA’s Planetary Data System Geosciences Node at Washington University. As the U.S. National Aeronautic and Space Administration tests new rockets for its manned space program, planetary scientists are already working with reams of data to determine what the next generation of astronauts may encounter. For the past 25 years, […]

Why Retailers Must (But Won’t) Succeed In Introducing Mobile Payment Systems

Editor’s note: Catherine Tucker is a marketing professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management. In the digital age, it’s critical for retailers to collect and manage customer data. This information is the key to providing personalization for any kind of shopping experience, as it allows retailers to understand customer preferences and analyze shopping histories. Smartphone […]

How Clear Is The Future Of Google Glass?

Editor’s note: Frank Palermo is the senior vice president of the Global Technical Solutions Group at Virtusa. Some ideas are ahead of their time. There is no question that the wearables market is taking off with the proliferation of health monitors, pedometers and activity trackers like Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike Fuelband, etc. And next year the Apple […]

In War With Publishers, Tech Companies Take Wrong Approach

Publishers have been offered a seriously raw deal in the war over content on the internet. Linking to another site is free, and there are few revenue sharing agreements between publishers and technology companies. Supported throughout the development of the internet by leading companies like Yahoo, Google, and Facebook, what might be termed the American […]

How To Speak User

sickie — a selfie posted when you are feeling unwell in order to support a sick day petition with peer reviewable evidence. The act of taking a sickie also simultaneously sanctions ongoing activity on social media on your day off. Certain Instagram filters are preferred for enhancing the sickliness of a sickie truthie — a selfie without any digital filters. […]

VIDEO: The dog with 3D printed legs

BBC Click‘s Spencer Kelly looks at some of the best of the week’s technology – including the Christmas lights that play to the song Let It Go and the dog that is able to walk due to 3D printing. More at and @BBCClick.

VIDEO: Is this the future of bionics?

Modern bionic limbs and prosthetics are increasingly sophisticated and more tailored to the individual needs of an amputee. But the Centre for Blast Injury Studies is taking this further with the use of motion capture technology to analyse how an amputee’s bones and muscles function in order to make them a better prosthetic. BBC Click’s […]

VIDEO: The rise of ‘selfie sticks’

“Selfie sticks” – handheld extendable poles for smartphones which help the user take better selfies and panoramas – are fast growing in popularity around the world. But their detractors are growing in number too. In South Korea, selling an unregistered selfie stick can result in a fine of up to £17,000 pounds. Elsewhere, enthusiasm for […]

Net overseers hit by phishing attack

18 December 2014 Last updated at 16:47 By spoofing emails attackers tricked Icann staff into handing over login names and passwords Hackers have managed to penetrate the network used by the organisation that oversees the net. Icann, which administers the net’s addressing system, said spoofed emails were used to reach an internal network. The attackers […]

N Korea proposes joint Sony probe

20 December 2014 Last updated at 19:51 Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. Sony Pictures CEO: “We have not given in” North Korea has offered to hold a joint inquiry with the United States into a cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, strongly denying US claims that it is behind it. Its foreign ministry […]

Google+ can automatically ‘enhance’ your mobile video recordings

Google’s no stranger to tweaking your photos automagically, and now it’s extending that expertise to video. By using Google+ and its auto-backup system for your media, Mountain View says it can adjust the lighting, color, stability and, soon enough, speech in any video you shoot. Just be sure to have Auto Enhance activated on your […]

The US wants China’s help blocking North Korean hackers

Apparently, the US is willing to recruit any ally it can get in its digital battles — including countries that are frequently its adversaries. Sources for both the Associated Press and the New York Times claim that American officials have asked China to implement a block that would “cripple” North Korea’s ability to launch cyberattacks […]

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