HBO teams up with Tencent to sell its TV shows in China

China’s strained relationship with the concept of intellectual property is one of the reasons that you can buy a local copy of a Range Rover Evoque for a third of the price. That’s one of the reasons why western businesses are wary about selling their products in the nation, since it can often be time […]

If you’ve ever wanted a video-based contacts list, now’s your chance

Tired of just having static pictures to visually guide you through your contacts list? If so, you’re in luck. A new app for iOS brings video updates to said collection of names and numbers so “you can see what all your friends are up to.” The software is called Rinbw, and it replaces images for […]

One of Sony’s first ‘new’ ideas is a smartwatch that’s all e-ink

Sony’s first idea to be born out of its new built-in “venture style” plan to create new products and impress, well, you and me, is apparently a combination of its e-ink reader tech and a smartwatch device. According to people familiar with the matter, both the watch face and wristband will be crafted from a […]

The CIA and Homeland Security want to delete almost all their emails

Usually, deleting emails is a no-fanfare, one-click affair — but not when you’re the Central Intelligence Agency or the Department of Homeland Security. Both agencies have recently submitted proposals to the National Archives and Records Administration that outline their plans to delete years’ worth of emails, which the Archives has already tentatively approved. The CIA […]

Skype now lets you videocall while doing other things on your Android phone

A call comes in on Skype from that old family friend who’s now living in Sweden, but you’re in the middle of a pretty amazing game of Threes, or finely honing a very important email that needs to be sent this hour. Take the call? Pretend you’re not there? Well, you can now multitask on […]

Ideal Gifts: Send your friends on a trip with the Timbuk2 Command backpack

In the Ideal Gifts series, The Next Web team shares personal recommendations for gifts to give this holiday season. I’m not a fan of giving technology as presents. At this point everyone has a smartphone, or computer, or a streaming media device that gives them access to everything from Orange is the New Black to the […]

Facebook has scheduled another public Q&A with Mark Zuckerberg

Earlier this month Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hosted a public QA. Attendees and those online could submit questions and the CEO would do his best to answer queries about the Messenger app, how he felt about the Social Network movie, and his favorite unreleased Facebook feature. Well the company and its leader are doing it […]

Twitter experimenting with in-tweet analytics

Twitter is now testing showing analytics directly inside your tweets, so you can find out if you’re doing any good. First spotted by The Verge, those included in the experiment see a ‘view analytics details’ button inside tweets on the mobile app. When tapped, you’re shown total impressions, engagement rate and more. The feature gets its […]

Two Rallies

Today Apple topped the $700 billion value market cap threshold during regular trading, a remarkable achievement. The company’s shares have since slipped some, but it’s impossible to deny the technology giant’s massive rally. Apple, a company that was once small enough to be dismissed whole-cloth is now not only the world’s most valuable technology company, […]

Dropbox’s Mobile Apps Are Now Integrated With Microsoft Office

Earlier this month, Dropbox and Microsoft announced a partnership that would see Dropbox offer better support for Microsoft’s Office Suite, including the ability to edit Office docs from the Dropbox mobile app among other things. Today, those integrations have gone live for users of both the Android phone and iOS Dropbox applications. Explains Dropbox in a blog […]

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