VIDEO: Watch strap IDs its wearer’s veins

Forget fingerprint or iris recognition – one Swiss company is developing a watch strap which can ID you using your veins. The Biowatch chip contains a tiny camera that takes a photo of a users’ veins from their wrist. The image is then stored in the wristband and compared to the users’ vein pattern each […]

Man breaks world hoverboard record A man from Canada has broken the world record for the furthest hoverboard flight. Catalin Alexandru Duru’s propeller-based prototype managed to travel a total distance of 275.9m (905ft 2in) along the edge of Lake Ouareau in Quebec. The inventor claims the machine, which he built and designed over 12 months, can be used anywhere […]

‘Deal to end’ Nigeria fuel crisis

The fuels shortage caused long queues at the few petrol stations which still had something to sell Nigeria’s fuel wholesalers say they have reached a deal with the government that should soon see the end of the crippling fuel crisis. The agreement was reached after talks with the finance minister, Danladi Fasali from the Independent […]

Solar Impulse awaits ‘moment of truth’

It will be a test of man and machine. The Solar Impulse project is waiting to undertake its greatest challenge yet: flying non-stop from Nanjing in China to Hawaii in the Central Pacific. For a passenger airliner, the 8,000km could be completed in 10 hours or so. But for this solar-powered, prop-driven, experimental aircraft, it […]

Poster family warns over stock images

The picture was legitimately taken from a photo website by the group opposing same-sex marriage in the Irish Republic A family whose image was used in a poster campaign by a group opposing gay marriage in the Irish Republic say they were “naive” about stock photo sites. The photo had been placed on a website […]

Unorthodox Sprite drone tolerates abuse and actually flies

When you picture a consumer drone, something bulky with four or six props à la DJI probably pops to mind. But the folks behind a new model on Kickstarter think that such UAVs have two big problems — namely, they’re hard to carry and break easily if you mess up. They built The Sprite to […]

Chromecast app update gives a clearer look at your streaming devices

If you’re fortunate enough to have more than one Chromecast device at home, you should now have an easier time making sense of your streaming options. Updates to both the Android and iOS Chromecast apps give you a reworked hardware view that gives each device its own card, complete with its current backdrop and casting […]

‘A Beautiful Mind': mathematician John Nash dies aged 86

Dr. John Nash, the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician whose work included noncooperative game theory, has died aged 86. Know as Nash equilibrium, the theory is used in a broad range of fields, including economics, other social sciences, evolutionary biology as well as influencing computing and artificial intelligence. His work and life were turned into the film […]

Super-efficient solar cells can power homes in unforgiving areas

Scientists have long talked about black silicon (that is, silicon with nano-sized structures) having the potential to trump conventional solar power, and there’s now some proof that this is happening. Aalto University researchers have developed black silicon solar cells that achieve a record 22.1 percent efficiency when turning the Sun’s rays into usable energy. That’s […]

Google finds that security questions aren’t really secure

If you’ve ever thought that “what was your first pet’s name?” is a lousy way to keep intruders from resetting your password, you now have some evidence to back up your suspicions. Google has published research showing that security questions aren’t that secure at all. In many cases, your answers are straightforward enough that attackers […]

Nokia Seeks Higher Bids for Mapping Unit

ENLARGE Nokia NOK -1.63 % said Friday it was in no rush to sell its mapping services, increasing pressure on a crowd of tech and automobile suitors to raise their bets for an asset seen as an essential piece of technology for the advent of self-driving cars. Nokia Chief Executive Rajeev Suri said the unit, […]

Facebook-Owned Virtual Reality System Sued

A Hawaii company has sued Oculus VR, saying the founder of the Facebook Inc.-owned virtual-reality system misappropriated confidential information and proprietary technology. Total Recall Technologies filed the lawsuit U.S. District Court in Northern California Wednesday, saying it hired Oculus founder Palmer Luckey in 2011 to build a prototype…

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